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starting from today! Giants such as BASF, Tao, DuPont and other giants have increased prices! The second round of prices began!

starting from today! Giants such as BASF, Tao, DuPont and other giants have increased prices! The second round of prices began!

Recently, the solid epoxy resin enterprise in Huangshan region will continue to carry out local environmental inspectors. Several factories have been reported to be investigated and discontinued. At present, nearly 50%of the local solid epoxy resin companies have been discontinued. Production “issue. Affected by this, the output of solid epoxy resin has decreased sharply, and prices have continued to increase.

At present, the quotation of solid epoxy resin is around 27,800 yuan/ton (acceptance to), which has risen by 1,400 yuan/ton during the week, an increase of 10,500 yuan/ton from the early years.

Recently, there are many parking maintenance plans for the resin industry chain enterprise, and the price increase of the main raw materials. At present, the manufacturer does not receive a large order or has an additional terms. Can be shipped.

However, this crazy rise has not hindered the enthusiasm of downstream customers’ purchases. Due to the anxiety of the supply of supply and the prediction of the future rising, the order of solid epoxy resin products has begun to line up.

The big factory has been full in April, and the small factory basically has 6-70 % of the orders in hand.

A pair of “winning vouchers in hand”. It is understood that a number of chemical companies have recently issued a letter to increase, up to a maximum increase of 16363 yuan/ton, and some price increase letters even listed.

“This price is valid for money. If the price increases, the model has not reached the order as invalid.” It has pushed the anxiety of downstream customers and brought “a wave of buying.”

Beginning on April 1, leading companies such as BASF, Dongli, Tao, DuPont officially increased their prices

Beginning on April 1st, many well -known chemical companies such as BASF, Tao, Vacker, Xinyue, Komu, Titanium Sea Technology, Huiyun Titanium industry, etc. have officially increased their prices. Cumu Chemistry even arranges the price increase on May 1st. It is expected that more companies will rise, and there will still be bullish expectations in the first half of the year.

Coco Chemical sent a letter, called

From May 1st, titanium pink will increase $ 200/ton (about 1313 yuan/ton).

On February 26, Komu sent a letter to announce that starting April 1, the price of titanium pink powder increased by $ 200/ton (about 1313 yuan/ton).

Guangdong Huiyun Titanium Co., Ltd.: From March 30, the sales price of various types of titanium pink powder on the basis of the original price,

Various domestic customers raised 1,000 yuan/ton, and various international customers raised $ 120/ton.

Panzhihua City Titanihai Technology: From March 31st,

The price of titanium gold red stone type titanium white powder has raised RMB 1,000/ton, and the price of foreign trade is raised by 150 US dollars/ton; titanium sea -Rui titanium white powder THA2000, Dingxing Rui titanium white powder PDA1000 internal trade price raised RMB 1,000/ton , Foreign trade prices raised $ 150/ton.

Guangxi Jinmao Titanium Industry: Since March 31, 2021, the sales price of titanium white powder series products is based on the original

Uniformly implement the upsurge of 1,000 yuan/ton.

Yumen City Jingyang Titanium White Powder:

From April 1st, the sales price of Rui titanium -type titanium white powder was raised by 1,000 yuan/ton on the basis of the original basis.

New Materials of Sanris Environmental Protection: From April 1st

All household powder price increases by 2500 yuan/ton, outdoor powder sales price increases by 2,000 yuan/ton, and the sales price of epoxy function powder is raised by 5,000 yuan/ton.

Baoli Plastic Co., Ltd.:

Since the effect of shipping on April 1, 2021, all specifications of Duracon · POM are as follows: Japan:+30 yen/kg (about 1803 yuan/ton); overseas: +0.3 usd/kg, equivalent to equivalent At 2400 yuan/ton (including tax)

SABIC: From April 1st, Sabic will raise the price of the following products:

Cycoloy (ABS) resin rose 3272.6 yuan/ton

GELOY Resin (ASA) resin rose 6545.2 yuan/ton

Lexan (PC) resin rose 7854.2 yuan/ton

Xylex (PC/Polyester Alloy) resin rose 13090.4 yuan/ton

VALOX (PBT) resin/xenoy (PC/PBT) resin

Filling level rose 13090.4 yuan/ton

Non -filling level rose 16363 yuan/ton.


From April 1, 2021, the price of North American formula and performance additives will be increased.

BASF’s order that will be shipped on April 1, 2021, or if the contract allows,

Increase the price of all thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) products in North America by 3185 yuan/ton.

BASF: The price of the US TDI and polyether polyol is raised on April 1.

Toluene diocyanate (TDI) rose 11 cents per pound (about RMB 1587/ton), and polyol increased by 13 cents per pound (about RMB 1875/ton).

BASF: April 1st or according to the allowable time of the existing contract to take effect, calculate at the exchange rate,

Polyethane D230 rose 0.3 US dollars/pound, which was equivalent to an increase of 4300 yuan/ton.

DuPont: From April 1, 2021, or under the conditions permitted by the contract, DuPont Transportation and Materials will increase the prices of some products globally.

Zytel® brand products increased up to $ 650/ton (equivalent to RMB 4205/ton).

Wuxi Honghui New Materials: From March 29th,

The domestic sales quotation of ethylene-ethyl acetate-ethylene polymer dual-based products is raised by 1,000 yuan/ton.

Dongli: From April 1st,

Nylon 66 (non -filling level):+8.05 yuan/kg (+8050 yuan/ton); Nylon 66 (filling level):+5.64 yuan/kg (+5640 yuan/ton).

Weifang Shuohai:

All chlorine polyethylene (CPE) series products are raised by 500 yuan/ton. This price is effective; if the price increases, the order has not reached the order invalid.

Linyi Aoxing Chemical:

From now on, the price of each product is temporarily raised by 300 yuan.

Lu Brun: From April 1st, the price of most TPU products in the company will

Increased 3942.5 yuan/ton. The price of other specific product groups will increase different amounts.

Ishihara (ISK), Tino, Pan Nengtuo: From April 1st,

The price of titanium white in the Asia -Pacific region raised $ 200/ton (about 1313 yuan/ton).

Stepan: From April 1st, or in accordance with the contract,

Stepan Stepan will increase the price of Stepanpol® and Teeate® hard polyester polyols used in the Americas region to increase by $ 0.07 per pound (about 998 yuan/ton).

EMCC (EMCC): The price of HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE from April 1st.

It is planned to increase the price of all HDPE resins 7 cents/pound (about 1010 yuan/ton). Increase the price of all LDPE and LLDPE resin 9 cents/pound (about RMB 1298/ton).

Wak polymer: since April 1, 2021, the company will target it

All product series, including lotion, resin, and re -decentralized latex powder. At present, the temporary surcharge of 110 to 400 euros per ton (about RMB 853.62-3104.08/ton).

Vacker chemistry: It will increase the global price of all its silicon products.

Price will take effect from April. For all products that have been shipped from April, the price increase will ranging between 10%and 20%.

Formoscus American company: from April 1st,

The price of all Formosa PE products it sold in the United States will increase, an increase of 9 cents/pound (1298 yuan/ton).

Xinyue Chemistry: From April 1st,

Increasing the price of silicon products, the increase is 10-20%.

Dow Chemistry: Starting on April 1st,

The price of all PE resins sold in the United States increased by 9 cents/pound (about 1298 yuan/ton).

US quantum chemistry: sold in the United States from April 1st

The price of all PE resin will increase 6 cents/pound (about 866 yuan/ton).

Westberg: From April 1st, yes

China Resources lacquer, the prices of some of the products of the Westburnes increased by about 10%.

Tianbao paint: from April 1st,

The price of water -based primer, facial paint and other products is raised by 10-15%.

Ashland: From April 1st,

Increasing the price of 1,4-butanol (BDO) and several derivative products, up to 8520 yuan/ton, an increase in Europe.

Domestic large manufacturers are maintained, dozens of chemical products are limited

Talking about the reasons for rising prices, many chemical companies said that except

In addition to the pressure on the price of upstream raw materials, the decrease in supply in the upstream raw material industry is also an important reason.

It is reported that due to its particularity, the chemical industry must conduct routine parking maintenance every year. Due to the epidemic situation last year, most companies rushed into overtime and overtime in the second half of the year. ——In May of the chemical industry, there are many enterprises in the chemical industry, and according to the maintenance plan,

Most enterprises have a dense parking maintenance in April to December of this year. The cycle ranges from 5-45 days, and some enterprises have a parking time of 60 days.


Anhui Huache 460,000 tons of electric stones PVC Plan

17 days for maintenance in April.

Preliminary plan

Maintenance in April.


Fushun Petrochemical 50,000 -ton epoxyne ether device plan

60 days of maintenance from April 10th to June 10.

Yangzi Petrochemical 18 -ton ethylene ethyne device plan

40 days of maintenance in August.

Phenolic ketone

Takahashi Petrochemical 250,000 tons/year phenolone device

The maintenance plan is expected from May 6 to May 29.

Jilin Petrochemo ketone Device Plan

Parking in May for 45 days.

PC market

Koschuang maintenance time is determined

Between April and May,

The production capacity is about 500,000 tons/year.

Shanghai Mitsubishi estimates

Open the maintenance in May,

The production capacity is about 100,000 tons/year.


In early April, Iran’s FPC1 million tons/year methanol device plan

Discontinue production and maintenance of about 3 weeks.

Butadiene rubber

From April to May, Yanshan Petrochemical 120,000 tons/year Shun Ding rubber device plan

Discontinued and maintained for 1 month.

From April to May, Fushun Petrochemical 200,000 tons/year Shun Ding rubber device plan


On April 1st, Panjinbao came to 350,000 tons/year’s styrene device plan

Discontinued for 20 days.

In early April, Jiujiang Petrochemical 80,000 tons/year’s styrene device plan

Conduct for 50 days.

PC device

From April to May, Koschuang 500,000 tons/year PC device plan

Parking for 1 month.

In early April, Sinopec Mitsubishi 60,000 tons/year PC device plan

Bisphenol A

In April, Sinopec Mitsui 120,000 tons/year bisphenol A device plan

Parking for 1-2 weeks.

From early April-mid-May, Sinopec Mitsubishi 180,000 tons/year bisphenol A device plan

Parking for 45 days.


In April, Wanhua Chemical 50,000 tons/year methyl acrylic acid and its ester device plan

Parking for maintenance on the 20th.

In mid -April, Shanghai Lucai 180,000 tons/year methyl acrylic acid and its ester device plan

Parking for maintenance 10-15 days.


In April, 500,000 tons/annual silicon device of Equx Fire

Plan to park for maintenance,

Driving time to be determined.


On April 12th, Fushun Petrochemical and downstream rubber device,

It is planned to discontinue production for about 40 days.


BASF is located in the TDI device plan of 300,000 tons/year of Ludwig Port in Germany

Entering the maintenance period from March-April, it is reported that the maintenance period is about 2-3 months.

The maintenance scale is large. The device currently maintains low load operation.

Although many people said that not all chemical raw materials are out of stock, nor do every chemical product and downstream products use this batch of price increases, but the market chain market is mutually interactive. There are many branches and complexity of chemical derivative industry chain. The disconnection or price increase of any kind of raw material may cause the “butterfly effect”, driving the upstream and downstream of the entire industrial chain, the lips are cold, and no company can be alone, which is completely unshakable.

At the moment when the supply of chemical raw materials has dropped sharply and the price of goods is tight, downstream companies are crazy about the price, and even signing a long contract at the expense of a large number of purchases. Traders’ hoarding is strange, waiting for the price increase. The upstream raw materials are about to be out of stock, and there are many companies in the lower reaches. Some products have shocked at a high price. There are many domestic parking maintenance plans, and there are support for exports. The price increase is only a matter of time.

at last:

The supply of raw materials has dropped sharply, and the goods are tightly priced. Everyone should purchase rationally. Do not blindly buy and stock up!

Discontinued and maintained for 1 month.

Parking for 1 month.

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