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How to choose socks? (Sharing without private goods)

The common materials of market socks now are:


Cotton (cotton blended), animal hair (wool, rabbit hair and blending), real silk (silk), cashmere (blended), artificial fiber (polyester fiber, etc.).

Under the condition that the economic situation is not considered:


: Wool (wool content above 50%), artificial fiber socks.

Less foot sweat

: Wool socks, cotton socks, artificial fiber socks, real stockings.


: Thin artificial fiber socks, real stockings.

Keep warm

: Wool socks, thick artificial fiber socks.


: Comb with cotton socks, real stockings.


: Crude spinning cotton socks, wool socks, artificial fiber socks.


: Artificial fiber socks refer to high -tech content, which can quickly sweat and sports brands.


Domestic cotton

Ordinary sock material requirements:

More than 80%of cotton, 17%of Mianlun, 3%elastic fiber

How to choose socks:


Buy cotton as the main fiber.

Try to use the products of the sewing head as much as possible, the comfort is relatively good; holding the socks with your hands, the male socks can support 25cm, the female socks are 23cm, and the children’s socks are wearing no traces for an hour. This kind of dress is comfortable.


Try to choose the clear lines and smooth feel

Batch of the yarn

Thunder Area:

Don’t be deceived by text games of unscrupulous merchants. For example, wool socks with only 10%of wool content, cotton socks with low cotton content. When buying, you need to pay attention to the ingredient table. For the products and raw materials, only the words are not mentioned or only a few words.

Avoid keywords: X Polar, X pole velvet, Internet celebrity, Korean version … After buying a discount, 10 pieces of 5 pairs of 5 pairs of pairs, the product page is only said to be cotton socks, and it feels like pure chemical fiber. Checking this socks can be easy to see if it can be continuously blown with a hair dryer, and it is easy to prove that the fiber content is high. In winter, I have blowing socks to turn [tears] ,,,

Any socks printed with Sports, Fashion and other words.

Artificial fiber socks of non -sports brands.

Pork color, white and ankle short stockings. When you sit down, you can see the kind of socks, legs, and pants.

Comparison of merchant title and composition list


Don’t just look at the merchant logo, unless you are lucky [Wisdom] E -commerce merchants who can encounter conscience use cotton, Xinjiang Changye cotton and so on.

Both Egyptian cotton and island cotton are basically impossible. There are not many socks used in Xinjiang Changye cotton. Even if the price is not cheap or retail, or the content is small. Xinjiang three -level cotton will have a certain treasure.

Investigation and analysis -cotton in domestic socks is usually a mixture of cotton.