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Five self -use water supplement masks, Tia Ting’s moisturizing and calming, Yuanchen Ans bottle refreshing first aid, not expensive


The lack of moisture skin can easily become dry and stingy. When makeup, there will always be an embarrassing spark of rubbing, floating powder, and peeling. Moisturizing and moisturizing in autumn and winter is really an important skin care knowledge point. Applying the mask is the simplest and direct method of hydration. The strict wrapping combines the essence with the skin, which can quickly make the pores full and full.


Autumn and winter are dominated by the dry environment. The frequency of the girls in the mask is still very high, and it is also a lot of expenditure to add it together. Today, I will share with you five donuts that are not expensive for self -use. Basic hydration and moisturizing, soothing and calming, making the skin more moist and stable!

1. Tijia Ting Blue Pill Pill Mask


Everyone is no stranger to this Tijia Ting blue pill mask, and the classic water replenishment is based on the basic model. The mask paper is very thin and thin, and the face is gently and soft, without heavy burdens, the weight of the essence is perfectly enough, and it is more at ease without a special taste.

The mask of the blue pill is the strong hydration, soothing calming, and regulating water and oil. When the skin is short of water and unstable, it can be applied to a few slices in a row, and the skin condition will be recovered much better. Essence


2. Lichuanquan B5 mask

Sometimes the culprit of dry skin and peeling is not the lack of water, but the barrier is damaged. At this time, no matter what skin care products are used, the absorption effect of the skin will be greatly reduced.

Fixing the mask can relieve a lot. Lichuanquan B5 mask is a classic repair mask. The membrane paper is lightly fitted with the skin. The overall is very mild and non -irritating. It is friendly to sensitive muscles and acne muscles.


The vitamin original B5 and cedar gogin are soothing and repairing ingredients, which can make the skin state more stable and elastic.

3. L’Oreal Hyaluronic acid Angle Mask Mask

The reputation of L’Oreal’s ampal mask has always been very good, and it has also achieved the ultimate cost -effectiveness. This bottle mask is a design for the separation of essence and membrane paper, which can better maintain the activity of the essence. Before using the film paper, the essence of the membrane paper can be directly on the face. Paste the essence on the face.

Its hydration effect is very powerful. The small molecular hyaluronic acid can penetrate the skin to replenish water, the large molecule locks the water, and the skin can be quickly repaired when the skin is sensitive or dry.


4. AHC hyaluronic acid mask

Hyaluronic acid has a good hydrating and moisturizing effect. The skin of all ages can be used as a basic hydration and moisturizing model with hyaluronic acid mask. The AHC mask is rich in high concentration of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5, which helps the skin densely hydrating. It also adds purslane and citrus grass, which has a soothing and calming effect, and assists in repairing fragile skin barriers.

The tailoring of the mask paper and the fit of the facial features are relatively consistent, and the cost of each piece is not expensive. It can be used as a daily basic model to hydrate and stabilize the mask.


5. Yuanchen’an Bottle Mask

This is also a classic hydrating and moisturizing mask, and the price is not expensive. Student party girls can stock up. The mask paper is very light and transparent. Apply the face bag. There are still many remaining essences. The disadvantage of the beauty is that too much essence will slide down, and the effect of lying flat is better.

The essence of Yuanchen An Bing Mask is very thin and refreshing, which is very suitable for girls who do not like sticky skin. The moisturizing and soothing effect is obvious. After surviving the night, apply a piece of first aid. Makeup on the bottom is also very convincing.

Good skin is raised, don’t let laziness become an obstacle to prevent yourself from having good skin, and apply the mask as a kind

If you enjoy it again, you will not be afraid of trouble. The above is some of the basic hydrating and moisturizing masks shared with you today. It is very suitable for winter use, and the price is not expensive. I hope it can be helpful to you!

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Five self -use water supplement masks, Tia Ting’s moisturizing and calming, Yuanchen Ans bottle refreshing first aid, not expensive