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When wearing a “lamb hair” jacket, how can I not be fat? 2 points of wear, demonstrate it in detail

Wen: Luo Wei

Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion trip, and never get lost.

How to wear a lamb wool jacket in winter? Today, it is the protagonist.

Today, the snow solar terms did not reach the snow elf as scheduled. Sometimes, at the right time and place, it seems difficult to meet the snow in the mood than all the encounters in the world.

The beauty of nature and the natural scene also requires the appropriate mood due to the fate to integrate empathy. The [beauty], which really moves the heart, is by no means deliberately, just inadvertently random.

Who can know, it seems


Behind it is the result of careful management and brewing? For decades, it has maintained a body, persistent skin care, strict self -discipline, and the advancement of the daily … without paying, how can there be light and light clouds on the surface?

Life is the same, work is so, so live, and even more likely. Rather than envy the beauty of others, it is better to do it, it will


Deeply engraved and lived into a light.

Today’s sharing, in order to echo the snowy atmosphere, how do you wear a lamb wool jacket?


Keyword refinement

Every time the winter is cold, it is thick and warm


It’s warm



Or graceful and luxurious


Everyone will appear in and ink, and use their thick but warm but warm body to care for the fragile body and mind.

When bloated warmth and light beauty are placed in front of you, how to do it? Come and learn from Luo Wei.

First: Selection

Pick the clothing selected, win the opportunity. Filtering the boutique from the source, it can not be used when it is matched. For large -scale hairy coats or coats, texture and style are always the top priority.





Facial texture

When a large area of ​​hairy granules pour over the sky, the first eye is the quality. Is the fur smooth? Is the texture level delicate? Is the color smooth? Is the feel thick? Is the line simple?

Regardless of the fur or artificial hair, as long as


In place, it doesn’t look too cheap. Of course, unless you want to wear at home, you must pay attention to the texture first.

Especially the simple foundation, or the bright color, the more picky first texture.

There are some prices that are not cheap, and sheep -sheep hair and sheep shear with special treatment. The texture levels are rough and rough.


Eliminate, be sure to avoid.


Even if it is clean white, elegant beige/brown, it cannot withstand the impact of the tension with too rough granules, and cannot express the slightest atmospheric texture. This is still the case in the catwalk, let alone ordinary people?

On the contrary, as long as Mao Mao is controlled


The layered sequence and sense of measurement are paved in proper density forms, a thick sense of high -level sense. Compared with the picture below, you can be distinguished at a glance.


Non -inclusive


, The fineness of the more picky materials and the overall delicateness. Those who like white and light -colored must pay attention to these details. Conversely, dark color such as black will be much better.




Picker area

In addition to the texture of the fabric of granular hair, the control of the area or style is another premium -level dressing rule.


Smaller area

The easier it is to control, the lower the sense of cheap impact.

For example, short, vests, and even splicing forms are the winning weapons that control particle elements.

When the leather coat encounters hairy, it is like a confrontation between ice and fire. The cool personality leather, coordinated with the gentle and waxy hairy hair, exhausted the tough and soft net. The ultimate contradictions and conflicts staged a fashion drama.


And, Mao Mao



The more rough, the more obvious the wild Zhang Madness. The combination of the patent leather and sweet powder in the figure below seamlessly match the color and material.

Compared with the two styles of the upper and lower styles, the reason why different fashion senses are caused, and


It doesn’t matter. When the particles tend to be quite satisfactory, when the style is no longer tit -for -tat, the so -called fashionable and beautiful factor is also reduced.

When choosing a model, please pay attention to these subtle styles.

Black and white, with leather and hairy particles as the carrier, gradually arranged the appearance, cleverly connected in toughness and softness, and achieved a thick and warmth.




Short jacket fashion scenery.

It is very fashionable, and it can be wonderful with a pair of jeans.



The splicing with the hair particles is already the norm, the most practical, warm, and most beautiful collision, making it a must -have classic for winter wardrobe. It is not very novel, but there is absolutely the right to speak.

No one can pick age, regardless of style, anyone can


Suede and lamb hair


Find the most suitable style in the combination. The little woman has the sweetness of the little woman, and the big woman has the beauty of the big woman.

A brown match, refreshing white attachment inside, with a strong pace, portraying simple is the fashion power of beauty.




I do n’t understand the eyes of people who like to fight with color matching coats. Since it is a large area of ​​expansion fabrics, why do you still add eye -catching color and enlarged weaknesses?




Color block accumulation


, It does not bring the atmosphere you want. Most of them are miscellaneous, miscellaneous, and chaos. Where is the beauty? This strange white -green and black color coat is proved.

Extend thinking

: If you want this coat to rejuvenate, how can you adjust it? Perhaps the same color matching is a solution, but it is not cost -effective to spend energy and corresponding items and accessories.

The visual disaster caused by the accumulation of color blocks is clearly expressed in the granular material. A neutral jacket of a sporty style, messy with different texture hairs, mixed styles and chaotic colors, which makes people flourish and suffocate.


What is beauty? which is


Intersection This criterion is applicable to all aesthetic principles. When the color is single and the style is usually, the atmosphere and the advanced level will come one after another.

This bright blue granular jacket has the above multiple advantages: the right short, delicate texture, a single bright color, beautiful and charming.

Second: match

The selection of clothes for clothing is only the foundation. The matching of high sections can cope with everything. For the fashionable presentation of the hairy granular coat, the color matching and the method of matching the method to turn the tide.

The matching is proper, elegant and charming; improper matching, soil fertilizer is full. How to effectively avoid strengths? For the following rules, please refer to:

Make lightness


When wearing a thick granular coat, knowing how to make a sense of light, it will win without showing traces. In addition, the larger the hair area, the more lightness in need, and the self -adjustment can be reconciled according to the specific style.

So where is the sense of light? Everything is compared with thickness


Or the technique is counted, and it does not refer to it.

Show skin

The easiest to control the neck, wrist, ankle, and waist

Expose skin

The parts make them form a new focus, form a confrontation with the thickness, get a strand of breathable, and contrast the atmosphere.

The coat in the catwalk is wearing, only a thin white T inside, exposing slender calves, and then using pointed high heels to create sharply. It is not necessary to borrow all. You can learn from this idea.

Thick and light and light balances, allowing the sense of body proportions


It is one of the combination of Mao Mao coat. You don’t have to stick to any skin exposure, suitable for you, suitable for the current occasion.

The cute single shoes in this set, as well as casual open wear, create a rare lightness.


If you don’t like the coldness of dew, you can use a pair of boots to solve the sorrow. The thick hair coat is in sharp contrast to the slender calf, showing the fashionable and fashionable style of the tide.

The neat and stylish overall shape gives a large area of ​​softness and a solid personality. It is properly reconciled between toughness and gentleness.


Fur coats with graceful skirts, unique classic combinations of natural righteousness, can enter and exit high -end occasions, and can interpret the little fairy. Among all matching, this kind of wear is the most eye -catching.

The elegant skirt is properly established with a light signboard, and the thick singing one with the jacket and the elegance and atmosphere.

Don’t dress well

Although it is open to the warmth of winter, this method has been tried and tested for heavy fur jackets. Reject the upper and lower parcels of the full armed, and open the placket of the clothes, which is equivalent to creating a fashion world.

What is the sadness that is carefully selected inside, or any good -looking accessories? The blogger is in a beige match, but it is wonderful because of gold jewelry, dew, and brown boots.

When taking pictures of the concave shape, the fashion power of not well -dressed method will be manifested. This effortless fashion enhances the overall sense of styling, enhances the fashion factor, and has also relieved the heavy weight.

Made in style conflict


Think about it, what is a thick hairy coat style? The soft material that is too prominent can cover up all the sharp elements such as the shadow, even the H version, which is unprecedented

厚 厚


When the sense of roundness, bluntness, gentleness, and feminine signboards are obvious, it is imperative to add neutral profits to reconcile. Therefore, combination with neutral wind, or tide cool single product is a killer that resolves thick and mild.

A white hairy long coat with a momentum of the suits inside, the leisure blessing of daddy shoes, and instantly with cool personalized capital. Of course, it is not necessary to ignore the momentum of wearing an increase.

The conflict between casual sports shoes and thick coats has caused contradictions to the maximum. Some people like it and some people don’t like it.


For example, the large sense of daddy shoes hinders the overall harmony.

When replaced


After leisure shoes, or canvas shoes, the fresh and cheerful burst out. Under the encouragement of leisure and joy, the thick lamb hair coat appeared even more impressive.

Choosing the right shoes can solve a lot of conflicts.

Stunning color

The good -looking stunning color matching instantly form a fashionable power, and does not hesitate to grasp the eyeballs, thereby weakening the thickness of the wool coat and creating unintentional fashion.

In this set, green, red, and white form the natural harmony inside and outside, up and down. The pride of leisure style and free and easy women is unsatisfactory. Those who have an advantage in height may wish to try it.



It is too showing off, so that the thickness of the brown down jacket has become the first protagonist of the eye -catching. Very bold color matching and matching, challenge the delicate treatment of tones.

Fortunately, the formal power of the same color bag has a deterrent effect, weakening the sharp impact with the edges and corners of the personality, without losing the atmosphere. Brown, blue, and white three colors are worthy of the beauty of London.

Well, the Mao Mao coat coat is shared. I hope to inspire you a little bit!

I am Luo Wei. I use image management as my homework that I have done in my life, and use a beautiful image and a beautiful mood to welcome the blooming every day in my life.


I not only share wearing, but also hope to help you establish your inner aesthetic system and spiritual nourishing system. Both internal and external cultivation are beautiful!

If you are confused, you can make a private message. Welcome to leave a message to discuss. We grow up together on the road of beauty and be strong together!