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“Dry goods” motor accessories classification and function introduction! Suggesting collection and forwarding

“Dry goods” motor accessories classification and function introduction! Suggesting collection and forwarding

The motor accessories refer to the components of the motor of the motor in the motor manufacturer, and the parts that are replaced due to improper use or wear due to improper use or wear are called motor accessories. General accessories life is not as long as the original life span. Motor accessories can be divided into five parts.

First, the conduction of electricity

The conduction part of the electricity includes stator

Winding “The model of the winding can be divided into level 2 4 level 6 level 8, 2 roads 4, large 6. Wait “, the rotor winding” The Winding of the Rotor is the same as the stator “, the wiring board” The wiring board series can be divided into Y, JZR, and other series “, the” brush series can be divided into communication and DC ” The series can be divided into Yzr JZR JS JR YRKKK Y “, the constant pressure spring” The same as the rod series “, the directioner” The switch can be divided into, the spiral cone gear rotor, the cross -directioner, the cross -directioner, Rectifier -changing directioner, DC motor switching “wiring box model can be divided into YZR JZR JS JR YRKKK Y” carbon brush “carbon brush model divided into TD, mg, J, MK, t, sa, y, etc. “” Electricity Ring Series YR YJR JR “, the coil” coil series can be divided into YZR JZR JS JR YR YRKKK Y, “and other components.

Second, electromagnetic

The magnetic part includes the stator core “The Dispostec -Core Model can be divided into Y series, Y2 series” and the rotor iron core “The rotor iron heart model is the same as the stator heart”.

Third, heat dissipation

The heat dissipation includes the plastic wind leaf “Plastic Wind Leaf Series YZR JZR Y”, the aluminum -style leaf “Aluminum Wind Leaf model is the same as its plastic wind leaves”, and the wind cover “The wind cover series YZR JS JR YR YRKKK Y”.

Fourth, structural support

Structural support includes the “Series of Circles and Establishment”, the end cover, and the “series can be divided into YZR JS JR YR YRKKK Y, and including vertical or horizontal” case “Course series YZR JZR JS JR YR YRKK Y “, the bearing cover” The series is the same as the case “. The bearings include the bearings “Bearing Series for the Settlement and Deep Groove Ballon Bearing”, and the bearing “series can be divided into vertical and horizontal”. The motor uses power output as its main purpose. The main power source of the motor is the cycle of the current.

Fifth, bearings and bearing

The insulation sleeve of the motor accessories is complete without cracks and loose phenomena. The leading connection should be firm, and the insulation resistance should not be lower than 0.5MΩ when the operating temperature is 75 ° C. In terms of brush device, the edge of the lower part of the brush box is required to be 2 ~ 4mm apart from the surface of the motor accessories. The distance between the pervasion causes the brush to jump inside the brush box. If it is a hard brush, it is likely to be broken.

The brush should be flexible in the brush box. The surface of the inside of the brush box is smooth. The radial size tolerance of the inner pore in the brush box is H10, and the axial size tolerance is H8. Brush width and thickness size D11. The gap between the wall of the brush and the brush box should be 0.1 ~ 0.2mm, and the gap is too large. The brush generates a swinging in the brush box to affect the normal work of the motor accessories; The surface of the arc burn of welding is the surface of the copper ring.

During the maintenance, the motor accessories should be carefully inspected: whether the surface of the motor accessories type is smooth, and there are defects such as burning marks and strip marks. The work surface is required to be smooth, and there should be rust and oil. The insulation of the motor accessories should be correct and the coating is good. If it is not easy to handle, you can use the synthetic resin -impregnated glass ribbon to be tied to prevent the cloud maternal sliced ​​from leaking the clouds when the motor is running. The coordination of the motor accessories and shafts and the ring and the insulating sleeve should be firm. Use a small hammer to lightly knock the copper ring and the copper coordination. There should be metal sounds.

The contact with the ring should be tight. The pressure difference between each brush should exceed 20%of its average. There is an asynchronous motor of the rotor rotor of the brush device. The electric shock on the short circuit ring is evenly in contact with the blade on the motor accessories. The contact area is more than 60%. Avoid the rotor single -phase operation or overheating to lose elasticity. For defects such as light scarring, linen, and brushing marks on the motor accessories, it can be polished with oil stones and fine 锉, and finally use the zero sand cloth to light. Under normal circumstances, the motor accessories should not be easily cut. Because the car is cut once, it will reduce a lot of life.

The classification of motor accessories can be classified according to the component of the motor. It can be divided into some composition of motor stator, motor rotor, stator winding, motor case, end cover, motor wind leaf, bearing and other parts.

Motor stator

Electric stator is an important part of motor such as generators and starters. Disposa is an important part of the motor. The stator consists of three parts: stator core, stator winding and seat seat. The main function of the stator is to produce a rotating magnetic field, and the main function of the rotor is to cut the current (output) current by the magnetic line in the rotating magnetic field. my country’s current motor accessories and accessories markets are distributed in the southeast coast and the Yangtze River Delta region. In particular, there are relatively many manufacturers in production motor accessories in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Guangdong. Among them, there are some well -known and powerful car motor accessories stamping manufacturers. [3]

Motor rotor

Electric rotor: It is also a rotating part in the motor. The motor consists of two parts: rotor and stator. It is used to realize the conversion device for electrical and mechanical and mechanical energy and electrical energy. Electric rotor is divided into electric motor rotor and generator rotor.

Stator winding

The stator winding is different according to the shape of the coil winding and the embedded wiring. It can be divided into two types: centralized and distributed. The winding and embedded of centralized windings are relatively simple, but the efficiency is low and the operating performance is poor. Most of the current AC motor stator is a distributed winding. According to the process conditions of different types of models, models and coils, the design of the motor adopts different winding types and specifications. Therefore, the technical parameters of its winding are different.

Motor shell

Electrical case motor shell

Motor housing generally refers to the external case of all electrical motor equipment. The motor shell is a protective device for motor. It is made of stamping and deep processing of silicon steel sheets and other materials. Coupled with the processing of surface rust and plastic spraying, it can protect the internal equipment inside the motor. Main effects: dustproof, noise -proof and waterproof.

Divided by material: The shell can be divided into metal shells, plastic shells, etc.

Based by use: generator shell, starter case, other digital product motor cases

End cover

The end cover is a rear cover installed behind the case such as the motor, commonly known as “end cover”. According to 2015-2020, the Internet+end-cover processing machine tool industry operation mode research and consultation report

The end cover is mainly composed of cover, bearings, and electric brushes.

The COVER is good or bad, which directly affects the quality of the motor motor. Therefore, we must first understand what is the standard for the quality of a end cover. A good end cover is mainly from its heart -brush film. Its role is to drive the rotation of the rotor. This part is the most critical part. So how should we measure it? The following criteria:

1. Not high.

2. Not low.

3. Not short.

4, not fork.

5. Do not bend.

6. No song.

Motor wind

The windshot of the motor is generally at the tail of the motor. It is used as a ventilation and cooling of the motor. It mainly acts on the tail of the AC motor, or is placed in a dedicated ventilation pipeline specially placed in DC and high -voltage motors. The windshields of explosion -proof motors are generally made of plastic materials.

Classification according to the material: There are three types of motor wind leaves, as well as plastic wind leaves, cast aluminum wind leaves, and cast iron wind leaves.


Bearing is an important part of contemporary machinery and equipment. Its main function is to support mechanical rotation, reduce the friction coefficient in its movement, and ensure its turn accuracy.

According to the difference in the nature of exercise components, the bearings can be divided into two categories: rolling bearings and sliding bearing. Among them, rolling bearing has been standardized and series, but its radial dimensions, vibration and noise compared with its sliding bearings, and higher prices.

Rolling bearing is generally composed of four parts: outer ring, inner ring, rolling body, and holding frame. Strictly speaking, it is composed of six major pieces of outer ring, inner ring, rolling body, holding frame, sealing, and lubricant. It is mainly equipped with the outer ring, inner ring, and rolling. According to the shape of the scroll, the rolling bearing is divided into two categories: ball bearings and roller bearings.

The above is the introduction and description of motor rotor and stator, I hope it can be helpful to you.