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30 pieces of early autumn shirts shared, it is not too much to buy a few pieces in one breath

Lin Xiaoshen said that you can buy (text/

Lin Xiaoshi


There are many good -looking autumn clothes. Today, let’s sort out a period of time. It is also bought by everyone every year.




After turning around Taobao and major fashion websites, I found that this year’s shirt trend is,

Solid color


Still occupying the mainstream,



Also popular, each has its own beauty. So today’s items recommendation, it is also mainly divided into this

Two categories

, Meet the needs of different people and different styles

-Net color -1 | White/Ginkgo yellow

It has two colors,

Ginkgo yellow

Warm, but I prefer the versatile ones



In the autumn, with a small high -necked neck, you can wear retro and elegant.


2 | Milk White/Naked Powder

Who can hold back this? White retro, pink gentle, waist lantern sleeve version, covering the meat while lining people’s slender and thin.

Even the picture has a movie -like sense of atmosphere, and the aesthetics is too good at me.

3 | Green/White Port Wind Tips


The little tip is offensive, this one is particularly suitable

Workplace woman

Essence There are white and green, white and clean, and the green temperament is a lot soft. If these two pieces are used as a suit, the gas field is absolutely full!


4 | China Faste Bubble Sleeve

Don’t think that the bubble sleeves can only be integrated with the Western court style. This part of this coat placket is full of Chinese style.


Design, unexpectedly beautiful!


Bubble sleeves can cover the meat carefully. However, the version is loose, and the lower body is best matched

Partial body or a stronger sense of fit

Oh, it is not easy to procrastinates.

5 | Embroidered white shirt


This art is retro. Although it is pure white, there are several white flowers embroidered on the fabric, which is worth watching.

6 | Broken white shirt

If I remember correctly, this one should be a new spring product of Square Circle, but after a few months, I still like it when I see it. I have a similar straps white short -sleeved shirt, which is really palace with jeans. The effect of this matter will be similar.

7 | Embroidery lapel

It is highly recommended to start with sweater control. Not only

Single -out

, Autumn and winter as a variety of sweaters and knitted cardigans, this exaggerated large lapel will be more

Icing on the cake

Essence Overall, you can rescue a lot of boring items ~

8 | Rice white linen shirt

This one is very Feel in Downton Manor, full of pastoral feelings. The linen of the linen is not afraid of being worn in Guangzhou now.

Colder can be paired with small vests, which is warm and layered. I just wrote a vest a few days ago, you can



Looking back ~

9 | Cream rice round neck shirt



Literature and artistic

There is a kind of atmosphere that is unsuccessful. The loose version is free and relaxed, which makes people want to wear it in the small garden to pour tea and pour flowers ~

10 | Multi -color shirt


Although this one is simple solid color, it is really dazzling to pick up, because there are too many colors!

Ben white, fruit green, soft rice, medium coffee, light tea color, mint blue

…… It ’s so good that people want to buy it all at one breath and wear it for a week.

11 | Yu Huihuang

I don’t know if everyone will be like me. As soon as autumn arrives, it will be fascinated by all kinds of golden items: mature rice ears, evening sunset, golden lakes full of gold … “The shirt seems to be born for autumn,

The color is full and warm,

Looking at the warmth from the bottom of my heart.

Slender V -neck+back fold design

, Both capable and retro, commute and casual wear are good.


12 | Cheese yellow

No one can resist this faint yellow? Especially with such a thin linen fabric, it is easier for it to be

Elegant and smart beauty



The version is slightly loose, and there is one more


Lazy atmosphere

The more I like, the more I like it. With khaki, coffee, brown Bermuda shorts and sandals, you can go on vacation.


13 | Lemon yellow/grass green

If you want to bring your own highlights, this shirt is quite worth starting. It does not follow the usual way

Twisting design

At the same time, it adds a sense of hierarchy while collecting a slight waist. The color is also very beautiful, there are gentle and slow tones

Lemon yellow



And retro and fresh

Grass green

14 | Show white green


Ding, the following is one


Green. This lush green is very

Spring feeling

Ah, put on the dull autumn and winter, the whole person will be more energetic ~

15 | Mustard yellow knot shirt

This is a very French atmosphere, and the mustard is also very green



Essence There is a knot design on the chest. It is full of elegance. It is suitable for commuting party to work with trousers, or cold as a trench coat and suit.

-Be stripe -16 | Oversize stripe

Start with the most classic blue and white stripes ~ This is the version of Oversize. The loose and loose is quite boyfriend. Most suitable for matching

Jeans, suit pants

Waiting for neutrophils, the temperament will be more refreshing.


White T


It is also very colorful, with a variety of beauty.

17 | Embroidery blue stripes

At first glance, it looks like a disease -like service, but after adding red embroidery English in the pocket of the chest, it becomes literary. Recommend everyone to match

Khaki trench coat

Wearing it, it will feel like Tang Wei in “Late Autumn”.

18 | Refreshing blue and white

This is simple, there is no big highlight, which belongs to the basic model in the blue and white striped shirt.

It’s not easy to make mistakes.


19 | French blue and white


This blue and white stripes have a larger spacing, and the proportion of white is more, which makes people feel cleaner.


The fabric is scrubbed and durable, and it is very skinny to wear.


20 | Standing collar blue and white stripes

I found that there are too many good blue and white stripes this year. Although it is the same color scheme, the version and details are different. This one is made into a stand -collar plus Chinese cloth buckle, more


Oligal material

It is naturally soft and very durable.


21 | “Haiyan Soda”


Grasp the tail of the summer, and let’s have a glass of sea salt soda ~


22 | Bow knot stripes

This perfect interpretation

“How to put a stripe out of stunning”

The overall design is too romantic and soft, and it is very eye -catching.

23 | Golden Silk Blue strip

In laziness, this one is also excellent. The loose oversize version, the chest is directly connected with a small cloth strap, which has a kind of incomplete sexy. But because there is no shoulder line,

It’s not suitable for slippery girls.


24 | Black bars of white background

It is rare to make black and white stripes like “zebra clothes”.

Clean and Sishang,


Do not miss the commute party.

25 | Green bottom Tibetan bars

This is so retro! There are Feels with a lot of Japanese miscellaneous models, and the design of the pocket is quite interesting, like a folded pocket ~

Because the stripes are relatively thin, you don’t need to worry about it too fancy with some fine grid jackets. The model is quite college style, I want to wear it out

Sense of age

You can try it.

26 | “Lixiu White Tea”

This one is very thick, and there is a warm fleece on the surface, which can be kept in the inside of the winter.


The version has a shirt as handsome as always,

With a suit,

Exposing this domineering little tip,

The gas field is full.


27 | Doll shirt

Next is a striped shirt with “abuse”. It only has a small piece of stripes in the position of the chest, but I think it looks good, so I put it in.

It is a very cute baby shirt, the one who is automatically reduced on the upper body ~ The small man can match it

Shorts, shorts

With boots or thick bottom loafers, it will be higher and not pressing.

28 | Apple green


I like this clear apple green so much, there are species

Fresh immortal ~


This sleeve design is also very special. It is a combination of gentle ruffled cuffs+conventional sleeves, full of highlights.

29 | light powder stripes


I have shared this shirt in the early issue of the “wear guide”. I didn’t expect it to be so popular. Now only

L code

It’s … if you like it, you should start quickly, after all, this is the case


Gentle and not sweet

The shirt is really rare!

30 | Cream red stripes


The white -bottomed red strip comes with a fashionable filter, which is more than ordinary stripes

Eye -catching, young

Essence It can be worn alone with a big woman’s aura, and the vest can be switched to the casual mode in one second ~

Which one do you like?

Welcome to share with me in the comment area