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In the autumn workplace matching guidelines, should it be sexy or warm? Super dry goods, avoid the minefield

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Autumn is here, we need to buy some new autumn clothes that can keep warm and set off our temperament. I am a girl, so I will tell you from the perspective of women, how should girls wear autumn girls?

We often see the European and American wear on those magazines, which looks simple and layered. It is strange that they are also very ordinary, but somehow, a little combination can reflect the feeling of an international model.

So I also tried it. Everyone can see that the most obvious difference from summer to autumn is that my short sleeves have become long sleeves. But the lower body has not changed. Before the autumn tiger left, I decided to wait until the real late autumn or in the early winter, and then put on the pants, and now this is enough.


This dress can be very cleverly set off for my figure. I like the collar of this dress very well, and it is quite satisfactory, but there is a trace of casualness in the middle. I can match some small necklaces at the neckline, which looks very beautiful.

This dress is gray, which will give people a easy -going and gentle temperament. Of course, I still prefer its bottom design. This length is just right, and it looks like a bloated. When wearing this kind of clothes, be sure to pay attention to pointed shoes.


In my opinion, this kind of pointed shoes and one -piece skirts are unique and there are many styles of this shoe, which can be convenient for us to choose.

We can match this kind of clothes with some long -version windbreaker or short -version sweater jackets, which are quite good.

The long coat can cover all the half -bodies skirts. Walking on the street looks very temperament, and if it is a short sweater jacket, it will make the whole person more playful and coquettish. The short sweater is more suitable for lively personality. People, or more casual places.


Korean version of temperament lapel folds irregular sexy spring and autumn new waist slimming design sensory women’s dress

189 yuan


In my opinion, girls really do n’t need to consider their age strictly. After all, skin care products are very powerful now, and the years are undefeated. The idea of ​​which clothes to wear is too limited


We just want to wear it! How to match can make your mood better and do, don’t care about the thoughts and eyes of others.


In addition, I also recommend this black conjoined skirt for everyone. I also like this skirt very much. It is black as a whole. There is a waist design. There are small white dots at the cuffs

Make the whole clothes more playful and look more casual, especially the design at the neckline is very wonderful. The regular white cross -floral at the neckline is like a bright necklace, around the neck. After a circle. This


The subtlety of the clothes is this collar. Without this design, the pure black collar will look very rigid. It is because of the design of a certain place, the instant grade of the whole clothes increased, and it felt noble.


I like these two half -bodies, because they are very easy to match. Whether they are worn alone or with long and short jackets. And no matter what kind of hairstyle we leave, whether we leave the hair directly or drop the ponytail, or just pick up a bun directly in the back, it is pretty good.

In addition, there are some clothes that can be worn alone and warm, such as this black trench coat. It is a dual combination of trench coats and dresses. It combines the strengths of the two. It is more free than the trench coat, more easy -to -sum and soft, and combines the ductility of the dress.

There is a faint school style. The college style is really a popular style every year, and for our girls, there is really no resistance. Which age group of girl wardrobes will not have a college style? So at first glance when I saw this dress, I couldn’t look away!


In fact, the combination of autumn clothes is a topic that is worth exploring for a long time. In a few words, it is unclear. Autumn is also a very magical season. You will see all kinds of clothing on the street, and even can be said to be cotton jackets and short sleeves. Some people have prepared winter, and others stay in summer. This leads to buying clothes in autumn and will have a very high range of choice. No matter what you wear, you will feel accustomed to it. Of course, you can wear your own characteristics in such a variety of autumn and attract the attention of everyone on the street. It is best not to do it.

Here I also provide you with some tricks for autumn matching. In autumn, we can start a sweater that we like. According to incomplete statistics, sweaters are the most popular types of women in autumn. As soon as the sweater is mentioned, the most suitable season is autumn. In addition, I can’t think of which season is more suitable. Whether it is long and short, loose or close, each girl can find her own sweater.

In addition to sweaters, it is a sweater and trench coat. This is a design that I wear is a combination of trench coats and dresses. In fact, it is very friendly to our daily matching, because it contains a lot of elements suitable for women in autumn, and the overall looks very coordinated.

Of course, we can also combine a long trench coat and long dress. This feeling sounds complicated, but in fact it can make the overall temperament strongly set off, especially at this time, it would be better if we paired with some high -heeled boots.


Old rules, provide a life trick for sisters. If the sisters who have just graduated from college are new to the workplace and enter the workplace first, and if they want to get rid of the childishness of the students quickly, then they must try the golden combination of dresses and trench coats. This will make you the whole look strong in the moment, and it will play a sharp role in your overall temperament. Don’t underestimate this. This way you can make you mature, and you can just help you strip away from the school.

Whether it is workplace commuting or daily leisure shopping, it will not be too hard to wear or be too casual. You can also put on your bag and put on sunglasses. Walking on the street, you are the most beautiful!

It has not been Mid -Autumn Festival yet. After the Mid -Autumn Festival, late autumn is coming, and we need to increase the thickness of the clothes. At that time, we may be matched with scarves and boots. At that time, we needed to buy new equipment again!


Next, I will provide you with some overall wearing skills, which can be used all year round! How to make wear look very high -level? That is -pay attention when wearing, don’t be naked too much! It’s best to show only one place!

For example, the clothes I wore on my body obviously only showed my legs. Other places seemed to be conservative, but this is the core of the entire match. If you miss too much, you will feel a touch of dust, after all, it is too late! My upper body is very strict, and my lower body will show a sense of high level. Don’t be counterproductive to show more good figures to show more good figures. So if you want to show other parts, such as your small waist clavicle, etc., it is best to wear a pair of trousers, so it looks more harmonious.


In addition, I also tell you a matching skill, don’t let yourself be too tight. No matter what style of clothes, you must wear soft or texture. Don’t make it too loose, and don’t be too tight. These two will be fat, making yourself look swollen and easy to rustic. Therefore, it is not good to show too much, and it is not enough to wrap it too well. It needs just right!

If you don’t want to wear a skirt, you want to wear pants, you can choose pierced jeans. Very wonderful, it can not only keep warm, but also does not look bloated, two birds with one stone! Alright, this is here for the content of autumn. What other good ideas you can leave a comment below, let’s share and communicate together! With the advent of autumn and winter, I will bring you more dry goods sharing content, so please look forward to it!