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Simple wood combination, exuding a natural breath, creating a warm, comfortable and lazy space atmosphere

In the home improvement, the combination of logs+white is very durable, and the space atmosphere created is particularly warm and comfortable. Like the Nordic style, Japanese style, new Chinese style, etc. we often see, they prefer to use this combination.

Today I will share with my friends a set of simple log -style home improvement cases. Let’s feel the comfortable and warm and natural space atmosphere together!



When entering the house, the combination of light wood and white in the eyes of the door, warm and comfortable. The hidden induction lights of the locker leaning on the wall so that the late home can feel the slow sense of security and warmth. Between the entrance and living room, it is connected by a wooden hollow partition, which is transparent and beautiful.

living room

The living room space is spacious and bright, showing the characteristics of simple style. The wall is mainly white, with a large amount of low log sofa, combination of coffee tables and low tables, which outlines a relaxed, soothing and lazy home atmosphere. Neither the sofa background wall and the TV background wall were modified, which seemed extremely simple and brisk.

The low logo TV cabinet placed under the TV background wall echoed the sofa and coffee table, and even the height of the TV’s suspension was fully considered the comfort of the viewing. On the side of the side of the TV cabinet, it is facing the porch partition, setting into a niche display rack, placing artistic ornaments. The entire living room space of log furniture is integrated with the ground, and the sense of space balance and perception are extremely comfortable.


The restaurant space is more warm and natural. Two rattan chandeliers hanging down on the ceiling, shining on the wooden table, so that the atmosphere of the space is more warm in the warm texture of the wood. On the wall behind the dining table, the owner cleverly embedded the refrigerator to hide it, and decorated out the outlet with the original wood trim. In order to avoid the visual pressure brought by a large area of ​​wooden boards, the wooden lines are extended directly on the side, so that the space is no longer monotonous. On the one hand, it plays a balanced role, and on the other hand, it increases the aesthetics, making the space more layered.

The space of the kitchen is particularly narrow, so the owner customized the cabinet based on the original structure and installed all the small kitchen appliances into the installation, which not only saved the space, but also made the original narrow kitchen look orderly, making the cooking more convenient.



master bedroom


Taking gray and blue as the main color, creating a quiet and comfortable functional place. There is no extra setting in the space. It implements the principle of popular subtraction. A simple style of log furniture is also a lazy atmosphere under the background of the hidden light belt. It is a comfortable sleep environment.



It reflects the minimalist style and almost no design. The log bed also continues the style of the entire space, showing low characteristics. The bay window camera is properly widened, and a few cushions pillows are put on hold, so that the space has a leisure experience. The layout of the second bedroom can also allow people to enjoy the comfort and relaxation of the whole body.




Create a semi -open bookcase by the wall, which not only meets the storage needs of the space, but also stores books. The open area is hidden, making the space level richer. A minimalist wood desk and a seat are placed in front of the bookcase, practical and convenient. The study room is connected to the balcony, and the natural light sprinkle into the room through the curtain, which is naturally warm.




The bathroom is also relatively narrow. In order to use the space to the greatest extent, the owner has greatly improved the space utilization rate through the design of storage cabinets, mirror cabinets and niches. Although the space is small, the setting of the transparent glass door still meets the wet and wet separation of the space.

We will appreciate this set of log -style home improvement cases. From the perspective of the overall effect, the whole house is based on the large white wall. In the soft furnishings, natural elements such as rattan and logs are cleverly incorporated into the furnishings, which greatly adds the warm texture of the space and makes people feel comfortable and relaxed. Moreover, the whole house is implemented with simple style, without any extra fancy decoration and furnishings, which not only meets the practical functions of daily life, but also takes into account the aesthetics, which is very practical.

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