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Tranquility is really a “contrasting master”, red and green with classic and eye -catching, collision blue bag is really foreign

The young ladies and sisters who like to study wearing know that red and green are basically two colors that cannot be compatible at all. The two colors are visually aggressive, so it is difficult to wear together to match it together. The sense of harmony, but the female celebrity tranquility interprets the sense of fashion with red and green, which is really unusual.

Quiet model analysis:

Red and green collaboration -publicity

The tranquility is really a “contrasting master”, the red and green is classic and eye -catching, and the blue bag is really foreign. Everyone usually uses bright colors and basic colors in daily wear. It rarely uses the colorful color effect of red and green, because this color matching method is usually very eye -catching, it is easy to wear rustic rusticity, it is easy to wear rusticity. Feeling, but the use of green inner coats with a green coat is not rustic at all, and it is very fashionable and fashionable.

Loose down jacket -wear out comfort

The red down jacket worn by the upper body is very dazzling in color design. Walking at the airport will look very eye -catching. Use a more loose version of the style to include the body. In terms of women, this moderate loose down jacket is not only warm but also very comfortable, but also very practical.


Black 9 -point pants -wearing a simple and sharp sense


The matches of the body in the upper and lower body use the color matching method of light and dark to balance the color matching, focusing the visual focus on the upper body, and the lower body uses the basic black 9 -point pants to present more simplicity and prosperity. Although the red and green contrasting color is very eye -catching, it will not lose a sense of stability.


9 -point pants design -reduce the feeling

Tranquility is paired with a 9 -point -style pants in the lower body. In winter, pants are usually the highest upper body. The design method of shortening trousers shows more sense of prosperity and reduce the sense of sloppyness.


Black baseball cap+short yellow hair

Basic black baseball caps with short yellow hair look very foreign. The yellow short hair makes the whole person’s complexion very white. In addition to simple and low -key and simple in black baseball caps, you can also wear more sense of vitality. Essence


Analysis of other tranquility:


Stacking the shirt+khaki pants

In the body’s matching, you can use a combination of simplified combination to highlight the visual matching focus. If your upper body skeleton is relatively small, you can try to concentrate the visual focus on the combination of complexity and simplified combination. The upper body, the lower body with simple khaki pants, low -key and very versatile.


White casual suit+jeans

The white suit top is very simple and clean in color design. With a moderate and loose style design, it can show sufficient casual sense. The open dressing method and the mid -length shirt inside can show sufficient casualness. The lower body with high -waisted jeans, which shows long legs and can ensure comfort.

Denim suit


Many middle -aged women want to wear a moderate age reduction when they are worn. Through the age -reduction method, they show the young matching effect. For mature women, they want to use the simplest way to match If you come to wear a sense of fashion and age, the easiest way to match is a denim suit. The loose denim jacket is paired with high -waisted jeans, a denim fabric is casual and reduced, and a moderate loose design method is matched It can also have the effect of covering the thin meat.

Tranquility has always been a very personal mature woman. Her style of dress has her own personal characteristics. If you also want to wear a different effect with the public, you can appropriately draw on her airport matching style.

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