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Still using bamboo charcoal? You are out, now this kind of deodorant insole is popular

Now there are many deodorant insoles on the Internet, bamboo charcoal nano -insoles, bamboo charcoal mainly relies on adsorption deodorization. Once the adsorption saturation is adsorbed, it will still be emitted! After a long time, not only the foot odor was not cured, but also caused the beets! Not only did the deodorization not solved, but also caused greater trouble!

Therefore, when choosing the insole of the beriberi, it must be sustainable treatment. Here, the sterilization and dehumidic deodorizing insoles play a great role.

康风利和针对脚气脚臭问题采用生物洁净新材料——AOP-KF®固体碱微纳、绿色、催化氧化净化新材料对细菌、真菌、病毒有极强的杀灭作用,但对动植物及Humans have no toxic effect. This technology has been developed by the China Invention Patent (ZL2016 1 0010790.0) and the US Patent (US10, 183,187 B2) to develop a fungal dewheid insole in 2H. It can eliminate 99% of white Candida within 96.7% 48h.

The principle of this insole is to continue to release the trace volume of chlorine dioxide

It is a multi -purpose and selective oxidant. It is currently recognized as a new generation of safe, efficient, and broad -spectrum disinfected sterilization and deodorant.


So if you want to remove the beriberi deodorization, sterilize first! Do you know?