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118 square meters of modern minimalism, mosquito nets like bedrooms are really practical and beautiful!

The area is 118 square meters, the pattern is three -bedroom and two halls, and the design style is simple.


This case changed the three bedrooms to two bedrooms, summarized one of the rooms to the master bedroom design of the cloakroom, and made the children’s room into a pavement. The master bedroom, the curtain box is installed directly above the bed for mosquito nets. Compared with the traditional mosquito nets, this is more beautiful and practical.

Layout plan

Dining room

▲ The modern minimalist restaurant is designed as the form of a card seat, and the spacious space is left to the Lord to make it more comfortable.


▲ The dining table made on the spot, the two ends of the dining table are designed as a locker, which just echoed the lockers on both sides of the card seat. The two are perfectly combined to achieve a beautiful and practical coexistence.


▲ Open kitchen, white black seam small white bricks on the wall, with white cabinets, black operating tables, presenting a clean and bright kitchen space.

▲ The restaurant space is designed at the same time, using black countertops with black simple bar chairs, modern and fashionable, sitting in the spare time, sitting here to drink a small wine, life is so comfortable.

living room


▲ The color of the living room as a whole is warm, with a plain fabric sofa, wooden furniture, which looks more layered against the lighting.


▲ The sofa wall is paired with a oil painting, which has a strong sense of color, making this living room more energetic and vibrant.


▲ The hidden TV and the embedded “TV cabinet”, coupled with the design of the main light without the main lamp, seem to be simple, but it gives a modern, wide and atmospheric atmosphere.


▲ The wall of the noble concubine is installed on the wall, which is convenient for changing decorative paintings from time to time. Through simply replacing the soft furnishings, it presents a different living room effect.

▲ Wall lamps on both sides of the TV wall, sometimes the light is also a good decoration.

Master bedroom


▲ The master bedroom feels the “immortal”. The ceiling corresponding to the bed is set with a curtain box. After hanging the white transmitted curtain, you can serve as a mosquito net.


▲ Who said that the bedside cannot be placed in the window? Here it broke the routine and put the bedside in front of the window. The curtains were also used as one of the “mosquito nets” to create a very “fairy” bedroom space.

▲ The gray wall and beds are paired with white sand curtains, and then decorated with wooden bedside cabinets. The color is not much, but it is very fashionable.

▲ A small card area is designed directly opposite the bed, which is convenient for the owner to “take a nap” or “empty” here.

Children’s room

▲ Customized children’s beds on the spot, designing the bed into a small space, it looks not only a bed, but also like a small “game house”, allowing children to live in a fun and fantasy space. Essence


▲ A cotton carpet on the ground is convenient for children to sit on the floor without being cold.



▲ Put the washing area outside the bathroom and put the toilet and shower inside. This advantage is practical and more convenient. At the same time, it ensures the dryness of the washing area. There is no need to worry about the mirror when bathing in winter. The water fog.