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In the hot summer, be sure to choose a pair of comfortable slippers

In the hot summer, it is a very cool thing to set foot on a pair of slippers. In summer, you must be careful when choosing slippers. When you choose the slippers, some factors you have to consider. If you ignore these elements, it may bring more serious consequences and even affect your health and safety. When summer comes, sandals on the market abound, but not every pair of slippers is qualified. Only when you open your eyes can you choose the boutiques in these uneven slippers.


¥ 29.90

The material of the slippers should be the first target you pay attention to when the slippers are purchased. You must clearly know what the material these shoes are made of, and then do the next step. If the material itself does not pass, the purchase will not be able to talk about it. This human -character slippers are made of high -quality PVC, which is comfortable on the top and smooth and smooth.

¥ 35.00

Do you dare to treat yourself better this summer? Then choose a comfortable and versatile cork slippers! The combination of natural cork with natural rubber helps your feet to return to natural operation and health. Let you every step like a fine sand, as comfortable as stepping on the beach!

¥ 22.00


In this era of pursuing fashion, shoes are no longer simple shoes, it represents the master’s life taste. The Korean version of the Korean version of the beach shoes, soft, soft, camping, mountain climbing, shopping, outing, beach, can meet your requirements ~


¥ 29.00

A fashionable human -character slippers, even the Beckham is wearing. Selected high -quality vine grass pure hand -sewing, comfortable touch and coolness. Natural rubber bottom, non -slip and wear -resistant, let your feet feel the coolness of summer with you.

¥ 59.00

In the hot summer, the scorching sun is hot, don’t let your feet “unhappy”, a British -style cortical sandal drag, the indoor and outdoor is both fashionable and comfortable. This summer, refuse to be sweltering, cool to the end!


Comfortable fabrics, soft inside, if you recommend such slippers, you may wish to buy a pair to make yourself addicted. When you wear a pair of stylish and practical slippers in the hot summer, I believe the return rate must not be low.

¥ 38.00

A flax slippers for the tide man, the upper is smooth and comfortable, breathable and sweat, even with sweat, it does not stick. Linen also has the effect of inhibiting bacteria and preventing stinky feet. Hurry up and try a pair of feet!

¥ 35.00