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Pure Ouyang Nana Do you know her sugar matching list?

The colorful iris packaging paper is equipped with a sweet and sour candy. Just like the sexiest candy girl at the moment. There is a sweet and simple heart under the appearance of youth.

They are bold, fearless, and novel. There are also naive charm. The power of youth is combined with a beautiful and pure heart to release the most lovely and fresh charm.

Candy girl, as the name suggests, sweet is the core element. The pursuit of bright and lively colors is tireless. However, sweet itself cannot be called a candy girl. It is full of enthusiasm for the world, funny, bold, and courageous to try everything,

This cheerful external personality expression attracts attention like a candy filter packaging paper.

It is the superposition of these two elements that form the style of “Candy Girl”.

Details with elements 1

Cute little bear, little love, casual little floral, active kitten and other cute and childlike floral printing pattern elements are their favorite, satisfying the innocence and elegance, elegant and romantic.

Dudu also tried this style of similar elements here. It is indeed a very girly heart, the combination of love with the cartoon elements of the bear, and the lace lapel.

The style of the clothes is also very important. If you want to cover the meat, you need to choose a loose style of the board. Many little fairies look good and forget to choose the one who is suitable for your body. For example, students who want to show the collarbone Of course, conservative cuteness is indeed possible, and it is suitable for choosing a larger space with large skirts. Such excess flesh can be perfectly hidden.

Of course, a girl with a devil figure can choose this more unrestrained suspender A -line dress. The cute girl heart series is casual small print.

Childlike floral style display

Details with element 2

The two simple colors are intertwined with a refreshing feeling. The simple and bright colors are in line with the taste of a girl in the candy, and it is easy to create a lively romantic and romantic summer and autumn.

The simple and refreshing design of the Weichi -style set, the bold suspender girl style matching style, the academic style of the fold skirt, the age reduction artifact, like a cute and sweet neighbor girl.

However, when it comes to dressing, dresses are also a must -have element for sugar girls. Simple design, bright and lively colors and skin comparison look white skin.

Checked style display

Details with element 3

It can show the perfect shoulder and neck lines. The square neckline with a proportion of neck proportion and bubble sleeves is a hot spot this year. The romantic and sweet shape is full of sense.

Since the dress is a must -have element for the sugar girl, the square collar has the biggest beauty, that is, the neck is particularly long. Even if the shoulder is larger, there are worship of meat. Worried about the lower body, the same is mentioned above that the choice of the skirt can naturally be perfectly controlled, so that it can show a perfect body ratio visually.

Of course, it is essential to match the style design. Little floral or cartoon elements appear more childlike and age -reducing in pattern design.

Square collar bubble sleeve style style

Details with elements 4

All kinds of cool and short vest tops can best represent the cool and unrestrained personality charm of candy girls. The wanton youthful sense of youth has emerged from it.

The cool and unrestrained camisole, paired with wide -leg pants, workpieces, and beam pants to match the suspender. There are basically no restrictions on the legs. Use a small area but frequently light up the overall shape to improve the waistline. It is very fashionable and practical. (This set perfectly shows my thin waist, and the hips are perfectly modified)

For girls who are fat in the lower body, the suspender+workpiece can maximize your advantages and weaken insufficiency, such as pear -shaped figure. There is no need to worry about the thicker arm. There are also those who can choose shoulder. Try to choose thin silk and chiffon to modify the upper body problems. It is more textured.

Stand -style display

Details matching element 5

The A -line skirt in the length and the thigh is a high -profile weapon, which is a very basic item. The detail design of the simple silhouette is very ingenious.

A sub -skirt, of course, is a single product that shows the girl’s style. Natural sugar girls are indispensable. As mentioned above, the suspender is unrestrained. You can also try the tube top with the A -line mini skirt.

Of course, you must be beautiful and comfortable to go out. The simplest basic long -sleeved T -shirt with A -line skirt. The style of the younger sister is also super suitable for dating. It is very temperament and not too deliberate.

Skirt style display

Details matching element 6

The feminine romantic bubble sleeves can modify the insufficient arms lines. The combination of the short shirt and the short shirt is a new design point for the season. The delicate sense is combined with sweet and elegant charm.

The short bubble sleeves are more design, and can cover the flesh’s arm, with shorts and tight pants look fashionable and casual. With such strap shorts, it will be more fashionable.

The loose white long bubble sleeve is simple with milk white high -waisted pants, fresh and sweet. The loose neckline showed the shoulder design, and the worship defect that blocked the arm can be sexy.

Small shirt style display

Details with elements 7

Funny and cute is the charming point of a candy girl. They are chasing cute and funny,

All the elements of fun, diligently enjoy the little bit in life.

Since it is a girl in a sugar, the elements of the T -shirt naturally have a childlike cartoon element, which integrates the sense of fashion on the street and leisure. The younger sister who does not like the dew is completely OK.

It is also beautiful and neat with slim jeans. It is particularly straightforward and spiritual. The cartoon system with printed and lovely expressions, the personality of the girl with a unique sugar -based girl.

T -shirt style display

Details with elements 8

How can the best partner of the candy girl be less simple and refreshing jeans? The length of 9 points is just exposed to a slender ankle. The basic shape can cooperate with all the novel items of all styles to easily create a lively and refreshing candy -style girl.

A small detail of the suspender makes the overall full of fashion and the street, or the daily T -shirts of leisure. The point is that the waistline should be prominent. Put the T -shirt into and half of it ~

The girl who does not like to stuff all the T -shirt in, stuffed it in a bit with a belt, with a long legs, and the simplest dress is also careful. Master these tips, you also look better than others ~

9 -point denim style display

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