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The new D8 evaluation of Dahang 2019 is a major change

The full picture of Dahang D8 (KBA083), from the appearance, there are two differences from the common K -car cars:


01 new folding folding

The new folding design, structure and appearance get rid of the shadow of folding deductions on the market, which is officially called the “Tyrannosaurus interface”. Some riders think that the car is more muscular because the car uses a square tube and abandon the common elliptical tube frame in the past. The folding shape is also more square than in the past.

02 There is a steel wire more

The 19 new D8 is different from the previous old and other K car cars. It is an increase in the abdomen to add a steel line, which is officially called the “vest line”.

Because the transmission line and the rear brake line tube passes according to the attached vest line, the curvature decreases, and the feeling of transmission and brakes will be directly increased, but it is obviously not the main purpose of setting the vest line.


Since the rise of the discount car, a part of (more concerned about the structure) riders do not trust the horizontal folding cars, causing them to bid to the vertical folding models.

And their reasons are well understood: the folding concept of the horizontal folding car is to break the frame and add folding to make them fold. Then reduce the height of the beam, reduce the secondary beam, and use the long head tube to make up for the height. However, the position of the folding deduction is just on the vertical line of the center of gravity during the cycling, that is, the most powerful position of the vehicle, which makes people worry about the solidity of the horizontal car.

We know whether the geometric structure of an industrial finished product is strong enough,

Depending on the rationality and use of materials, technology, structural design

Essence The first three are issues that the manufacturers need to solve, and the latter item is a problem that users need to learn.


Here we focus on the first three items



The first is the material, the most used 6061 and 7005 aluminum alloy, and the special aluminum alloy developed by friends, the physical properties are not much different.

The second is the production process. The development time of the folding bicycles is not short, and the processing process is very mature. Therefore, we don’t need to tangled the processing process. That is the problem of metallurgical engineers.

We only need to consider the rationality of the frame structure.

The structure of the traditional bicycle triangle is very stable, and the external force is difficult to deform the triangle. Even if the pipe diameter uses the thinnest tube wall, the structure is still strong, which is the reason why ordinary trails have light weight.

The horizontal folding car has abandoned the traditional triangle structure, and the thick beam is replaced. One beam must play a role of two, and if it is disconnected in the middle, it is necessary to increase the thickness of the tube wall. Destroyed external force during driving.

The stamping of the horizontal folding vehicle is harsh, and it can only use modern metallurgical technology to make the interface part have sufficient strength to make up for this structural defect.

From the perspective of folding bicycles for many years, the technology of horizontal folding vehicles has become stable, otherwise it will have been eliminated long ago.


Horizontal Folding Model P8

In the past, the most common problem with the horizontal folding car was the folding of the beams. In this regard, manufacturers with technical conditions have been committed to improving the folding buckle.

For more than a decade, the folding buckle has developed from the original two planes that comply with the wrench and hinge to tighten, and have developed to the 3D three -dimensional tenon -and -mortise structure. Tighten the tightness of the length of the length and develop into a more scientific eccentric wheel tightening.

Based on the current folding technology on the market, Tyrannosaurus folding is perfect.

But is it okay to be perfect? No, the weakness of the folding deduction is eliminated, and the impact will find new weaknesses.

The role of the vest line is here.


The vest line can be said to be another major progress comparable to 3D folding for many years!


It is like a traditional frame beam, pulling the front of the car and the five -way, and the front and rear wheels are impacted by the ground and weight. The tearing force is shared by the beams and steel lines, and the life of the folding bicycles is greatly extended.

This is a major benefit to the horizontal car, especially the large -weight King Kong riders and the relatively violent riders.


In the process of development and evolution, the folding bicycle industry has been seeking a balance between structural strength, folding size and convenience of operation. The following only a few cases of horizontal car:

In order to meet the needs of miniaturization and storage, the first thing people think of is to replace it with a small wheel diameter and break the frame (two ways: coupling and joint hinge), and can be directly put into the trunk. However, disassembly trouble requires tools, and frequently operates, it will still be higher after folding.


After further improvement: The height of the beam is reduced, and the folding head tube can be configured. The height after the folding is obviously small. The folding of the tools requires the efficiency.

However, there are still two major disadvantages: one is that the folding structure is ugly, and the other is that the seat pipe clip is higher than the wheels. After the folding, the size is large.


In order to solve the problem of tall seats and large sizes after folding, the beam gradually tilted backwards. At this time, two “genre” appeared:

01 The first genre

In order to pursue simplicity and beauty, this “genre” uses tool folding screw lock structures. The beam is tilted downwards. After the folding, the seat and front of the car are basically high, reaching the extreme of the folding size. Due to the need for tools and low efficiency, this design is relatively small.

02 The second genre

Da Xing YRA062

This is a relatively successful exploration, and it is also my earliest big native model. It is characterized by retaining the scientific double beam design of the bicycle, and at the same time, the folding is used, and the upper beam is designed as a disconnected sub -beam.


In order to reduce the height of the seat, the upper beam is welded in the middle of the main oblique beam, reducing the height of the seat, and maintaining the tightness of the flat beam.


It is very comprehensive, but compared with the representative SP8 of Daban, its sub -beam structure seems not enough, no KE -shelf car is handsome, and the folding position is low and close to the tooth tray. Nor succeeded in sales.

In the end, the most successful of the horizontal folding car is the K -frame model, and it is indeed reliable in most use, and it has achieved balance in all aspects.

The design of the vest line is very close to YRA062 in terms of structural strength. It can be said that it is a quasi -double beam or pseudo double beam. The structural strength is several times (not large but doubled). Walking design and transmission brake operation feel also improved.

For riders who are large, high -speed ride, and long -distance cycling, it is recommended that under the same conditions, you should choose models with vest lines.

This kind of stone road will not form a destructive impact on the frame, but it is inevitable that there is a Tyrannosaurus interface and the vest line, and it feels like a riding shocking car does not need to be distressed.

Other satisfactory configuration:


01 folding foot

The D8 is equipped with a more expensive metal folding foot, and the durability has been significantly improved. This foot is generally configured in the (relatively) high -end models (priced), and it feels very kind.


02 disc brakes

Although I personally do not prefer the disc brake, the model of this price is also unprecedented among the train lines. However, it is not the disc brake itself (personally hates the disc brake and the film is in exchange for the film), but the configuration dish brake dedicated wheel set is very high: because there will be no low -end brake pollution, the tires will not be polluted, the tires will be contaminated, the tires will The reflective side will be dazzling and beautiful for a long time.

03 refers to dial

Configure the 8 -speed dial of the downturn two -way release, and the overall feel is good. The transmission is to do fine work, and the strength of the finger is operated with a lot of gears, which requires smooth and accurate; the brake is dry, and the strength of multiple fingers with the palm of the hand does not require accuracy, as long as the resistance is not large.

The advantages of a Tyrannosaurus interface are added: the traditional 2D interface is because the connection of the front and rear frames only rely on the hinge to ensure the strength. It is necessary to make the hinge very solidly, and it cannot be relieved at all. This will be too tight and not good.


Some horizontal frames (such as my XDS electric vehicle) even have to step on the hinge to work hard to fold the soles, which greatly affects the folding operation experience and even makes people look embarrassed. In addition, the lever in the folding wrench sometimes affects the smooth opening of the frame.


Tyrannosaurus interface is very loose, closely closed, and the operation is easy. This is a great progress.

Of course, there is still room for improvement: I hope that the wrench can be placed on the frame, and it is not ugly. In addition, it is best to be improved to be completed in the second time.


D8 has been riding for a while, especially running on the retro slate road. The overall car is very tough, and the riding experience is very good.