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Suddenly haunted the old photo frame, which turned into such a valuable storage frame! I like!

I believe that there will be some photos that are over time at home, or they are less liked. This kind of thing is occupied, but it is a pity to lose it. Below, Fei Mojun will introduce you to the creative usage of several photo frames.

1. Photo -frame potted plants

Everyone likes to raise some flowers and plants, but the same species in the flower pot seems a little tired. At this time, the photo frame at home can come in handy. The cute and succulent in the picture below is crowded in the photo frame and looks very cute. It looks more creative and interesting than planting in a flower pot.

Second, jewelry storage

There are too many jewelry at home, there is no place to put it? A photo frame can solve your problem. Put the original photos and glass on the velvet, and you can hang all kinds of jewelry up.

Third, wall hanging key

I always forget to bring the key when I go out? A wall hanging key frame is hung on the wall of the porch. You can see it when you look up. You don’t have to worry about being locked out of the door.


Four, mirror

A photo frame can change the style of the mirror at home. You can choose the frame style you like, and then put the mirror directly inside. Small creativity can make life more new.

5. Photo wall

Add Fang Ge Iron Network to the photo frame, which not only looks full of artistic atmosphere, but also uses a clip to clamp the photos as a photo wall.


The above are some creative uses of photo frames. Friends with new ideas may wish to share it together.

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