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A shirt with a very temperament in autumn and winter, the ruffled side design, shows a unique temperament

The shirt is a very matched clothing item in autumn and winter. Today, Xiaobian brings you a very distinctive inner shirt. The stacked embellishment of the lotus leaf makes the originally ordinary shirt unique and individual. When you go to the office, you will attract the eyes of the office when you take off your coat? You know.

The design of this shirt is high -necked, and the details of the ruffled edge add love. There are ruffles on both sides of the front placket, which improves the three -dimensional sense of shirts, solves the problem of monotonous shirts, and put on a very unique style.


The version is loose style, which is comfortable to wear. The length of the clothes and the thickness of the fabric are controlled very moderate. The intersection of spring and summer can be worn, and it can be stacked in autumn and winter. If you own it, then it must be the highest style in your many clothes.

The factory on the fabric chooses a very delicate fabric, has a good skin -friendly feeling, does not feel rough to wear, and is very comfortable to wear. The soft touch, even in a large amount of activity, will not have a sense of burden for a whole day.


The jacket can be matched with a suit coat, trench coat, and coarse flower coat. If the temperature is relatively low, you can wear a sweater, which will keep the warmth better. Xiaobian does not recommend down jackets. The lower body can choose a small black foot casual pants to form a contrast contrast, and the effect will be very eye -catching; it can also be paired with jeans, wide -leg pants, and light cores. For short hair, Xiaobian recommends with golden earrings, the effect will be very good.


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