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I want to make desserts, I don’t know how to decorate it? Tips get up

I want to make desserts, I don’t know how to decorate it? Tips get up

Why are the small desserts in the window always selling so expensive? Because it is the existence of coexistence of face value and deliciousness, it feels like it is “expensive at first glance”, so it is important to learn dessert decorative skills. Today, let’s talk about how to use the expression of the dot -wire facade to decorate desserts?

Dot, line, noodles, and body in dessert decoration

Points, including rules and random points, use powder, cream, fruit, fruit, fruit, nuts, biscuits, cream (frost).

Line, including noodles, three -dimensional lines, pink, cream, chocolate, syrup/cream, cream (frost), sugar, etc.

Noodles, including the surface of the cake (top surface, side), more powder, cream (frost), chocolate coating to express the point, the surface of the line, etc.

The body refers to the three -dimensional space of the cake. It uses chocolate parts, sugar, fondant, etc. to create three -dimensional, increasing the space, exquisite and imaginative.

Common points, lines, noodles, and performance techniques

01. Powder

Tools: net screening, ruler, logo card

Mainly matcha powder, cocoa powder, moisture -proof sugar powder, etc.

Powder can increase color, joy, dynamic beauty. White sugar is a wild model, sprinkled with sugar powder slightly on the bright surface, which will be too lively. Green matcha, fresh and pleasant. Cocoa powder increases the texture and thickness. Several types of powder can also be combined with a variety of, such as sieve sugar powder on cocoa powder, which is more cute and playful.

Part of the powder: In contrast to the place where sugar -free powder is formed to enhance the movement of the rhythm.

Sprinkle of the edges: Highlight the edge, make the cake shape more conspicuous, and there will be three -dimensional feel after some decorations in the center.

Completely sprinkle powder: combine with more ways to increase the level and dream.

02, sandblasting

Tools: sandblast gun/spray gun

First of all, the spray of this is not a powder, but a liquid, a liquid that is mixed with chocolate and cocoa and cocoa and cocoa and cocoa butter.

Before spraying, let the cake freeze and reduce the surface temperature. When the chocolate and cocoa mixture are sprayed, it will quickly condense into small particles. After continuously spraying until the entire surface is covered, the effect of a layer of fluff is present, the layering is clear, and the overall effect is more dreamy than the sieve powder.

03. Plane decoration

Tools: wipe the knife

There are some coverage and complete coverage. Geely and chocolate are commonly used mirror coagulation materials, which can be added according to the needs.

Mirror pectin is a raw material that can be eaten directly. If the color is not bright enough, the pigment can be added.

How to find a suitable temperature and state is to need skills and experience: Use the back of the spoon to get the pint and observe the coverage state. If the coverage effect can achieve the back of the spoon or thick The good state of the face and record the temperature of this state. The next time it is used to heat it up to the temperature, it can be used directly. If the liquidity is too strong, the spoon cannot be hung. High, you need to continue to cool down. If too thick, it means that the temperature is too low.

04, coating

Tools: wipe knife/scraper

Noodles include Gann Xu, jam, fruit, etc.

As a top surface decorative coating, Gana Xu has a pure chocolate flavor, and the luster is not obvious. The opera house is a more classic Ghana Xu coating decoration. The jams and puree have all kinds of colors and fragrance. But the color and texture have their own characteristics.

05, cream (filling)

Tools: decorative bag+decorative mouth

The frequency of cream in French dessert decoration is not as good as before, but because of the height of cream, it still makes it active in commercial cakes, but the expression method is no longer limited to simple pigmentation, decorative, and noodles.

Cream filling decoration

The cream filling made of radiant cream, butter, cheese, etc. is commonly used in dessert making, but for the cream filling with suitable texture, it can also be manifested on the surface of the dessert by decorating the mouth.

06. Fruit

The diversity of fruits itself provides a lot of possibilities for cake decoration. Most fruits can achieve different effects by carving, folding, and accumulating.

Brushing mirroring pectin on the fruit can prevent the fruit from dehydrating, drying, and unchanging color, but also make the fruit shiny.

07, Fangtun Sugar/Fangton frosting, caramel

Fangdon sugar: milky white. Boil sugar, glutinous slurry and a small amount of water to 140 ° C, pour it on a marble, and shovel back and forth with a shovel until it forms a crystal white sugar. Porttera syrup is an important material for Fangton’s frosting. It adds to the softness, viscosity and consistency of Fangtontan sugar.

Fangton’s frosting: The production of Fangton frosting is made from mixed with sugar sugar water. The amount of water depends on the thickness of the frosting, mainly to achieve the state of desired.

08, caramel decoration

Decoration is brown. Camer and water are boiled into pulp. The temperature is generally above 165 ° C, and bitterness will appear more than 180 ° C. The fragrance, color, and thickness of different temperatures are different, and you must grasp it yourself. Caramel has different forms in the decoration, which can be sugar tablets, sugar shreds, etc.

09. Chocolate decoration parts

After the chocolate is adjusted, various patterns or shapes made by using pressure molds, shovels and other tools on marble are a more commonly used decorative method in dessert production. Common chocolate parts include chocolate tablets, chocolate fences, etc.

10, petals, grass leaves and other decorations

Petal and grass leaves are also used in dessert decoration. Mint leaves, rose petals, and three -color pupae are commonly used. This type of decorative objects will not be used in large quantities, mainly to neutralize the surface color, make the color balance, or echo the theme of the cake.

11. Craft decoration parts

In traditional French dessert production, in addition to strict requirements for basic technologies, there are also high requirements for food technology, such as the sugar technology, chocolate process, and fondant technology. There are more and more ways to combine such decoration and desserts, and the technical requirements for producers are relatively high. Have you mastered these decorative techniques? You can try it next time you make desserts ~

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