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The domestic goods are launched on the “Sweeping Monk” shoes, which is affordable and resistant. Nike Adi has also joined the “battlefield”

Introduction: A “sweeping monk” shoes appeared in the domestic tide brand, Nike Adi: We also have to join the “battlefield”


Following Nike Adi publicly released the resistance of Chinese cotton, the Chinese finally saw their ugly “true colors”: earning Chinese money and insulting the Chinese. Some domestic trendy brand shoes brand can’t stand it, and they have created new explosions. In the end, “Kung Fu is worthy of the people”, and finally launched a “low -key eyes”, but it is actually very affordable and resistant to sneakers. It is a woodpecker sneakers and is also known as the “Sweeping Monk” shoes. Afterwards, Nike Adi would not ignore it and joined the “battlefield”.


Tide of domestic products: “Sweeping Monk” shoes


Woodpecker shoes are a domestic brand. Founded in the last century, it has precipitated for more than 20 years. Its address is located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang. Essence

Woodpecker shoes are called “sweeping monks” shoes, and there is no exaggeration at all. First of all, it is a pair of shoes that can be bought for a hundred dollars, which is very affordable. I knew that the sneakers of Nike Adi had been seen before that the price was particularly expensive, and it was thousands of yuan. In fact, the cost price of a pair of shoes was so much. Nike Adi just took the brand cost from consumers. As far as the quality of the shoes itself is concerned, it is not worth “sky -high”.


Secondly, woodpecker shoes are very resistant. Woodpecker shoes are made of flying fabrics. This fabric is very light and fits the foot. Wearing this kind of shoes to run, hiking and climbing, etc., very light, like wearing shoes.


Not only is the fabric light, but the upper design is also very ingenious. The upper is a mesh structure, which can promote air circulation and accelerate the air circulation in the shoe. It’s about to enter the summer soon. The weather is hot. If the shoes are not breathable, you ca n’t take a few steps, and your feet will sweat. Sorry to slippers outside.

At this time, there is a pair of woodpeckers, which is cool and breathable, walking while walking, “raw wind” under the foot, and the feet also breathe fresh air.

Many people now like outdoor sports such as morning running and mountain climbing. If the bottom of the shoes is too flat, it will be unsafe when it rains. The soles of the woodpecker shoes are cleverly designed, and the bump design can effectively increase the friction with the ground, and protect the “personal safety” of our outbound outside.

Now sports shoes can also be used as a fashion item. Many young girls start to “abandon” high heels and switch to sports shoes. Because some sneakers are not only comfortable to wear, but also very versatile, such as this woodpecker shoes.


Woodpecker shoes have the same men and women, and there are three colors to choose from, and the number is also complete. Couples, or couples can try to use it as a couple shoes, Qingming went out to walk on it, and turned back.

In the end, this woodpecker shoes went online to the public’s vision after the Nike Adi incident. At first, people mainly paid attention to these brands such as Nike Adi, and few people paid attention to woodpeckers. Therefore, since the launch, people habitually called it “Sweeper monk “shoe.

Woodpecker shoes are a “sweeping monk” shoes launched on the tide brand of domestic products. It is affordable and resistant to it. Nike Adi also said that he would join the “battlefield”.