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The weather is cold! How to use the car “warm air” correctly?

Cold weather

Many motor vehicle drivers


They have already arranged air conditioning warm air ~


But you know

Car warm air

How should I use correctly?

Today, come and learn.

The correct opening of “warm air”!

First, the warm air can not blow the face

After opening the heating, the wind should not directly align the face, although the face is very high temperature change, but long-dry hot air will accelerate the skin aging, women must be extra careful.

Second, the warm air temperature should not be too high


When driving in autumn, the warm air temperature should not be too high, otherwise it is easy to cause trouble. Especially during the highway driving process, if the warm air temperature is too high, it is easier to increase the drilliness of the owner, and an accident may occur.


Third, long-term heating is required to ventilate


After a long time to open the air conditioner for a long time, many people tend to generate a feeling. This is because the air is in a closed space, it will feel that the air does not flow.

In this regard, the owner can open the four windows to the sewing of the part of the car. In addition, there is more use of the external circulation when opening air conditioners, which ensures that the external fresh air source is constantly entering the car.

Fourth, the warm air can be fog in the car

In the autumn and winter, there is a large temperature difference, and the car guard glass will fume. The owner can try to open the wind and wind, turn the air conditioner temperature adjustment button to the warm air direction, blow the hot air directly to the front windshield.

This method generally lasts for 1-2 minutes, blows the moisture on the glass through hot air, and does not appear repeated fog.

Source: Suzhou traffic police


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Source: Hebei Traffic Broadcasting