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This is a “tank” that can be opened into the city, the price is not cheap, but it is worth it.

I am not a cross-country fan, but there are two newly available off-road vehicles that make me very interested – Wrangler Phev and Tank 300 City. The former is the only professional off-road vehicle that can be purchased in the country. The latter is a very rare cross-road vehicle.

Unfortunately, these two cars hosted a test drive at the same time, I can only choose to try more interested.


Wrangler’s fuel plate, I tried it several times. The model of the mitting system is also often exposed. The feelings of the two combine, the brain should be difficult. In contrast, the nearest heat in the tank 300 seems to be higher, and the concept of “urban off-road vehicles” is also quite fresh, and maybe I can bring me a different surprise.


So, Wrangler Phev, we have a couple; tank 300 city version, please don’t let me down!

What is the difference in cross-country version?


Tank 300 Cross Country is a model of professional off-road performance. It is a player user. The urban version of the model has weakened the original professionalism to a certain extent, but the design is more fashionable, strengthens the experience of daily use, and has also added a lot of practical configuration, and the audience will tend to publicize users.


The new car is still in the overall shape or the design of the cross-country version, and there are some small changes. The most obvious is the color of the wide-body eyebrow, the off-road version of the Qing Dynasty is a mute black style, and the urban version uses the design with the same color of the body, so that the long eyebrows that act as anti-smuggling use have become part of the vehicle body, giving people More full, and simpler visual view.

The tank 300 city version of the optional body color has 7 kinds, of which “color powder” and “plant green” are new colors.


The urban version of the model did not use the smoked black front of the cross-country version. The addition of chrome trim strips enhanced the texture of the head, the car logo also changed from the cross-country version of the Wey brand logo to the exclusive logo of the tank car system, and further opened two versions Design difference.

In addition, the new car has also increased the scalable electric foot pedal. Although this configuration did not have a technical content, but changed the movement of the passengers – from “climbing” to the bus. This is really a very practical feature for children and old people.

The electric foot pedal at the door is a very practical configuration.

In the interior of the carriage, the central control of the urban version of the model is consistent with the cross-country version of the model, and the double 12.3-inch screen and the huge circular air outlet are the most iconic design. In the specific configuration, the two versions have a large difference. The urban version of the model has increased the wireless charging function. The window has doubled sound insulation glass. Comfort.

On the basis of the comfort of comfort, the Tank 300 City version has upgraded the smart driving function, increasing new features including automatic emergency braking, intelligent cruise assistance, emergency avoidance assistance, and has enabled L2 +-level driving assistance level.


As a off-road vehicle to be adapted to the city, smart driving assistance configuration is essential.

In addition, the new remote parking + automatic parking system is also a very practical function, even if your driving technology is not very high, it can be easily, rest assured to enter the tank 300’s body board “plug” into a relatively narrow parking space. In this configuration, this configuration further enhances the accepted level of ordinary consumers to off-road vehicles.

The tank 300 becomes “City SUV”?

From the perspective of design and configuration, the “urbanization process” of the tank 300 is indeed in place, and I change my impression of the Vietnam’s “interior” and “do not pay attention to the experience”. After you really open it, it is also refreshed my cognition – can you so open?

“This power output is too delicate!” I just left the parking lot less than 1 km. I said to the media peers of the same car. “Its throttle sensitivity and shifts are better than many cars!”

“Isn’t it so exaggerated?” Sitting in the back row, the peers he was suspected of answering.

To be honest, it is really not so exaggerated. My driving experience is greatly affected by my own premature position, because I didn’t have a lot of expectations for the driving feeling of this car, even in front of the throttle, I also hug “off-road vehicle in the city The road segment is definitely not good. “

But the Tank 300 City Edition made me completely changed.


When driving at low speed, it has a very good smoothness, the throttle sensitivity is very high, and it is also very controllable. Test the throttle in a variety of ways, and there will be no obvious sense of movement. Walking in the traffic block and stops, the gearbox needs to be switched frequently in low gear, but almost does not feel the removal of the shift. When speeding up, the gearbox will not be actively grounded to pull the speed, but to play the low torsion advantage of the engine as much as possible under the same gear, so that the acceleration has become more smooth.

The tank 300 city version is exactly the same as the power system of the cross-country version, all 2.0T engine with an 8AT gearbox, maximum power 167kW, maximum torque 387 nm.

Compared with the Wrangler (2.0T) and Mercedes G350 (2.0T), the Tank 300 City Edition is slightly inferior to the maximum power, but the torque performance is at the same level, and the energy efficiency performance is also slightly better.

The actual performance of this is too large with my subjective impression, so I will say “exaggerated” when I test drive – I am really amazing.


The control performance also has a surprise, the steering adjustment of the new car is more suitable for urban driving, the imaginary position of the steering wheel is not big, the steering sensitivity is relatively good, in the car, it is more comfortable, even with a higher speed, the body Dynamic is still very stable, and there is no obvious side pitch.

However, in the chassis filter, the performance of the new car is still unable to compare the real city SUV. After the road is pit, it will feel a very direct impact in the car, which is especially obvious in the back row. Of course, it is not a chassis to adjust the problem. After all, the tank 300 city version is still a hard-paid off-road vehicle. The body structure is still non-loaded. The post-suspension remains non-independent and physical structure, which determines it unable to bring perfect. City driving experience.


Fortunately, the new car is equipped with the active noise reduction system. The tires have also used the model of the mute performance, and the trampicity of the trampoline has greatly improved, which makes up for the shortcomings of the chassis filter. Defects.

Although comfort is not allowed to compare with the general city SUV, the tank 300 city version of the tank 300 city version is still gave me a lot of surprises in the power of the city’s SUV, in terms of dynamic smoothness, stability, and trafficiency in the car.


Is it worth spend more money?

The price of Tank 300 City version is 20-230,000, and the entry model is nearly 5,000 more than the off-road version. The top version is more expensive than about 16,000. Maybe you will feel confused, as a off-road vehicle, why is it more expensive to sell more expensive versions?

In fact, although the tank 300 has established a new benchmark of the local off-road vehicle, Wey launches the purpose of this car. It is not to be a toy car like a martyrs, but to make more consumption. Feeling the charm of off-road vehicles, making this relatively small type of models more widely recognized.

Therefore, in the cross-country version of the model, there are many intelligent configurations that have been equipped with a car experience. The urban version of the model further enhances the quality of daily driving, and maximizes the short board of the off-road vehicle.

Although the tank 300 city version canceled the time-free four-wheel drive, the front and rear differences were canceled, but its off-road capability was still on almost all city SUVs, and low-intensity off-road is relaxed. When driving in urban driving, its driving texture and comfort experience is also superior to most hardcore SUVs, the addition of smart driving assistance systems, but also makes long-distance driving more secure.


The Tank 300 City is essentially a off-road vehicle, but fortunately there is no boundary frame of the traditional off-road vehicle, boldly leaves the rebellion, allowing it to have a richer product characteristics.

A stronger road condition adapting to the ability, richer use scenarios, is the core competitiveness of Tank 300 City Edition, in addition to this, it also has more “tide” and higher quality interior, comprehensive product charm overield Ten drive models are more prominent. Therefore, it sells higher prices for granted, and it is more widely recognized by the market and is also a probability event.


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