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Introduction to the Principle/Method of Principles/Methods

Introduction to the Principle/Method of Principles/Methods

Anti -pine nut is a common anti -pine fastener. Usually use friction and resistance to achieve anti -loose effects. Of course, it is not the only way. Today, I will introduce the methods and principles of 4 anti -pine nuts.

1. Fricate and anti -pine

Fricate anti -pine is the most widely used anti -pine method. The principle is to use the pressure generated between the locking nut to produce the friction that can prevent the relatively rotating nuts of the locking nut, thereby preventing the effect of preventing looseness. It represents self -locking nuts, double nuts, and so on.

2. Mechanical anti -pine

The so -called mechanical anti -pine is achieved using the relative rotation of the lock -up brake to directly restrict the relative rotation of the lock nut. For example, our common stopping ring is implemented by using this principle.

3, riveting anti -pine

Riveting pine is an insecure connection by riveting point, welding, adhesion and other methods to make the locking nut loses the sub -special characteristics of the motion. However, this method has defects that cannot be ignored. Not only can the bolt can only be used once, but it is also difficult to remove it. It needs to destroy the bolt to disassemble.

4. Constructive anti -pine

The constructed anti -pine is also called the Tang family to lock the nut to prevent loosening, which uses the characteristics of the thread itself to achieve anti -pine. The two types of spiral wires are composed of the same thread segment from the left rotor and right rotation. They have both the characteristics of the left rotor thread and the characteristics of the right rotary thread. They can be matched with the left -hand threads and the right rotary thread.

The above is the introduction of the four anti -pine methods of anti -pine nuts. I hope it will be helpful to everyone! More information follows the public account No. 1, or go to our website to view.

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