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Wang Ou is really a temperament beauty, wearing a purple coat with wide -leg pants to walk away from the airport, the high -level sense is just right

Wang Ou is a female star with very good acting skills. She is not a professional model, but many fashion magazines like to find her to shoot the cover. Although in the entertainment circle of beautiful women, her looks are not the top one Planting, but in her body, you can always feel a sense of high level of fluttering, in fact, this is closely related to her good clothes.

Wang Ou’s styling analysis:

Early spring matching must -have -coat

Wang Ou is really a temperament beauty. He wears a purple coat with wide -leg pants and walks the airport. One of the highest products in the early spring match is the coat, especially in the northern region. Although it is already early spring in the solar terms, there is still a feeling of warmth and cold in temperature. Therefore, in this early spring, in the early spring of the early spring In the seasonal match, it still needs to be prepared for warmth. The thickness of the coat is enough to cope with the outdoor temperature, and at the same time, it also avoids the thickness and bloated feeling of down jackets.

Purple coat

Many girls will not try purple items when they are worn. They always think that purple items will look older when they wear it, but in fact, it looks old because you have no choice for the correct color saturation. For young women, when choosing purple, you must avoid those dark purple with heavy tones, and use taro purple or light purple to show a sweet feeling.


White inside

When wearing a bright color coat or a coat, you must choose the inside of the basic color, so that the overall color matching will not show a sense of collision in color matching. This purple coat on Wang Ou looks gentle and gentle and gentle and gentle and gentle and gentle and gentle and gentle and gentle and gentle and gentle and gentle and gentle Elegant, the inside is matched with the basic white inside, refreshing, and at the same time, it can also have a very good effect.

Loose style


Wang Ou’s style of this coat is a more typical loose style in the design. Moderate loose styles are relatively easy to use. On the one hand, the requirements for figure will not be very high, and the tolerance is relatively strong. On the other hand Moderate loose coats will also show a very good comfort.



Color pants+same color shoes

Use the basic white pants on the combination of the lower body to match the shoes of the same color, and use a very simple same color matching method to wear a visual extension in the combination of the lower body. At the same time, you can also wear the effect of long legs.

Analysis of other styling of Wang Ou:

Wine red diagonal shoulder dress

A wine -red dress looks extremely high -level on Wang Ou, with a very fair skin tone. Compared to positive red, this colorful redness looks more expensive. The use of oblique shoulder shapes can not only use asymmetric style design to wear a chic feeling, but also combine a moderate exposed method to show a good figure.


Small incense suit


The small incense element’s top is simple and durable in color matching with short skirts with the same color. This basic color matching method is usually very easy to use, and it is more time -saving. It seems that it is more disobedient, but this relatively tight single product usually has higher requirements on the body.

White coat+dark colors turtleneck dress


The combination of coats and high necks is a more classic matching method. This method can show a complementary feeling in the overall matching effect. The neckline of the coat will be relatively empty. The collar style can make up for the design of the collar, and the shallow color matching method can also take into account the thin effect.

Although Wang Ou is not a fashion supermodel, her clothing is nothing to say. Whether it is a stage dress style or a daily out -of -the -on -day match style, it can be used as a model.


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