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2022 Candy Snack Innovation Awards List: Good Shimi, Matrus, Ferrero Gate

2022 Candy Snack Innovation Awards List: Good Shimi, Matrus, Ferrero Gate

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Recently, the US Candy Snack Innovation Award in 2022 has announced the winning list, including the top candy companies in the world brought about the newly launched innovative products this year to the top candy companies in the world for good time, Mash, Ferrero, Swiss Lotus, and Emperor Fanmeler. The award uses four weighted standards to evaluate each product, including taste, packaging, innovation and market recognition, representing the innovation trend of candy snack products in the world today.

Candy category

Winning prize

TRü FRü: Strawberry sandwich cream white chocolate

Use 100%fresh strawberry and unique drying technology to maintain the sweet and sour taste and nutrition of strawberries, wrap it in creamy white chocolate, and sprinkle with natural strawberry powder to enhance the flavor.


1) Ferrero: milk hazelnut chocolate stick

Combining milk chocolate with crispy hazelnut particles and cream fillings to bring a pleasant sensory experience.

2) Sconza Candy: Almond milk chocolate bar (Spanish fritters flavor)

Spanish fritters -flavored products were 27.39%last year. This chocolate added to roasted almonds, concubine, cream and cinnamon sugar, creating a unique exotic experience.

3) Gatsby: Peanut Sauce low card chocolate cup

The full peanut butter is wrapped in a square dark chocolate cup, each with 70 calories and 4g of sugar. Gatsby uses ingredients such as alumone sugar and MCT oil, which can reduce additional calories and sugar without affecting the taste or texture, which is in line with the ketogenic diet.

4) Ocho Candy: Plant -based caramel chocolate sandwich

Ocho Candy uses plant -based butter to produce the first vegan chocolate caramel. The taste and flavor of plant -based caramels are close to traditional caramels. There are four flavors: classic, chocolate, coffee and cinnamon.

Snack category

Ferrero: Nutella B-Ready

Nutella B-Ready is a delicious, light taste, and independent packaging snack stick. The outer layer is crispy wheat roasted cake, which is filled with cream hazelnut coating sauce, each containing 110 calories and 2 grams of fat.

1) Tate’s Bake Shop: Vegetarian vanilla maple sugar biscuits

This is a vegan snack with the quality of baking shops, including two flavors of chocolate cookies and vanilla maple candy cookies. These crispy biscuits are certified vegetarian products and are made of plant butter. Vanilla maple flavors combined with the fragrance of vanilla and the sweetness of maple sugar, with golden yellow appearance.

2) Second Nature Brands: Sea salt caramel hybrid snacks

The chocolate of the sea -salt caramel flavor with the sizes is combined with the mixture of high -quality almonds, cashews, and blue -rooted fruit, and dried strawberry fruits to form a combination of gluten -free snacks to combine sweetness and salty taste.

3) Chunk nibbles: mixed snack block

This type of snack combines sweetness and salty taste, with four flavors: peanut butter chocolate, strawberry, original flavor, s’more. Take salty pepper and salt cakes, corn slices, walnuts and salty peanuts as base materials, add chocolate, dried strawberry, marshmallow and other desserts, and it is convenient for consumption.

Gum and mint sugar

Mah: Wrig card Extra Refreshers fruity mixed wood glycol glycogen gum

Combined with three kinds of fans loved by fans: cool strawberries, tropical fruits and cold lemonade are designed for summer to help refresh the brain. The gum is wrapped in a unique soft chewing small particles, which can provide a multi -sensory chewing experience and lasting flavor.

1) Emperor Fanmeler: Beat flavors Vitamin Vocal Gum

The vitamin’s Manzetus gum introduces the new flavor of berries, wraps the berry sandwiches inside the gum collagen. Chewing 2 slices of gum for 10 minutes can provide additional vitamins, which contains 30%of the daily recommended vitamin B6, B12 and C.

2) Ferrero: TIC TAC® Strawberry Cream Suggen

This gum provides a combination of strawberry flavors and creamy flavors. It can be eaten alone, or it can be mixed to enjoy a different sensory experience.

3) Charms Company: Lollipop Gum

The outer layer is chewing gum, and there are crushed lollipops. There are four flavors: blueberries, cherries, green apples and grapes.

4) Rev Gum: Rev energy glue

The classic Liulan fragrant flavor gum can provide energy for the human body. The product does not contain sugar. The conventional model contains 60 mg of caffeine (equivalent to a cup of concentrated coffee). In addition, it also enhances the options.

Chocolate category

Swiss lotus: oatmeal chocolate

The plant -based chocolate launched by Swiss lotus this year has the rich flavor and smooth creamy texture of the classic Swiss lotus chocolate, which is made of the highest quality cocoa and oatmeal. Each chocolate rod is divided into a piece of size, which is convenient for sharing to eat anywhere.

1) Good time: full glass of potato chip chocolate cup

It is filled with potato chips in the chocolate cup, combining sweet, salty, and crispy, each with 180 calories.

2) Ma’s: twix salted caramel cookies

Three layers of caramel cream chocolate rods, plus a little salt, bring a new crispy and sweet experience. This candy provides a combination of cream milk chocolate, salted caramel and crisp biscuits.

3) Ma’s: M & M’s Chocolate Cuskou

This product combines two classic delicious flavors of fans: M & M’s Bean and Chocolate Cookie, which are characterized by delicious cookies, covering classic milk chocolate, and all wrapped in colorful iconic M & M’s beans In the shell.

Non -chocolate candy category

Ferrara: berry flavor sandwich faint sugar

This is a form of innovative fudge. It surrounds a berry -flavored fudge center and wraps the rainbow colored crispy particles with bursting pulp on the outside, providing dual taste and texture.

1) Bazooka Candy: Juicy Drop® hybrid

A gel containing sweet sugar and sour flavor can be eaten with a sour sauce with sour flavor to create a perfect sweet and sour combination.

2) Ferrara: Double -layer fudge

Combining the sweetness and sour taste, each cite shows the fruit flavor with bright two colors. On one side is sweet and the other side is sour.

3) Ma’s: Starburst inflatable candy

Unlike the Typical Mars of Mars, Starburst Airs is an inflatable fudge, with a unique, soft and soft texture. The fluffy fudge has a sweet fruity flavor, but it is soft and easy to chew.


Ferrero: Kinder holiday combination countdown calendar

This is a Christmas countdown blind box calendar, which contains 24 -day delicious snacks. It has a variety of unique children’s snacks and graphics, with a gingerbread house with an interesting puzzle on the back.

1) Jelly Belly Candy: Elk greeting candy

This greeting card includes a cute reindeer design and a bubble packaging, which is filled with cherry -flavored jelly beans.

2) Ferrero: Golden egg chocolate

Ferrero is a golden egg chocolate designed by Easter. The inner layer is cream hazelnut filling, which contains hazelnuts and crispy prestige, surrounded by exquisite milk chocolate shells.

Meat snack category

4505 Meats: Hot & SPICY sausage

Hot & Spicy is spicy meat snacks made of Sorano, Mexican pepper and red pepper, which does not contain sugar in low calories.

1) Country Archer Provisions: Broken pepper beef jerky

This kind of beef -sized jerky is made of grass -fed beef, adding organic broken black pepper and dehydrated sweet peppers, excluding other artificial additives.

2) Prevail Jerky: Lemon grass flavor beef jerky

Made of 100% grass -fed beef, without artificial preservatives, nitrate, hormones or antibiotics, high protein content, carbohydrate and sugar content, each part contains 12 grams of protein and 1.5 grams Essence

Flavor snack category

Pecan National: Cinnamon

The shell is half -rooted with cinnamon. These healthy nuts are rich in antioxidants, magnesium, fiber and unsaturated fat.

Salted snack category

Krackcorn: caramel popcorn

Crispy caramel sea salt flavor popcorn, use non -rotary corn, does not contain high fruit sugar corn syrup.


Good time: Reese’s snack stick

Reese’s snack stick is a combination of crispy, salty and sweetness. It is characterized by peanut sauce cream, whole wheat brown rice, crispy roasted peanuts and smooth milk chocolate.

Strange product category

Jelly Belly Candy: butter beer fudge

This is a candy derived from Harry Potter IP. In the retro -style barrel packaging, the chewy candy block filled with butter beer flavor is a product that Harry Potter is not missing.

Best Exhibition Award

Trü Frü: Ruby Chocolate Frozen Strawberry

The fresh strawberry is made into frozen and dry, retaining the sweet and sour taste, wraps it in ruby ​​chocolate, creating a unique flavor, and only 60 calories per portion.

Best Small Enterprise Innovation Award

Carrot Bacon: Smoked carrot meat

Smoothy meat with carrots as raw materials is in line with cleaning labels. The ingredients contain only olive oil, maple syrup, soy sauce, spices, salt, natural spices, and citric acid. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers.


From the taste point of view, combining sweetness and salty taste, supplemented by spicy taste, mixes a variety of raw materials to create a multi -style flavor experience experience is the innovative direction of candy snacks today; And add functional ingredients to increase the health attributes of candy snacks; in terms of raw materials, the plant base has been welcomed by the market. The chocolate with oat milk as the raw material and the caramel cream with plant butter as the raw material has become the most alternative raw material for raw materials. Good choice.

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