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Uniqlo winter new product | Washing of feldles for 25 years with fire will accompany you to warm the winter

Uniqlo winter new product | Washing of feldles for 25 years with fire will accompany you to warm the winter

I believe that the friends who like Japanese dramas, like me, are not only fascinated by the “small fresh” picture of Japanese color, but also more or less affected by Japanese style, especially like


This kind of fabrics often appear in movie and TV series, such as simple vests or solid jackets, all reflect a very daily dressing feeling. Seeing this fluffy texture, I feel very warm across the screen. Now this season is also the best moment when it becomes the first choice for wardrobe!

Japanese drama “Quartet”

Due to the comfort of fleece and warmth and warmth, it is very popular in Japan. It can be seen everywhere on the streets.

In the season of cold invasion, people can instinctively approach and draw warmth. The soft touch of the fluffy fluffy fluffy is cured like cute pets, so you can’t help but want to take home.

Jacket: Uniqlo long velvet shake fluff zipperke price: 199 yuan (418242)

Warm and comfortable, velvet in love

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This fabric that was once called the basic model and can only protect the cold now shows the potential of fashion. It is not just a good product at home, but also a must -have autumn and winter item in every character in life. It is also the embodiment of young people’s demand for functions and fashion. Just as Zhou Qi, Li Gengxi, Guo Zifan, Liu Jiayi in “Little Happy” And the young actor Bailu’s younger generation interpreted the stylish mixed -match velvet, taking into account the style and temperature. Easy matching makes the velvet become more and more fashionable and avant -garde.

Left: (from left to right)

Vest: Uniqlo Men’s long velvet shit poured zipper vest price: 149 yuan (419517)

Big shirt: Uniqlo women’s imitation lambskin shake ploated hills selling price: 149 yuan (418285)

Jacket: Uniqlo Men’s imitation lambskin shake fleece cardigan Price: 299 yuan (419753)

Right: jacket: Uniqlo women’s imitation lambskin shake fluff zipper hooded jacket [Designer cooperation model] Price: 599 yuan (421586)

Some people think that the velvet items may be limited to wear, but in fact, the newly -improved new shake velvet can definitely wear infinitely in terms of fabrics and styles. Handsome, you can also wear casual feelings like Luu Brothers, so that you can experience a different winter with aesthetics.

Left: Uniqlo Men’s long velvet -shaking pill zipper vest Price: 149 yuan (419517)

Right: The picture is from @Luu Brothers (from left to right)

Uniqlo imitation lambskin shake pills on both sides of the eggplant [Designer cooperation] Price: 599 yuan (419541)

UNIQLO long velvet fluff zipper eggs price: 199 yuan (418712)

Uniqlo imitation lambskin shake fleece cardigan price: 299 yuan (419753)

Why does Uniqlo love to shake velvet products so much? Not only because of the comfort of fleece, warmth, and versatility that can be worn at home or out. Because the velvet can perfectly adapt to different people, fully showing different personality perspectives. When you are wrapped by this light and soft velvet, all boundaries such as age, gender, and national boundaries melt. With a simple and high -quality hug and comfortable life, pull the distance between people with a warm attitude, make life warmer, lighter, more beautiful, more comfortable, and build a better life with a warm attitude.

It feels a warm and comfortable feeling from the feel, just like the happiness and warmth given between family members, lovers, and friends. It is full of happiness.

From left to right:

Jacket: Uniqlo Children’s clothing long velvet shake pill zipperke price: 149 yuan (418637)

Jacket: Uniqlo Women’s Women’s Form Missiles and Velvet Coat Price: 299 yuan (420242)

As chills become more and more rich, the warmth of this tentacles is even more worthy of cherish. With the characteristics of super softness and warmth, shake velvet has become the first choice for home dressing. Enjoy the warmth and comfort brought by the fleece with your loved ones in winter, so that love is “velvet” with affection.

(Picture from@1626)

Jacket (Red & White): UNIQLO Women’s Wells of Velvet Zipporary Price: 149 yuan (418447)

Children’s clothing jacket: Uniqlo long velvet fluff zipped eggplant price: 149 yuan (408638)

Let love beating up, it is better to buy a Uniqlo shaking pill coat with the beloved TA. You can refer CP.

Picture from (ariaandbrandon)

Men’s jacket: Uniqlo imitation lambskin shredded velvet 男 男: 299 yuan (419752)

Ladies jacket: Uniqlo imitation lambskin shake down zipper V -neck shirt price: 249 yuan (418245)

A “bright” in front of the new product

This year,

Uniqlo was listed on 7 new velvet products

With a variety of styles, sophisticated design details, and colorful colors, it breaks the inherent impression of bloated in the past. These simple and sharp items can take into the daily style, and even the finishing touch in the shape. The colorful choice and detail design broke the dull atmosphere and made the autumn and winter fun.

On the model

There are both soft and color -rich velvet vests and semi -zipper hoods, as well as lace -up models that highlight the waist lines.

In detail

Newly added round neck and V -neck shredded cardigan to make wearing unbounded, and there are no collar coats with edging design, which makes the street more fan.


The new series enhances the visual temperature, and the rich color is blended into the warm and full autumn and winter color.

25th anniversary innovation upgrade

Since its release in 1994, it has gone through the 25th anniversary, and Uniqlo shakes the velvet with a re -definition of comfortable aesthetics. Its simple and beautiful design complements the exquisite function and is not moved by the changes of the times. The semi -zipper hoods that were released at that time were very similar to the new products released this season.

The fluff is softer, and the cuffs of the rolling edge process can prevent the cold from entering.

Uniqlo is always committed to every fine details, providing people with a new lifestyle and cultural phenomenon.

From 1994 to 2019

There is temperature and fashion. Don’t think that the classic shake velvet that has been on fire for so many years is unchanged. This year Uniqlo maintains the pursuit of natural style and comfort, and has upgraded the 6 major fabrics and 8 large types of new velvet.

6 major fabric texture is more diverse

There are delicate and soft velvet, long velvet texture, beautiful color, beautiful color, elasticity and comfort of elastic shake pills. A variety of comfortable and warm fabrics bring you different skin -friendly dresses. With it this winter, it is really going to be hugged by warmth!

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As for the increase in model

It has brought more intimate choices for us. The 8 large models cover inside and outside, T -shirts, cardigan, pants and coats, etc., easily cope with more wearing scenes, and create a layered sense of autumn and winter. Essence

Warm Winter Main Product Recommendation

Want to have a warm and comfortable Japanese match in the Japanese drama? In fact, it is not difficult. Uniqlo has prepared a lot of items suitable for you in autumn and winter. They integrate comfort, functions, and fashion as one to create a new dressing experience for you and interpret everyone’s life style taste.

For man

UNIQLO long -shake velvet zipperga price: 199 yuan (418711)

The practical zipper grams are definitely an indispensable item for winter. The loose tailoring design is suitable for wearing as a coat. It is moderately widening and width of the sleeve width, which helps to improve the comfort of wearing. The leading ministry has a three -dimensional sense and helps prevent the invasion of cold wind.

The furry long velvet fabrics are very soft and comfortable to touch. Moderate loose styles can be worn inside and outside. If you wear a warm man, there is a sense of vision?

UNIQLO long velvet fluff zipper vest price: 149 yuan (419517)

In winter, it is not as good as a “intimate” small vest that makes people warm. The furry design is filled with warmth. It can be used in a coat or a casual short jacket. It is a very practical item.

Ms. for Ms.

UNIQLO soft knitted velvet high -neck T -shirt price: 99 yuan (418239)

I have to say that the shredded velvet items are comfortable representatives, whether they are coats and inside. This turtleneck T -shirt is a very soft and simple box -type tailoring design as a piece of tape. It is filled with casual atmosphere. You can even wear other clothes outside, and only one little collar is very fashionable.

Uniqlo imitation lambskin shake fluff zipper V -neck shirt price: 249 yuan (418245)

This cardigan is a soft -like imitation lamb fabric with a design of arc -shaped tailoring, which is suitable for creating a cute shape. The design of shoulder sleeves is convenient for activities, and it is more suitable for outdoor games.

UNIQLO imitation lambskin shake chorine velvet coat price: 299 yuan (420242)

This winter, you may wish to change your cashmere coat to a velvet coat. The length is moderate, which can protect the waist and abdomen from cold. The previous body adopts a button design, which is more atmospheric and simple.

Warm, sometimes not only physical perception, but also to give the soul unlimited comfort. This autumn and winter, a large wave of good -looking velvet items have been on the shelves. Come and go to Uniqlo to buy a “warmth” that belongs to each other with your beloved.

Welfare is here

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Jacket: Uniqlo Men’s imitation lambskin shake fleece cardigan Price: 299 yuan (419753)

Jacket: Uniqlo Men’s imitation lambskin shake fleece cardigan Price: 299 yuan (419753)

Uniqlo imitation lambskin shake fleece cardigan price: 299 yuan (419753)

Jacket: Uniqlo Children’s clothing long velvet shake pill zipperke price: 149 yuan (418637)

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