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There is an ominous hammer in the cabinet

There is an ominous hammer in the cabinet

There are no ghosts in the world, all thrills originate from the dark side of people’s heart …

Uh … this is a novel, about 10,000 words, and was published in the timid ghost magazine. Now the magazine seems to be gone … Care!


Today, there is an orange cooling alert. As soon as I went out in the morning, Lin Yusheng felt the fierceness of the cold wind in the north in the north. It was even more unbearable than the knife cut meat. For the southerners who had just come to work in the north, it was a bit unbearable. At noon, although the sun was bright and the weather was fine, the temperature did not rise, but it seemed to be colder.

After class in the afternoon, Lin Yusheng rushed to the school laundry room all the way, where he washed a down jacket. Due to the thinness of wearing, it is impossible to go out without exercise. Along the way, it is inevitable that many girls are looking at it.

Lin Yusheng was born with a baby face, saying that he was not handsome, and he was afraid that the girls in the college would not agree.

In addition to the appearance of the girl’s eyes, Lin Yusheng also has a good temper. No matter what kind of blow to encounter, he can always recover his smile in the shortest time and get happy again. Of course, he is not an unreasonable person, but on the contrary, his troubles are always everywhere. If it weren’t for being born active, loved to laugh, I was afraid that it would have collapsed. Since he has so many advantages, how can there be many troubles? The reason is that he has cleanliness and “serious cleanliness.”

It is understandable for love. If “too” love is clean, there will be a little problem.

When he came out of the laundry room, Lin Yusheng trembled, holding the down jacket he had just taken out, and was ready to return to the school’s teaching dormitory first. The dormitory moved in yesterday and hadn’t finished cleaning up.

After passing the duty room on the first floor, the strong and strong Sister Shi looked at him with a consistent doubt, as if every young man and woman who had slipped under her eyelids had suspicion of stealing affection.

“Good elder sister!” Lin Yu greeted politely. After all, she just moved in, and she still needed to take care of her predecessors in many aspects.

Glanced at the clothes bag in Lin Yusheng’s arms, and Sister Shi said bluntly, “Hey! This cold day is frozen, there are down jackets without wearing.

Lin Yusheng was busy with a rigid smile, his teeth fought: “Not cold, not cold, you see, this is the dormitory, right?”

“The dormitory heating is enough?”

“Foot, it’s very good. Oh, big sister …” Lin Yusheng wanted to ask, and stop talking.

“If you say something straight, the swallowing spit is like a radish.”

“Oh, nothing, just want to ask, how can I live alone in the five floors?”

“You are new, all the four floors are arranged down, where can you not live on the fifth floor?”

“Oh, it’s okay, I just asked, it’s good, quiet. Haha!”

In the eyes of Sister Shi, Lin Yusheng left the window of the duty room and crossed the stairs.

“Hey, guy, did the hammer run out? Remember to return it quickly!” As soon as she stepped on the two or three steps, Sister Shi came from behind.

“Oh, I know, I will pay it back tonight!” Lin Yusheng agreed and continued to climb upstairs.


The dormitory 513 was located at the corner of the upper and lower stairs. Standing outside the door, Lin Yusheng was a little uncertain.

The entire corridor was empty, and a thick layer of dust was falling. From the accumulation of the dust on the end of the end, this floor has not been cleaned for a long time. He frowned and felt very unclean. When the dormitory stopped, he completely cleaned the corridor.

Thinking of this, he had a bit more stable in his heart. He reached out and opened the lock of the door of the dormitory. He was about to enter the door, and there was a rustling footsteps behind him.

“Who?” Lin Yusheng looked at him at the same time.

There was no one behind him. Except for the dusty windows at the end of the corridor, the light of the dust was barely transparent, and it was dead.

Lin Yusheng shook his head and laughed that he was too sensitive.

The dormitory is much cleaner than the corridor and the area is not large. There is a smaller bathroom, a very simple one. A double -layer shelf bed is full of luggage items that have not been regulated. Although crowded, the wells are also organized. The lower shop is a place to sleep, and the bedding has been paved, and there is no fold on the white sheets. It was his consistent style of style, clean, and clean.

In addition to these, there is only one square table and an old cabinet in the room.

He unbuttoned the bag of the clothes, took the next wooden hanger from the top, paved the newly washed white down jacket, and was ready to hang up first. There was no coat hook in the room. Lin Yusheng searched again, and his eyes fell on the old wardrobe in the corner. There are a few nails on one side of the cabinet, and it seems that the former owner used to hang clothes.

Lin Yusheng hung down jackets on the nails. The light aroma of the newly washed has not been scattered, and it was white like the new snow. Lin Yusheng appreciated quietly, like admiring an art work just completed. He wasn’t really not afraid of cold, he just didn’t want to dirty this dress immediately. Or is it called “cleanliness”? It can be seen.

At this time, he remembered Sister Shi, and his eyes fell on the two doors of the wooden cabinet.

When he moved in yesterday, he planned to put something with that cabinet, but there was a cabinet door locked -a small lock of a brass. He didn’t understand why there would be a lock on the cabinet in the dormitory where no one lived, and asked Sister Shi. Sister Shi said, “You can pry open it yourself”, and he also borrowed a hammer and concluded to him.

Now, Lin Yusheng picked up the tool and was ready to pry the lock. He just raised the hammer, but hesitated. When I moved in yesterday, I did not pay special attention to this wooden cabinet. Now I look closely. The two doors of the old wooden cabinet have a paper visa with names. Although it has faded, it can still be identified.

The lock door label is written “Juan Er” with a pen, which is obviously a girl’s nickname; the cabinet door next to the door is “eight precepts”, Lin Yusheng frowned. Most of them are just a nickname. It belongs to anyone.

Juan’er, Eight Precepts, two extremely ordinary nicknames, this is not surprising. But because the people named “Juan Er” are no longer here, why are they still locking the cabinet?

I am afraid that I want to break my head, and I ca n’t have any answers, unless I pry open immediately. But he always felt that the room was weird, and even the entire five floors seemed weird. Moreover, who was the footsteps just heard?

Alas, there are answers to everything in the world? There is no need to be allergic.

He broke up and felt quite convincing, so his eyes fell on the little brass lock and pry it open.

However, when he pushed the cone, the hammer in his hand had just raised, and it was to knock down, but the sound of a knock on the door of the house- “Da Da”, the sound was not loud, but it was enough to make Lin Yusheng clearly hear it clearly. Essence

Who would come to knock on his door? He did not invite anyone, nor did he think that new colleagues would know that he had moved his new home so soon.

I was puzzled, and the knock on the door rang again, still twice- “click.”

“Come!” Lin Yusheng put down the tool in his hand and promised to walk towards the door. No matter who knocks on the door, you always have to open the door to take a look. Maybe it was Sister Shi and waited for a hammer.

When the door was opened, Lin Yusheng’s snack was taken aback. The door was not Sister Shi, but a tall girl, pale and thin, thin body, soft long hair hanging to the shoulders, and a pair of big eyes stared straight at the eyes. he.

“You are …” Lin Yusheng was slightly surprised, and did not understand why the girl was standing in front of her door.

“Hmm … Mr. Lin! My name is He Yujuan. I have lived 513 before. Teacher Shi asked me to find you.”

Teacher Shi is Sister Shi. The students came to find someone, and they had to pass her permission.

“Juan’er?” Lin Yusheng said to himself.

“Oh, that’s a friend’s name to me, how do you know?” He Yujuan’s pale face smiled and looked not so embarrassed.

Lin Yusheng smiled indifferently, “Oh, nothing, the door of the cabinet seems to be on your name.”

“Ah, no wonder. Hehe, did I disturb you?”

“Nothing, what are you looking for me?”

“That’s it. When I moved away, I didn’t get something. Today I happened to have time, and I came to take it special. I hope I didn’t bother you!”

“You’re so polite. I just moved it. I haven’t packed up. The room is chaotic. Don’t mind, please come in.” Lin Yusheng let the door open, please He Yujuan to walk into the room. It seems that the lock does not need to be pried.

He Yujuan was not polite. He looked around in the room, and surprised: “Teacher Lin loves so clean!”

“Oh, get used to it.”

As soon as Lin Yusheng’s words fell, the girl suddenly screamed, and her voice was not loud, but it sounded something that made her surprise.

“What’s wrong?” Yu Sheng asked busyly. When he saw He Yujuan, she was staring at the white down jacket hanging on the cabinet, her eyes widened, as if they saw not clothes, but monsters.

“That’s just washed the down jacket. Why, what’s wrong?” Yu Sheng asked in doubt.

“Oh, nothing, nothing!” He Yujuan’s breath was obviously not even more pant, “It’s okay. This is a men’s down jacket.” Speaking, He Yujuan’s eyes fell on the brass lock on the door of the door, and it was relieved. Tone, not so nervous.

“Oh, I wore it myself, of course, the men’s. Where are your things?”

“In the cabinet.” At this time, He Yujuan kept pulling out his right hand in his pocket, holding a small copper key, walking to the door of the cabinet, and open the small brass lock skillfully.

At this moment, Lin Yusheng couldn’t help but be confused. This girl named “Juan Er” must have something to do. The shocking expression just now is obviously not pretending. What is surprising to see an ordinary down jacket?

However, Lin Yusheng seemed to have the answer soon. I saw He Yujuan picked off the copper lock, opened the door of the cabinet, and pulled out a large package from it. It looked like it was made with a sheets. Judging from the posture held by He Yujuan, the package is not too heavy, but it is bulging, like wrapped something fluffy. In the gap in the parcel, a white fabric is exposed.

Is it also a white down jacket?

“Thank you Teacher Lin, thank you!” He didn’t wait for Lin Yusheng to ask questions. He Yujuan had retreated to the door with the package, as if in a hurry to leave, “It’s really disturbing you.”

“You don’t have to be polite, where do you need to help, although he said. Don’t sit for a while?” Lin Yusheng had to be as polite.

“No, I have something to do.” He Yujuan didn’t stay, and left with her package, as if something terrible was chasing her, mysterious.


Closing the door again, Lin Yusheng was full of suspicion. The unlocked wardrobe, He Yujuan, who was panicked, swollen parcels, and flickering words, all of them were unspeakable. At this time, he thought of a problem, how long did he live in this room? When did the girl named Juan’er move away? Why do you come to pick up things now?

Thinking of the accumulation of dust in the corridor and the window, Lin Yusheng felt that he was getting more and more unsatisfactory. It is best to ask Sister Shi, so as not to sleep at night.

The cabinet came out, and he habitually cleaned it up, until he could no longer touch a little dust inside and outside. But the cabinet that He Yujuan used him always made him doubtful, just like a little monster hidden in it. He repeatedly checked it many times, touched it on the inner wall with his fingers several times, and sniffed and smelled it with his nose. When he thought it was really nothing, his heart was more stable.

Later, Lin Yusheng moved a few uncommon home and put it in two empty cabinets. In this way, the shop was not so crowded. Half an hour later, Lin Yusheng finally scored a full score at his cleanup work. It was not too early. He decided to go to the restaurant to have dinner.

Before going out, he remembered that he couldn’t use the tools of Sister Shi, so he installed the cone, picked up the hammer, and reached out the door of the dormitory.

As soon as the door was opened, a screaming suddenly sounded, and he almost didn’t scare him out of his soul. When he settled the god, a closer look, there was a fat girl standing in the dark. The girl was frightened, and the facial features on her face twisted exaggeratedly because of fear. A pair of small eyes stared and stared at the hammer in Lin Yusheng’s hand.

“Ah, scared you? I’m sorry, I don’t know if you are outside the door.” Seeing the fat girl was frightened, Lin Yusheng was busy explaining, but ignored the hammer in his hand and still shaking in front of the girl’s eyes.

“No, no, nothing.” Fat girls said three words “no”, and they had not calmed down, and their eyes did not leave the hammer for a moment.

Seeing this, Lin Yusheng knew that his posture was not very friendly. He put down the hammer and asked, “Are you standing here, come to me?”

The fat girl nodded, wiped the cold sweat on the forehead, and asked timidly: “You are Teacher Lin?

Another “Teacher Shi” introduced. It’s not surprising that the fat girl’s words, but why did it come one after another, which was a bit unexpected.

Looking at the appearance of the visitor, Lin Yusheng remembered the name on the other cabinet door, “You … Have you lived here before?”

The fat girl nodded again, “I walked urgently when I moved, and I didn’t take it.”

Strange, the same words said from He Yujuan’s mouth not long ago. Although the girl used a different tone, the meaning was the same. However, the only locked cabinet door in the room has opened, will there be other places to put things?

“Please come in,” Lin Yusheng let the door open the door. Because the sky was dark, the light was on, “Your roommate just came, and he took his own things.”

“My roommate?” The fat girl opened her eyes again, looking at Lin Yusheng like a monster, “Are you not wrong?”

Seeing that the fat girl looked different, Lin Yusheng said: “Oh, a girl with a thin and thin girl, slightly higher than you.”

“Impossible, how could she come?” The fat girl suddenly called again, pushed Lin Yusheng, rushed straight to the wooden cabinet, and opened the door that was once belonged to He Yujuan.

In the face of the omnidirectional cabinet, the fat girl yelled in a series, “Oh, she was taken away, and she had been taken away by her! Oh, she …”

Lin Yusheng didn’t know why she was so anxious, so he had to ask: “Isn’t that He Yujuan’s things?”

“Of course, He Yujuan, of course.” The fat girl answered simply.

“That’s it, she just came to take her things, what’s wrong?”

“Of course wrong!” Fat girls suddenly settled Lin Yusheng, “Because that He Yujuan is not me, I am the one He Yujuan.”

“Ah? This …” Lin Yusheng didn’t understand it for a while, only feeling dizzy.

“Hey, I can’t tell you, anyway, this cabinet is mine, how can you let Bajie take my stuff!” Fat girls continued.

Eight precepts? Is the one who came just now was not “Juan Er”, it was “eight precepts”? “Eight Precepts” posing as “Juan Er” and took things that belonged to “Juan Er” in front of him?

So, fat girls are also called He Yujuan? The names of the two are the same. Lin Yusheng did not expect. Looking at the anxious “fat” He Yujuan, I wanted to explain it, but I couldn’t speak, so I had to comfort: “Don’t worry, the girl, the teacher, also asked her to come to me. There will be something. “

“What is the use? It’s too late!” Fat Yujuan shook her head angrily, turned around and rushed out of the room, and ran downstairs.


Standing in the dormitory, Lin Yusheng shook his head and sighed: Well, who am I recruiting? I just came to school, who knows who is you?

Despite his stomach, he decided to return the hammer and cone to Sister Shi first. By the way, he also asked the situation of the two students, so as not to cause greater misunderstandings.

When the light was turned off, when the door was locked, the corridor seemed to be even more darker. In the deep winter, it was dark early, and it was drowsy at less than 5:30. The sound control lights in the corridor had already failed, and I didn’t know when someone would come to repair it.

As soon as the door was locked, a rustling footsteps sounded from the ears again. Lin Yusheng was shocked, looking at the corners of the stairs, there were a few rays of lights that came from the fourth floor, and a small figure was turning to the stairs through the stairs. , Slowly climb to the sixth floor. Vaguely, the man seemed to have a heavy package in his hand. If it wasn’t for Lin Yusheng’s eyes, the package would still be twisted.

Lin Yusheng only felt sinking down, and cold sweat could not help but come out.

A little light illuminating his face at the moment when the figure turned around, it turned out to be a dry and old man. After a while, after a while, the shadow fell into the dark again and continued to climb to the sixth floor.

For a moment, Lin Yu was relieved and recognized that it was the old Zhao head of the teaching equipment in the department. He wanted to say hello, but did not make any sound. Who scares?

Thinking of this, the figure had merged into the darkness, upward, and disappeared outside the sight.

Sister Shi only said that the arrangement below the fourth floor was full, but she did not say that there were people who lived on the sixth floor.

It wasn’t until this time that he realized that his left hand kept holding the lock on the door, his palms were full of wet sweat, and he couldn’t help but smile bitterly, pinched the hammer, got up and walked downstairs.

But … what exactly is in the package? Maybe it’s really dazzling.


On the duty room on the first floor, when Lin Yusheng knocked on the door, Sister Shi was taking dinner on the electric porcelain stove while picking up the mobile phone.

“Okay, okay, I am preparing, the weather is cold, don’t get cold!” Sister Shi hung up the phone and looked full of joy. Seeing Lin Yusheng come in, he loudly asked: “Teacher Lin hasn’t gone yet Eat the cafeteria? “

“No, let me return your tools first.” Lin Yusheng put the hammer and cone on the table, thinking about the two girls, hesitated, and didn’t know how to speak.

“Is the lock open?” Sister Shi asked while stirring the millet porridge in the rice cooker.

Lin Yusheng froze. If the two He Yujuan appeared, it was reasonable to ask, but it would be strange to ask again now.

“Didn’t you introduce two students to find me?” Lin Yusheng asked.

“Two students? What are two students?” Sister Shi stopped stirring the spoon of rice porridge and glanced at Lin Yusheng in doubt, as if he had just said the last word.

“Yeah, there seems to be some contradictions between those two students. The key I came first, and said that you introduced it, I asked her to open the cabinet and take it away. I am … “

“Okay, that’s one that, I am dizzy, alas, now the young people, just open my eyes and talk nonsense.” “I didn’t introduce any students to find you.”

“What, but the two students said clearly that you asked them to find me?”

“Huh! Even if there are, I must sneak up with my banner. Don’t let me meet them in the future, otherwise I have to give them some colors!” Sister Shi suddenly pulled down her face, and the “happy color” just now has nothing to do. Stay, “What is their name? Which department is it?”

“They all said that they were called He Yujuan. I didn’t say which department …” Lin Yusheng told the truth.

“He Yujuan?” Before Lin Yusheng finished speaking, Sister Shi suddenly interrupted, “One fat and thin?”

“Yes. Two girls, the thin one looks thin; the fat one is short, the voice is very sharp.”

After listening to this, Sister Shi Da looked slightly changing, and said to himself, “Oh, by the way, they have lived 513 before, and they really lived …”

“They, is there any problem?”

“No, there is no problem.” Sister Shi shook her head, saw Lin Yusheng’s doubt, and explained: “They dare to carry me upstairs to find someone and lie. Children, I don’t understand the rules! “

After speaking, Sister Shi looked at Lin Yusheng, then picked up the hammer on the table, and stuffed it into his arms.

“Buried … Hammer?” Lin Yusheng held the hammer and was confused. I don’t know what Sister Shi meant.

“Don’t ask so much, go, don’t be buried in the college, go to the southeast, the farther from here, the better,” Sister Shi returned to the induction cooker, and shook it back, pushing Lin Yusheng to the door of the duty room, “Fortune -telling guys said that this hammer is not auspicious, go, hurry up for the eldest sister.”

In the case of this change, Lin Yusheng’s second monk couldn’t touch his head, and he stunned in the corridor for more than one minute. What fortune -telling guys, what is not auspicious or buried, it is really messy. The two “He Yujuan” hadn’t clarified it yet, and it was so bad about it. Today, I really hit the evil.


After leaving the duty room, Lin Yusheng did not bury the hammer according to Sister Shi, but returned to the dormitory and stuffed the hammer into the bed.

In the following two days, Lin Yusheng had no course according to the row. In addition to preparing lessons, he took time to clean up his dormitory. What happened that day almost had been forgotten, and it wasn’t until two days later that I felt something wrong. Several times after the dormitory duty room, she locked the door and did not see Sister Shi.

On the third day, there were finally people in the duty room, but it was not Sister Shi, but a thin little old man. If you look closely, he actually lives on the sixth floor and is the old Zhao head.

What about Sister Shi?

“That woman is really evil, and she is not working in a good job. I have to resign. Hey! Where can I find such a suitable job this year?” This meeting was not born, and he counted his predecessor while sucking the spicy cheap cigarettes.

“Resign?” Lin Yusheng was taken aback, “Yeah, the day before yesterday, why did she resign?”

“Said that it was bad, hum! Just her body, the four strong men couldn’t pull her. If she was not good, my old man should have entered the coffin long ago.”

Is Sister Shi’s resignation related to what night? Isn’t it just that the two students took something privately? Why do you give up?

“Sister Shi is really something wrong.” Lin Yusheng said to herself, thinking of the hammer, “Is there any weird?”

Lao Zhao raised his eyes, “What hammer?”

“Well, I borrowed Sister Shi’s hammer. I planned to pry the cabinet to lock it, but a student went to pick up things, opened the cabinet, and no longer had to pry. Buried, what is said to have a hexagram say it is not auspicious … “

“Ah,” Lao Zhao’s head heard this, his expression became nervous, “This mother -in -law still keeps the hammer now? Really deserved! Don’t listen to my persuasion, huh!”

Lin Yusheng was shocked, “You … you …”

Lao Zhao’s head was cigarette, “It’s not a ‘skewen’, it is a” fortune -telling guy ‘, the mother -in -law called my nickname. “

“Ah, you … you are …” Lin Yusheng supported me for a long time, and I didn’t know how to ask.

“唉,只是个外号,早年我爱凑热闹,经常给身边的人看看手相什么的,只当着玩玩。”老赵头说到这里,忽然话锋一转,面色严重道:“不过, That hammer has nothing to do with fortune -telling. “

Lin Yusheng feels that the question has reached the key. He asked, “Is there any strange hammer?”

“No weird, hammer is a hammer, what weird can there be?”

“So, why did Sister Shi want me to bury it? And designated in the southeast direction, the secret of God.”

Lao Zhao groaned, “Nonsense, the southeast is close to the suburbs, so you can’t bury it to the city center!”

Lin Yusheng scratched his head, “Oh, since the hammer is a hammer, there is no mystery, so why must I bury it?”

Lao Zhao’s head was silent for a while and lowered his voice, “You just came here, you don’t know what happened, the hammer she lent to you …” Speaking of which, Lao Zhao stopped talking.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Yusheng hurriedly asked.

Lao Zhao didn’t speak, and he took a few sips of cigarettes first, and then said slowly, “It’s a weapon.”

Lin Yusheng was stunned, and he could not help but sweat, and he widened his eyes involuntarily.

Lao Zhao’s head suddenly laughed. “Well, you want to be bad. The mother -in -law looked hot. In fact, the heart was very soft. Usually, even the flies could not bear to fight, so as not to do murder.”

“But why did the hammer become a ‘weapon’?”

“Well, it’s long. When this building was still a girl’s dormitory, something happened. Although there were not many people who knew this, it was troublesome. , I have not fulfilled my responsibility. After the incident, I want to cover up but still leak the wind, the result … “

“Wait a minute,” Lin Yusheng couldn’t understand, and interrupted the words of Lao Zhao’s head, “What is the” one thing “?”

“Well, it is a scandal, alas.” Lao Zhao sighed, pressed the smoke butt, and then clicked one, and slowly pumped it.

Seeing that the old man was not finished, he had no following, and Lin Yusheng had to ask: “You go all to say, what ugly thing is it? Why is it” troubles’? “

Lao Zhao glanced at Lin Yusheng, did not have a cavity, and sucked enough smoke for a minute. It wasn’t until he sighed that he had to shed it again, and then said slowly, “A male student and a female student engage in objects.”

“Well, why is it a big deal?” Lin Yu was relieved, and he was commonplace on the university campus. Now he can do it even if he has a wedding certificate. The old man still takes this kind of thing to scare this kind of thing. Although he was dissatisfied, Lin Yusheng still maintained politeness.

“You don’t know, it’s not that simple.” Lao Zhao’s head squinting with Lin Yusheng, saying one word by word, “Love and fall in love, you can’t make a lives!”

“Life?!” Lin Yusheng was shocked again. Hammer, love, girls, hammer … the pictures of the murderous scene in the movie could not help but show up.

Lao Zhao smiled, and said helplessly: “Well, forget it, it has been so many years anyway, and it is nothing to tell you. If it was twenty years ago, I dare not talk casually.”

“Oh, it’s been 20 years, and something has been a long time ago. However, it is really serious enough. They two … who killed?”

“The two of them … no one kills anyone.”

“How is it called‘ out of life ’?”

“Well …” Lao Zhao sighed and continued: “… just made a child.”

“Lao Zhao, don’t be happy with me.” Lin Yusheng straightened up and planned to end this boring topic. “If you want to find someone to chat, I have no time to accompany you!” Go upstairs. This kind of unmarried pregnancy is still a topic twenty years ago, and it has not been fresh long now.

As soon as I turned around, the voice of Lao Zhao’s head came out of the small window of the duty room. “The child is miserable, alas … too miserable …” The sound sounded full of regret, unlike the pretending.

Well, this sentence pulled Lin Yusheng back again. He simply entered the duty room, pulled the chair to sit next to Lao Zhao’s head, frowned, looked straight at him, and asked coldly: “That What happened to the child? “

“Dead, alas … the child fucking, a girl’s house, pity, crying as just coming out of the water, everyone in the whole building heard it.”

Hearing this, Lin Yusheng still looked straight at Lao Zhao’s head, but he was no longer “cold”, but “dull”. Lin Yusheng stayed for a moment and hesitated: “This matter is in this dormitory building?”

“In a dormitory on the fifth floor.”

“The fifth floor?” Lin Yusheng shocked, and the fifth -floor corridor appeared in front of him -there had been a child there. For him, this is more dirty than the clothes, and there is dust on the ground. “How do you die?”

“Those who were killed alive with a hammer, wrapped it in a white down jacket, and hidden in the dormitory cabinet.” Old Zhao’s head was chosen, no matter not. “Well, unfortunately, when the child died, he was still a baby who was not full.”

“Oh!” Lin Yusheng screamed secretly, and the tragic baby was hidden in the cabinet by a down jacket? Inadvertently, he remembered the package taken out from the cabinet the day before yesterday. In the package, it is obviously a white down jacket. Isn’t it so coincidental?

Lao Zhao’s head didn’t pay attention to Lin Yusheng’s look change, and continued: “The dead babies in the cabinet were discovered by Sister Shi. At that time, she was still young. Although her temper was not small, she was still scared. Finally, I went to report the case. The police came to check, and the two girls living in the dormitory had long been seen. “

“Who killed the child?” Lin Yusheng asked.

“It is the girl who fucks the same dormitory with the child.”

“Ah? Did the police catch her?”

“No. Listening to someone said that the girl was strangled to death without waiting for her to find her. The one who strangled her was the one who lost her child. Later, the other girl was sentenced to death. It’s really sad!”

Lin Yusheng wiped his face heavy, and the floor where he lived had such terrible things. This is not a pleasant news.

“Since that incident, girls have no longer willing to live in this building again. Later, this was changed to a male teacher dormitory. The man was bold and regardless of so much.” Lao Zhao’s head frowned. , Wrinkles are fine.

There is sufficient heating in the duty room and not cold, but Lin Yusheng’s back still has a layer of goosebumps. Although it was changed to a teacher’s dormitory, the fifth floor was always empty, and even the old Zhao Tou would rather live on the sixth floor. It can be seen how profound the impact on this matter. No wonder the channel in the corridor is full of dust, no one cares. However, Sister Shi Shi arranged him on the fifth floor.

Although Lin Yusheng was unhappy and uncomfortable, he was not completely unacceptable. After all, things have passed for two decades and have long become the past. After fixed, he said, “What happened, why is this … why?”

“Well, those young people in their twenties have taken their feelings too much.” Lao Zhao nodded again and continued to recall the past. “The dormitory used to live in two girls. One was tall and tall. Bai Jing, a short and fat, but fell in love with a handsome boy. However, the boy likes the short and fat, haha, it must be right. Do you say yes? “

Lin Yusheng did not answer, but his heart was hanging. Two girls were tall and short, thin and fat, and appeared two days ago, and it was still in his room.

Lao Zhao snorted and continued: “Is it easy to get pregnant in October? The fat girl later conceived to the child. A girl’s house covered all day and concealed all day, neither dare to go home, nor dare to go to class. Later, The belly is big, and she can only hide in the dormitory to pretend to be sick. The boy is too not something. Since she is pregnant, she rarely talks to the girl. Slowly gets up, and it is hot for a while. Hey, it’s really not a thing! “

Lin Yusheng swallowed his saliva. Although Lao Zhao head talked hard, he had only the corridor of the five -story dormitory he was living in front of him, dim dirty, dull, and died. Unmarried first pregnancy, triangular love, rejection of rejection … Baby, all this chaos has happened there? He really didn’t know if he should ask for a place to live.

“That beautiful girl was gloating at first, and on the surface she took care of her affectionate rival, I was afraid that the bigger the belly in her heart, the bigger the person, the bigger the person who had a big deal on her. If the school knew it, it would definitely be fired. later……”

“How happened later?” Lin Yusheng asked.

“Later … the time arrived, the child was going to give birth, it was a child. The boy … that is, the child and his father. After seeing the child at first glance, he couldn’t bear to lose it. Where is the flesh! “

“Oh, this is also a conscience discovery, the prodigal son turns back!” Lin Yusheng sighed.

“After fighting there, the boy came to see the child three times and five times, and he secretly came in with Shi Da girl. After catching it, he did not scold her. , I can finally hide it anymore. “

“Let the school know?” Although Lao Zhao head talked about the past many years ago, Lin Yusheng squeezed sweat for the unmarried parents. After all, in that year, this kind of thing is not easy to be accepted.

“No, the school didn’t know at that time, and even the elder sister Shi didn’t notice it. However, it was not a matter to be hidden in the dormitory. The child’s parents discussed the children secretly taking it out of the school. Beautiful girls have been left out, knowing that their people will never love themselves anymore. Although there are still calm on the surface, their hearts have fallen into the sea. “

“She … just got a poisonous hand to the child?” Lin Yusheng took a breath, and his heart seemed to be a tight strings, as if he was broken.

“Well, the night before the pair was about to take the child to leave …” Lao Zhao stopped, thinking for a moment, and then said, “Well, that is also a winter evening, just six o’clock, while the child took advantage of the child, while the child took advantage of the child, the child took advantage of the child. His parents went to the cafeteria for dinner. The child looked at the beautiful girl as usual, but she came to the duty room, and found the big sister Shi to borrow the hammer, and went back to the 513 dormitory … “


Lin Yusheng’s heart trembled suddenly, and the case of killing the baby happened in 513. The baby body was wrapped in a white down jacket and hidden in the cabinet. However, just two days ago, there were two girls tall and short. Two girls came to 513 to pick up things. They seemed to think that the package in the cabinet was very important. What’s more terrible was that the package was a white down jacket. Moreover, Sister Shi, who has always been serious and responsible, did not see them go upstairs. It was incredible.

Is the two girls who used to live in 513? No, it has been in the past twenty years. They should be at least 30 or 40 years old. They must not be so small unless …

“Lao Zhao, what are the names you who said the two girls?” Lin Yusheng asked, hoping that Lao Zhao’s answer could make him last comfort.

“It’s very good, the name of the two is the same,” the voice of Lao Zhao’s head is empty, as if a page of old newspapers a many years ago, bland, “Well … I remember, it seems to be called … He Yujuan.”

He Yujuan, two girls who had been in the world due to emotional entanglement twenty years ago.

Lin Yusheng’s head buzzed and could no longer insist. Sister Shi told him to bury the hammer, saying that the thing was not auspicious, and he resigned in a blink of an eye. It seems that she must be scared.

“… And, I still know that one of their nicknames is called ‘Juan’er’, and the other is called” Eight Precepts “. Guess which one is it called Juan’er and which one is the eight precepts?” In the case, Lao Zhao head looked at Lin Yusheng in a challenge, ready to listen to his guess.

“Right, sorry, I should go!” Lin Yusheng knew which one was “Juan’er” and which one was called “Eight Rings”. However, he ignored the test questions of Lao Zhao’s head, panicked, and opened the door of the duty room, almost fell out of the door.

“Teacher Lin, you … are you okay?” Seeing Lin Yusheng’s expression changed, Lao Zhao head asked differently.


One year later, Lin Yusheng met Sister Shi on the streets of another city. Soon after the greetings, Sister Shi asked why he suddenly left the school. When Lin Yusheng told the truth, he still couldn’t help but sweat.

“There must be ghosts in that dormitory. You said, can I not leave immediately when I live in such a dormitory? I was scared to death!” Lin Yusheng wiped his forehead and said.

Sister Shi first looked at Lin Yusheng in surprise, and then laughed, causing people to watch the streets. “The fortune -telling guy who killed the day, he said you are sensitive, and you can’t live with me on the fifth floor. God, he really made him do it, but I didn’t expect you to lose your job because of this! “

Lin Yusheng was surprised again, “What do you mean?”

“Well, that old thing is born with love. I said that you are stable and mature, and he said that you are sensitive and careful. In those days, my daughter -in -law produced, and he took the leave to see his grandson while I asked for leave. You are still serious! “

“Ah? Go home to see grandson, do you not resign?”

“No, the duty guy is looking forward to the resignation of me, so I call him to replace it, hum, don’t think about it!”

“But, isn’t the two girls a ghost of He Yujuan?”

“There are any ghosts, they are at school students, and they are indeed called He Yujuan, because the girl dormitory was nervous in that time. The two of them lived in 513 for a year, and they were moved away for less than a month. When they went upstairs that day, I went upstairs. It happened that they went up to find you with my guise. Later, I was afraid that you would misunderstand and said to me to be modest to me, saying that they should not be hidden for a down jacket for a coincidence.

“The triangle love that happened in the 513 dormitory twenty years ago, the baby was killed, and nothing happened in the cabinet?” Lin Yusheng was really unacceptable and asked with a stalk with his neck.

“Nothing at all, alas, do you believe in a few nonsense?” Sister Shi was disdainful.

“However, I still don’t understand. How can I know that the two He Yujuan left something in Room 513 in Room 513?”

“Oh, Lao Zhao head said that he went downstairs to buy rabbits that afternoon. I just met Bajie to go to find you … Oh, that’s the nickname of He Yujuan. She often listened to the story of Lao Zhao’s head. What do you say? I didn’t expect him to be used to bet. “

“All of this is just to … bet?” Lin Yusheng couldn’t believe his ears, his eyes were almost glaring, and then asked, “Since there is no homicide, why do you let me bury the hammer? ? “

“The hammer is from the old Zhao head. He loves rabbit meat. Every time he buys a living rabbit, he uses the hammer to smash the rabbit head. Once I used to borrow his hammer, and when he was smashing the rabbit again, he persuaded him The accumulation of virtues, the people are so old, how old is the old killing? It’s not so cruel to slaughter the rabbit! He also listened to persuasion, so he told me to throw it out and say what to bury the king of Yan Luo in the southeast direction. I can’t see it. The night when you were still hammered, I just answered my son’s phone call and said that the daughter -in -law was going to have a child. I thought, the happy event came, and the hammer couldn’t keep it. Just if you borrowed that again For the hammer, I will entrust the buried hammer to you. “

Lin Yusheng was stunned and couldn’t say a word.

Sister Shi was talking about Lin Yusheng’s embarrassment. “Well, you left without saying hello and greeted. No wonder the tense told me later that he felt sorry for you. I never saw you again, I couldn’t inquire, so you came to this city. What are you busy recently? “

Lin Yusheng didn’t know what to say. After a long time, her face changed her face, and she didn’t say a word.

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