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Apple’s new iPad exposure: 15 -inch domestic OLED large screen sells 8,000

Today in the early morning, foreign media declared that Apple’s latest iPad has been prepared, and the new product will use a large 15 -inch screen, which is also the first time Apple has tried large -scale tablets.

The overall product form is like a MacBook without a keyboard, and the built -in A16 chip, which means that it may be listed early next year. As for the price, this large -screen iPad may exceed 8,000 yuan or even higher.

According to the industrial chain, BOE may be one of the suppliers of the OLED screen. In addition to this 15 -inch large screen iPad, MacBook and other laptop products will also adopt domestic BOE screens.

苹果新iPad曝光:15寸国产OLED大屏 售8000起

The domestic OLED screen is among the supply chain of Apple’s large screen. In the near future, iPhone 14 is also likely to use domestic screens.