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Three mixed methods of stainless steel stirring kettle

Three mixed methods of stainless steel stirring kettle

The role, form, and purpose of stainless steel mixing kettle can be analyzed. It is recommended that users choose the appropriate mixing method according to the different ways and their actual materials when choosing. Essence

Stainless steel stirring kettle

The mixing mechanism of stainless steel stirring kettle is to use the characteristics of good liquidity of low viscosity materials to achieve mixing. There are three mixed methods of this device:

First, mixing flow: In the kettle, the mechanical energy can be passed to the liquid material through the rotation of the mixer to the liquid material, which is a compulsory convection. Including two forms: 1. Mainly convection: The mixer drives the large -scale circulation of the material material. 2. Vortex Different Stream: The Dynamic Movement of Vortex.

Second, in the stainless steel stirring kettle, molecular diffusion and mixing, motion of liquid molecules, micro -mixing. Function: Form a uniform distribution between liquid molecules, and the flow mixing can improve molecular diffusion and mixing.


Third, shear mixing: The mixing paddle directly acts with the material, tears the material into a thinner thin layer to achieve mixing. Objective: The process of high viscosity through the material mixing process is mainly shear.

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