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Rasi whip grass sea salt scrub, exfoliating, moisturizing, very suitable for people with rough skin to use

Rasi whip grass sea salt scrub, exfoliating, moisturizing, very suitable for people with rough skin to use

Grasp the tail of summer, you can continue to put on shorts and skirts for a few days, but at this time the weather is still hot, ultraviolet rays are still very strong, so the care of the body’s skin must be strengthened. After all, it is white. Covering the ugly is the mainstream aesthetic. I believe that friends who are troubled by chicken skin, black elbows, black knees, and rough skin are deeply appreciated by this. In the summer, fair skin is added to themselves. It is no less than a good figure at all. People with delicate and fair physical skin will give others a good impression. Those who can manage their skin must be delicate and require themselves.

Xiaobian will definitely use scrubs when nursing the body’s skin, just like to remove the keratin on a regular basis, it is very important. As a loyal user of a body scrub, it has always been strict in choosing matte. After all, skin care products used on the skin must not be sloppy.

If you run out, you must boast about the scrub -the ocellabal sea salt scrub is really easy to use, not for other reasons to recommend it, but because it is really effective. Some small partners are unwilling to touch the body scrub. The reason is that the particles of the scrub are too thick and hard to hurt the skin, but the Rasi horse whip grass sea salt scrub is very delicate. Deep nourishment of the skin, the skin is delicate and smooth after use, and is well washed. The whole person feels amazing and the price is still very close to the people.

Rasi whip grass sea salt scrub has 200 ml of durability. The bottle body is made of coffee glass, which is very textured and high -value. It is very stylish in the bathroom. The RASI ingredient laboratory has been recommended by the European Cosmetic Society, Nice effect NICE.

After the lid is opened, you will see a white microcrystalline granular paste. It will feel very delicate to touch it with your hand. A good smell of the whip grass will come to the face, and it smells very comfortably. Haiyan granules come with the keratinic effects that can deeply clean the skin to remove the dirt in the pores. The granules are round and delicately wiped on the body without pain. It is suitable for dry brushes. Easy to rinse.

After washing with scrubs, the body is very moist and slippery, because the Rasi whip grass sea salt scrub can not only gently remove the aging waste horny, but also add white fungus, oats extraction, decentralization, etc. The skin can improve the skin’s dryness and water dehydration, and at the same time, it can also supplement the moisture required by the skin. Therefore, the skin will become delicate and smooth after washing the skin after washing the Rasi whip grass sea salt matte.

Usage of scrub:

1. Use warm water to penetrate the whole body during the bath, and soak for a while.

2. Then use the scrub directly. You can rub it on your hand first, then apply it on your body and rub it until it melts into a white water milk shape. Then wash it off with water, be sure to wash it.

3. The knees, elbows, and heels can be massaged at the heel. Remember not to exceed 2 minutes. After a long time, it will destroy the cuticle of the skin.

4. After finishing, use shower gel and body milk to care for the skin. After using scrub, you will find that the body milk is well absorbed.

Although the scrub is easy to use, it cannot be used every day, it can be used every Wednesday. Girls with a thin skin and thin stratum corneum must be cautious when they use it.

If you can’t wait for your skin, you must be early, and now you start treating your skin with your heart. It will definitely return it.

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Sea salt matte

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