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1.5 hours full blood resurrection? Camping fishing, one -stop outdoor power source solve outdoor emergency power supply

1.5 hours full blood resurrection? Camping fishing, one -stop outdoor power source solve outdoor emergency power supply

Recently, the high -power outdoor source leading brand -the first outdoor power supply in the pastoral era, which is currently launched by Beijing%East.

It is understood that this is the first outdoor power supply to use the Ningde era to adopt the lithium iron -energy storage battery cell in Ningde.

“Super Grand Dad” with multiple scene coverage and timely power supply

The configuration of the “pastoral era” outdoor power supply can be said to be quite hard core. The battery cell of the product is lithium iron phosphate energy storage provided by Ningde Times. The product is manufactured by the Ningde Times Company Times. It has a large output power of 3000W and 2350Wh electrical storage. It can drive common electrical appliances such as car refrigerators, electric ovens, projectors and other common electrical appliances. Easily meet your needs of camping, fishing.

Some people may worry about the endurance of the pastoral era, you can refer to the figure below.

This product can support 38.3 hours of 60W vehicle refrigerators, support 100W projectors for 23 hours. As for common mobile phones, cameras, etc., it can return to blood dozens or even hundreds of times.

It is a good choice for users who love outdoor self -driving and camping fishing. In addition, this product is also suitable for emergency rescue, outdoor operations, rescue disaster relief, family emergency and other scenarios.

2. Multi -mode charging, 1.5 hours “blood return player”

The endurance of outdoor power sources in the pastoral era is so powerful. How can we replenish power in time in the daily use process? According to the R & D team in the pastoral era, they provide up to 3 “blood return” methods for outdoor power sources in the pastoral era. The most common thing is that it is supplemented by 220V. It only takes 1 hour to charge 80%and is full of 1.5 hours.

The pastoral era also adopted a design similar to the Ningde era. Separate the controller from the battery pack. You can increase the battery pack according to different use scenarios of the family.

While this design meets the portability, it can not only meet the needs of user expansion, and do not need to repeatedly buy the controller.

In addition, outdoor power sources in the countryside also support solar photovoltaic boards and vehicle charging. With the blessing of solar photovoltaic boards in the pastoral era, it can be fully sufficient, and it can be fully available in 6.5 hours, solving the dilemma of outdoor outdoor electricity.

3. Beginning with a large factory, there is nothing to say on safety and quality

As the world’s leading new energy innovation technology company, the quality and strength of the Ningde era are naturally beyond doubt.

The outdoor power supply in the pastoral era of Ningde Times has always been quality -centered. Whether it is the source of the energy storage battery is provided by the Ningde Times, or the assembly and overall verification of the back -end controller are completed by the Ningde Times. To achieve the three standards of “safety first, green environmental protection, and sustainable”, it has become a trusted brand. Continuously build the safest and high -quality outdoor power products for users according to different application scenarios and market demand.

In the pastoral era, it is currently rapidly explosion with a dark horse. As a rising star in the field of outdoor mobile power supply, as soon as it appears, it has emerged with differentiated brand positioning and iterative core technologies in many competitions.

A new market competition and ranking are silent! Like most categories, when competition shifts from a balanced competition for supply and demand to the core technology competition, from product strength to the brand competition, the brand competition pattern of the outdoor mobile power industry is bound to be full of many variables. For all outdoor power sources, it is a challenging new track. The rules of the track are gradually being rewritten by new technologies, new processes, and new ideas. The Chinese smart manufacturing brand is gradually affecting the world.

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