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The characteristics and performance of the PU hose

The PU hose is a hose with a hard wear -resistant effect with hard copper -plated steel wire decorative tube. It can be suitable for a variety of production environments, high temperature resistance, so there is a wider production space. However, the characteristics of PU hoses need to be started from several aspects.

First of all, the PU hose is characterized by the forming method of the PU hose. The molding method of PU hose includes core methods and core methods. The core method of the core of the core method is the center of the PU hose. The core method is to directly form the structure layer and the outer layer on the inner layer. For the pressure of the PU hose, it is necessary to pass the wet cloth process and then sulfate. The vulcanization process can be heated or continuously vulcanized by direct steam of vulcanized tanks.

The second PU hose is characterized by the application of the PU hose. PU hose is suitable for various transportation, agriculture, mining equipment and various automated systems, or mainly used for various manual, electric hydraulic tools to pass the pressure source. The PU hose can also be used to transmit liquid, such as water and oil, which will not change the color and taste of food, so it can ensure the safety of food. The PU hose is also an important industrial building material. The strong ductility and corrosion resistance enable it to be used in industry.

The third PU hose is characterized by the manufacturing process of the PU hose. The PU hose is used as a raw material, which is processed by the German process and equipment. The wall of the PU hose is covered by stainless steel wire screw. The excellent manufacturing process ensures the recycling of the PU hose. In addition, its non -toxic and corrosion characteristics also make it the application of food packaging. In addition, the addition of special materials also makes the PU hose a certain extensibility, which can extend different shapes and lengths due to object requirements.

The characteristics of the PU hose also depend on its special material PU, which is a common material in our daily life, PU clothes, PU bags, or PU shoes. PUs can now be used in industrial production and building materials. PU’s corrosion resistance and ductility make its future development unlimited. As a new type of building material, there are still many disadvantages of the PU hose, but the advantages it brings cannot be ignored. Due to its own advantages, PU has been developed in other areas, such as the field of clothing in our daily life. In the future, PU hoses will definitely have more room for development with PU’s strong influence.

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