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Do you want a pure return journey? Please follow Blancore together


Blancore is an independent designer brand founded in New York, USA in 2017. Blancore originated from French: Blanc pure white, English Hardcore core, which means to convey the brand’s core concept: “

The Core of Purity, The Essence of Design returns to the true, restored design. “

The founder of the brand, Yalan, came from the clothing family of clothing. He obtained a dual degree in business management and fashion retail in Ohio State University. The design team was established in Paris. Professional designer composition.

So Blancore has both North American brands

Fashionable and solidarity

At the same time, the silhouette and quality are like the old European brand

It is worthy of sophisticated.

Blancore main

Low saturated color system

There are no excessive exaggerated elements and trivial decorations, pursuing

Extreme independence



Essence Express through clothing

Women’s unique power

, Present a positive, relaxed, free, exquisite attitude towards life. Created for professional women struggling in the city

Simple and atmospheric


The iconic geometric aesthetics and architectural aesthetics are piled in the Blancore’s store, adding a soft liquidity. Use art to restore the purest pursuit of clothing,

Use modern fashion to interpret real independent women

Blancore pays great attention to the concept of Touching. Blancore thinks that good fashion will become “


“It becomes part of the body. Therefore, Blancore generates its own unique brand vision system and refine the elements of the blind text. It is those invisible things and emotions that reconstruct your world.

After contacting the skin with the skin, it will relax our whole person, which will make people think of the beautiful words such as Hefeng, Ranri, and Leisure.

Both simple and advanced sense

, And it looks like a rain drops in the morning.

With the true design and philosophy of fashion, Blancore has obtained a large number of fans fans in terms of social media and star bloggers in just a few years.

INS fashion blogger

Variety Show 【Band’s Summer】

Every year, the Cannes Film Festival is the most anticipated picture, and Blancore also involved in the romantic and passionate of South France. Visual Effect artist Aurore de Blois wore Blancore to participate in the Cannes Film Festival. Chinese actor Huang Lu also played this brand with a blue suit.

Visual Effect Artist AUrore de Blois

Chinese actor Huang Lu

Apart from

Daily commuting

The clothing, they launched the first this year

Vacation series

The purpose of returning to the beginning, re -structured this new summer, the quiet blue and pure white ride on the breeze of the late summer and early autumn, grab the last little tail, and wear a holiday style dress to find the pure of yourself journey of.

2019AW series

The 2019AW series of clothing takes into account the sense of design and real wear, exuding fascinating French elegance, the cool breeze dials the elegant skirt, swaying. The collision of color adds a bit of lightness to the lonely autumn. The ultimate sense of design makes people feel that the commute is also beautiful.

The quiet blue autumn day

The stacking fold design shows a three -dimensional sense, covering the shortcomings of the body; the waist treatment of the waist can highlight the curve beauty of the body. The height of the skirt is exactly the most slender ankle part,

With a pair of Mueller shoes show elegance.

The lotus leaf elements just neutralize the ancient board and deliberate shirt. The quiet blue light and autumn colors are hidden in the cuffs.

Both the A -line skirt and camel suit pants can create a different sense of high -level sense.

Elegant and white

Women always have a special feeling for white, a plot that cannot be given up. White is the color of angels, which represents purity, ethereal, light, elegant and beautiful. White represents the forestry fashion. This brand is very good at creating different items with white,

And white jacket is even more versatile

The same color light -light suit jacket with white nine -point pants,

Create the capable style of OL

The collision between ivory white and the blue of the lake is a classic ratio, and the asymmetric elements up and down are combined together to create another beauty.

Susline and black colorful colorful

The highest requirement for black is the popular phrase “

Colorful black

“How to create a dull black for a visual feast?

Stitching, lace, silky and speakers

The composition of the element can definitely make you easily show the colorful black.

The perfect interpretation of autumn brown

The vivid and simple classic plaid beating on this brown suit,

Create the atmosphere without losing the solemn temperament

In the loose silhouette jacket, you can also wear a slim suit and overlap to increase the sense of layering; the camel trench coat is one of the indispensable items in the autumn wardrobe. ,,

With a white shirt and the same color skirt, it is low -key and advanced.

Women who like Blancore may come from any country. The same thing is that every one she yearn for freedom, refuses complexity and trivial, loves exquisite and simple; maintains the decentness of the naked eye, pays attention to quality and beauty; It

Knowing how to tap the beauty in life, sensitive to the uniqueness of details

In addition to buying on the official website, Blancore can also be purchased at some brand collection stores in W Concept. The price is between 900-3000. There may be discounts when encountering discount activities.

Well, the super -useful autumn clothing is shared here today. I don’t know which one can move your heart best? Welcome to click below “


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