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“Asian Health” in the office | 10 minutes a day to relieve your “mouse hand”

“Asian Health” in the office | 10 minutes a day to relieve your “mouse hand”

Last week, I shared the four campaigns to prevent mouse players. Some friends asked: “But I have already got the‘ mouse hand ’, what should I do?” Do n’t worry, I ’m intimate like me. Let’ s tell you the relief method.

1. Change the habit and reduce the pressure of the wrist

Put on a soft wrist pad on the wrist, or buy one

Mouse pad with a wristband

With the help of tools to support the wrist and reduce stress. When using the mouse, do not hang the arms,

When sitting, your arms should be sagged naturally, relax your shoulders, and your elbows are bent about 90 °

, Keeping such a posture with a mouse, the pressure will not be concentrated on the wrist, and the “mouse hand” will gradually improve.

2. Hot compress and promote blood circulation

To relieve the “mouse hand”, in addition to avoiding the same actions, swelling is also important. The following two hot compresses can promote blood circulation for friends for reference.

the first method,

In the basin, hot water is connected, the water volume exceeds the wrist, dripping a few drops of safflower oil, and put your hand in and soak for 5 to 10 minutes.

The second method,

Wet the towel with hot water, screw it to half dry, and apply it to the pain where the wrist is painful.

3. Use the medicine and seek medical treatment in time

When the pain is severe, the above two methods are just a glass of water. You should seek medical treatment in time. Do not delay your illness.

Do n’t be afraid to accidentally suffer from “mouse hands”. As long as you change your habits, pay more attention to your doctor’s order, you can cure it, collect this ease of the tip and save the “mouse hand”.

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about arm rest mouse pad, hope it can help you.