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Countless lessons of travel travel, these good things can always make people comfortable

At the end of each year, our company will organize group construction once. This year is no exception. Several domestic assistants have long planned the content of the group building.

Although I have not participated abroad, I have no way to participate in their group building in the past two years, but after the group building, they went to Finland to travel and travel.

White, the endless snow, has a fairy tale feeling.

When I went out, I encountered a lot of troubles when I set off. The train was late, and the luggage disappeared … It was really hard to say.

But travel, although the process is always bad, but in retrospect, I always look forward to it every time I go out.


In order to travel, I will also prepare some good things that must be brought out in the suitcase. Today I love to use it, and I can definitely use it during the trip.

1. Perfume packing bottle


Price: 个 38/piece

I haven’t changed perfume for ten years. I have always used Dior’s true self, and I have used a lot of bottles. Because I haven’t changed the perfume, I have been buying a large bottle, 100ml series.


It is suitable for use at home. It takes a special place to go out. It is very convenient to send the samples, but it is only one or twol, and it is used up quickly. In order to facilitate carriers with you, you use a perfume packing bottle.

However, the ordinary packed bottle is directly unscrewed and poured the perfume inside. If you accidentally spill out the perfume, and the sealing properties of the bottle mouth are also poor, the perfume will be removed.


Ordinary perfume packing bottle


After stepping on the thunder several times, I accidentally discovered an easy -to -use perfume packing bottle. The value of the face was very high, and the size of a lipstick was very convenient.

Its principle is similar to the lighter: the bottom inflatable adds perfume, without contacting the air, avoiding waste and volatilization.

The method of use is also very simple. First open the perfume bottle cap, pull out the spray cap, then take out the packed bottle in the bottle, align the small hole at the bottom of the bottle on the perfume pipe, repeat the vertical press and press it until the filling, and you can cover the lid. Essence

The difference between it and ordinary perfume bottle is to reduce contact with air and taste well.

If you want to replace other perfumes after using it, you must add a little perfume in it, and then spray it out so that you can remove the previously residual perfumes, and the aroma will not be mixed.

The spray of this type of packaging bottle is also very delicate, and it will not be affordable with a few more small capacity. It is very suitable for going out with incense.

2. Foundation Pen

Price: ¥ 3/one


It has always been inconvenient to go out with cosmetics. A lot of bottle cans, especially liquid foundation, not only heavy, many foundations are still easy to break.

Casting trouble, it is even more tiring to bring the plane, it is not appropriate.

Therefore, as long as I went away, I gave up the foundation directly, and I only brought the coloring that can be tilted. Until the use of this packing pen, it was born for lazy people.

There are several types of packed pens. Both brush heads and velvet heads are available. I think these two are not very easy to use because it is easy to oxidize, and the brush head is easy to dirty and very inappropriate.

It is recommended that everyone choose a vacuum duckbill, which can be reused and clean and clean.

Its packaging steps are simple, that is, pulling out the brush head, and then squeezing the foundation foundation in the pen body without too tedious steps.

But be careful not to squeeze too much, leave the space of the brush head, otherwise it is easy to overflow, don’t ask me how to know.


The method used is also very simple. It can be moved at the bottom of it. It is convenient to use it as much as it is twisted. With a vacuum rotating design, the foundation can basically be twisted and will not be residial.

It also has a leak -proof device.


Although it is a foundation bottle, in fact, its function is not only foundation, products such as hair oil and lotion can be put in according to their own needs.

Because it is a very small one, the short -term travel travel is also very convenient. You can buy a few yuan for ten yuan. You can bring it at one time. It saves a lot of things and space, and it also eliminates the weight of carrying luggage.

3. Sleeping Bao

Price: ¥ 159


Now that five -star hotels have been revealed to have a sanitary problem, it is not a rare to hear. In addition, I am a person who recognizes the bed. Every time I travel a business trip, I must bring my four sets.

But one to say, the traditional four -piece set is too heavy, directly occupying most of the suitcases.


Until a friend of his peers brought this kind of sleeping treasure, it opened my new world door.


The principle design of this kind of sleeping bag is actually a bit like a big sleeping bag. The person is separated from the hotel’s sheets and the sheets. This will not directly contact the hotel’s bed and avoid contact with bacteria.


(The pupae is a Sleeping Bao)

And it is not troublesome to use, and it is also friendly to lazy people.

First, you can see that there is a loose straps on the side of the sheet.

It is very convenient and fast to tie it directly at the foot of the bed.


The other side is on the inner side of the quilt, that is, the side of our skin, and the outward position on the chest will be extended out, and the arm can be taken out.


There is also a buckle on the side, which can fix the quilt part of the Sleeping Bao with the quilt of the hotel to prevent you from moving when you go to sleep.


Even the pillow part has a thoughtful design that can hold the pillow to prevent your face from touching the white sheets, but it is called the face.

Although the full set of equipment containing sheets, quilts, and pillowcases, they are all one in one. It is a bag that is less than A4 paper size, which is very convenient to carry. Will feel burden.


Now the epidemic is so serious. It is not a bad thing to talk about hygiene, and who knows whether the hotel’s hygiene is done well?

4. Portable dry hanger


Price: ¥ 298

Every time I go out, I am tangled. It ’s better to bring more clothes. More, the luggage can’t be put, less, not enough to replace, and it is difficult to dry clothes.


Good hotels are equipped with dry cleaning function, but it is expensive, and it is difficult to know that its service is not in place, and some close -fitting clothing is difficult to wash the hotel.

Even if you wash your own hands, drying is a big problem. If it comes to the rainy weather, it is terrible!


Later, I used this portable drying machine and really helped me.

As a good travel, first of all, it must be compact and can be installed in the box.


The portable shelf I used was only the size of an umbrella, and I was very intimately equipped with a storage bag. It was not afraid of falling in the suitcase.


When you use it, put it as an ordinary hanger, hang your clothes up, and plug in.


Inner coats, jackets, and close -fitting clothes can be dried quickly, and they do not hurt the clothes at all. After roasting, the clothes have a warm breath.


It can adjust the three -gear wind power, and at the same time, it can be settled at the same time, and it will automatically disconnect from time to time, so that you can rest assured that you can go to P travel.

Both ends of the dryer can be scalable and can become two modes of children and adults.


By the way, this hanger can still bake shoes, because it has a UV sterilization mode that can kill 99%of bacteria in your shoes, so the drying shoes are particularly comfortable.


But, if it is not bad money, I suggest that it is better to buy two. One is used for baking shoes, one for baking clothes, which is more clean and sanitary.

5. Melale

Price: ¥ 149

A little assistant said in the group that he was admitting to the bed, and he insomnia when he was traveling. In fact, I was also the same at first. After leaving my bed, I couldn’t sleep. Affects the second day’s itinerary.


I will learn later. Every time I go out, I have the melatonin of Olly. Now I am not only traveling. This melatonin is my necessary travel artifact.

Real shot

First of all, this melatonin looks like an ordinary fudge, and the taste is also the fruit of the fruit blueberry. It tastes delicious. It is fast to fall asleep. Readers who have started should have tried it.


When I go out, I usually chew one 30 minutes before falling asleep. If I encounter the hotel with aromatherapy, I will use it together, so the effect will be better.


Then I lay slowly and felt my body’s relaxation slowly, and I would start to yawn in about 15 minutes.

Because its melatonin is only 3mg and it is not addictive, I take it every time I go out to make it easy for my sleep.


Everyone will leave a small lamp in the hotel now, and I am no exception, so in addition to melatonin, I will also match a real silk eye mask. This set of sets of melancholy allows me to fall asleep soon, and I still sleep deeply.

If you do n’t sleep well during the trip, it is easy to cause the spirit of appreciation to the journey, so I do n’t matter whether it is insomnia or not now. In order to ensure that I have sufficient energy the next day, I will eat one in case.

Lu Lu said,


In fact, it is not just a trip. For some people who often need to travel, many gadgets can also slow down the fatigue on the way to the greatest extent and help their career go further.

These things I said today are artifacts that can make me feel at ease when I travel.

Do you have any good things for travel? Remember to give me all kinds of grass ~