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How to open the iPhone 13 series packaging box without plastic packaging?Just pull one pull

One of the lower -key changes in the new iPhone 13 series is the redesign of the mobile phone.Last year, as the charging adapter and Earpods were omitted, the thinnest iPhone packaging box so far.

This year, Apple will make another change to cancel the plastic film on the 13 series of mobile packaging boxes. Now we have seen the appearance of Apple’s redesigned packaging box for the first time. Thank you for a post on Weibo.

The original plastic packaging will be replaced by a torn paper, and it is stuck on the lid of the box.

无塑封包装的iPhone 13系列包装盒如何打开?只需一拉

This allows the packaging to keep it in situ without sliding and might damage the things in the box. It only needs to pull it gently to open the packaging. In addition, it can also be used as a seal to show whether the box has been opened.

In this week’s keynote speech, Apple stated that the blocking plastic film on the iPhone13 packaging box will “save 600 metric tons of plastic”, which is of course a welcome change.Remove all plastic.