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Nestivable Leather Flapover Case retro leather briefcase

SAMSONITE Nestivable Leather Flapover Case retro leather briefcase, retro design, brown leather bag with brass lock, low -key stability without losing the atmosphere.The size is about 42 x 35x 12cm, and the maximum laptop can be accommodated by 15.6 inches.At the same time, multiple pockets and mezzanine are provided. The internal space is very large. You can carry files such as mobile phones.

The shoulder strap can be disassembled and thickened, and it is more comfortable to carry heavy objects.

新秀丽Leather Flapover Case复古真皮公文包

Meiya quoted at 89.99 US dollars about ¥ 558, the recent price.Although it is slightly more expensive than the special offer of the official website before, it is more convenient to shop in Meiya, and it can be directly mailing.