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Lang Ping first appeared after his retirement! Wearing shirts and emerald necklaces is too high -profile, short hair style is too young

Since Lang Ping announced his retirement, he has rarely appeared in everyone’s vision, but Lang Ping’s life, who has been unveiled for a long time, is also super casual. He can also see that Lang Ping enjoyed his life very much. She appeared in a friend’s party, and the whole person was super low -key and casual. She chose white shirts and jeans. The whole person looked young and casual, and it was easy to create a beautiful style and a fashion fan.

V -collar shirt+jeans


List: solid color style; V -shaped collar; simple and casual fan

① Create a pure color style to create a casual leisure fan

Compared with the sportswear on Lang Ping’s field, in the process of daily wear, Director Lang is more particular and simple, so there are not many requirements in terms of color. The style of solid color system can not only create a simple and high -level sense. It can also reflect the random fashion model. Under the pure white series, it creates a refreshing, clean and rigid fan, which shows a good atmospheric fan, and it will look more age reduction and refreshing.

② The V -collar element increases the skin area, creating a neck curve

In fact, in the simple style, you can use the dew -skin area to transfer everyone’s visual points. Choosing the V -collar element can not only modify the exquisite and beautiful neck, but also outline the collarbone and superior swan neck, and then create a refreshing and simple simplicity sense. The dew -skin area created may make the entire shape look a bit single, so choose the emerald necklace embellishment, and suddenly set out a sense of high -level and gorgeousness to interpret the sense of vision of the lady.

③ One dark and one bright series highlights the fashion fan


This half -body match is to choose jeans matching, and in the simple style, a dark and bright series is formed. It is a random leisure fan, which can also create exquisite aesthetics. In another matching, the right shirt and jeans are selected, which form a casual and elegant style.

T -shirt striped shirt+jeans+silk scarf


List: striped element; jewelry embellishment;

① striped elements create novel retro models


Lang Ping’s daily wear can be described as very suitable for middle -aged and elderly matches. Both the style and the color can reflect the simplicity and beauty. This design is very suitable for the style of Su Yajia. Selecting striped element embellishments have more upgrades on the basis of T -shirts, and can also create retro fashion models. In the simple style, it is still a state of beauty and comfort.

② Use silk scarf embellishment to reflect elegant and sexy sexy


Although it is relatively simple in this body, Lang Pingxue chose a scarf to embellish, so that it can wrap the neck and can prevent wind and cold. The key is to use the scarf with printed elements to create a cheaper sweet and elegant fan. It is good to reflect the stylish and beautiful temperament, and in the simple style, it still creates aesthetics.

③ Qi ear short hair creates a refreshing age reduction


In terms of shape, Lang Ping chose a simple style embellishment, so that it can not only reflect the aesthetics, but also create a clean and neat fan. In the simple style, it is still aesthetic. The short hair style has always been a sharp fan, and the combination of Qi Mei Liu Hai looks more gentle and sweet, and Lang Ping who laughs is also super gentle and more amiable.

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