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The main points of the test tube bracket injection molding model design

The product map of the test tube is shown in Figure 1. The maximum size of the product is 143.40 mm x 24.50 mm x 105.00 mm, the average plastic part of the plastic parts is 2.0 mm, the plastic parts is PP, the shrinkage rate is 1.016, and the mass of the plastic parts is 11.70 grams. The technical requirements of plastic parts are that there must be various defects such as peak peaks, injection molding, flow pattern, pores, warp, silver pattern, cold materials, and spray patterns.


It can be seen from Figure 1 that the shape of the plastic parts is semi -circular, and the cross -section is also a simple stand with semi -circular shape. The hook part has a hook hole formed by long holes and round holes. The difficulty of the mold design lies in the following two points: one is how to judge the direction of the mold and further determine the typical surface; the other is to choose the position of the port and how to avoid the deformation of the plastic parts. The difficulty of mold processing lies in the processing of the typical surface. Because the typical surface is arc surface, the height is large, and the plastic is PP material, which is easy to run. Facial faces are good.

The production of plastic parts is huge in batches, and the mold design cavity is ranked 1 4; the mold is the MDC SC SC3555 A150 B130 C90 h in the Fuderba model, and the AB board is made of P20 steel. The mold is an export German mold. If the mold shelf used in the early export mold is not the HASCO standard mold, but the Longji or Fuda Model frame, the guest will ask the AB board to use P20 steel. Furthermore, guests will ask for the piping board to make P20, all of which are to ensure the quality of the mold. The design of two conical positioning parts on the typical surface is staggered and arranged to ensure the accuracy of the synthesis. The important concept of European and American customers for mold design is steel selection and thermal treatment hardness. This set of molds use steel to 1.2344 and thermal treatment hardness is HRC48 ~ 52.

The choice of mold opening direction is the most important part of determining the mold design solution. In this set of molds, when choosing the direction of the mold opening, two points are mainly considered. The first hook hole is designed in the motion mold to make the slider simple. At the same time, the pouring system is at a high position to make the mainstream road shorter. The actual mold design is shown in Figure 2. Melt

Figure 1 IVF product map

After the plastic autonomous runway enters the typical surface, it enters each type of cavity in 4 roads.

The export mold is designed with the hardware after heat treatment, and the production process needs to be taken into account. Because thermal treatment will deform steel. Therefore, the ranking is designed to be two -type cavity on one mold, and a total of two groups of kernels need to be needed. Separate mold kernels can reduce deformation and make it easy to make. The manufacturing process of the hardware is: Preparation of Equipment Essence (Disable Elimination), Coarse Machining Cafe, Reserving the Rhodium, Drilling Screw Pole, Attack Silk, Drilling Water; heat treatment; fine grinding shape, lower frame; fine processing cavity. Provincial model polishing and so on. Therefore, the design of the hardware must consider thermal treatment and its deformation. Only precise thinking can design a reasonable mold.


Design a slider -drawing system in the hook area, use the oblique pillar driver, and the shovel in the rear mold anti -shovel. In the mold exporting European molds, when designing a slider anti -shovel mechanism, it cannot be omitted. It must be designed. Moreover, the oblique pillars are the first choice.

The design of the temperature control system of the mold is very important, which is conducive to controlling the injection molding cycle and reducing the deformation of plastic parts. While the front and rear molds are designed to transport water, the insulation board is designed in front and rear molds to prevent the loss of heat.


The top of the plastic parts uses a thimble top, which can fully meet the demand for molding of plastic parts.

Figure 2 IVF mold diagram


Figure 3 IVF mold 3D diagram


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