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This garbage around you, China Baowu helps you to share

This garbage around you, China Baowu helps you to share

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Recently, “Changan Twelve hours” hit the hit

Think of the recent implementation of Shanghai

The strictest garbage classification standard in history

Editor of SHA Ming (SHA)

Come to divide the food in the play

Crystal persimmon skin is wet garbage

Wood straws recycled

Eat the leftovers of water basin to remove the soup first

The remaining food residue belongs to wet garbage

Life is not easy.

Open your daily life like this

In the evening: Eat or not eat

Eat at home

Just start thinking about life:

The big bones of the chicken should be placed in dry garbage

Small bone heads, fish thorn and other damp garbage

In order to reduce the production of wet garbage

It is best to count the daily amount of food

Eat it every day

It is estimated to lose weight

Because I can’t eat enough every day


: The dispute over the leaves

Divide the newspapers and beverage bottles

Go out with recyclable, dry and wet garbage

Uncle Uncle next door

Speak from the elevator to the door of the trash can

Listen carefully

It turns out that the rice dumplings are finished

Dry leaves are dry garbage or wet garbage …

Isn’t it a plant?

Isn’t it rotten?

In fact, the most worried is

There is time limit for throwing garbage

People who have downgraded people are not free to throw garbage

In the future, I have to ask for a leave with the leader:

I want to go home earlier and throw garbage


: What are you “garbage”

Carrying dry and wet garbage

I rushed out early in the morning

Next to the community trash can at this time

A lively scene

Everyone holds various garbage greetings

“Early, what are you ‘garbage’?”

Dry the garbage directly throw the barrel

Wet garbage still has to break the bag

Throw the wrong fine


Raise posture

Listen to radio on the way to work

“Wet waste can be generated after treatment”

Emma, ​​it really is the legendary– like that–

Waste is a resource in the wrong place

What is spicy, the steel factory where Xiaobian is located

What can I do for garbage classification

According to the introduction of steel factory personnel

Waste iron -containing products in life

Recycled use becomes a valuable resource

Take a look–

Steel -prone can

Home appliance steel shell



Iron pot

Scrap car

Even the “waste paint barrel” in harmful waste

Chinese Baowu can also become waste into treasure

In recent years

Baosteel Co., Ltd. actively fulfills social responsibility

Small social waste paint bucket return production and utilization

Solved a major problem in Shanghai

In addition to eliminating domestic garbage

The industrial garbage of the Steel Factory itself

Chinese Baowu also continuously practiced

Environmental protection

For industrial garbage and domestic waste

Classification and sorting management

A comprehensive treatment of environmental protection for garbage

Industrial garbage: objects to gather

In order to regulate the recycling of industrial waste classification

Baosteel Co., Ltd. and other units

Arranged at the scene

Betting color trash can

Metal recycling box

Except for some spare parts, middle blank and other metal products, the remaining metal recyclables should be placed in a fixed area, and the remaining metal recyclables should be placed in the on -site metal recycling box. The common metal trash can at the scene is a green iron bucket.

Solid waste trash can

Solid waste trash cans are “solid waste bins” we often say, and the common solid waste bins that are common at the scene are yellow iron buckets. It is a trash can collect industrial solid waste.

Dangerous waste trash can

It is a trash that is used to collect harmful to the human body or environment. At the scene, it was a white plastic barrel. Among them, only oil -containing wire, waste cloth, waste gloves, non -metal maintenance garbage, etc. can be thrown in a white plastic barrel; other waste should be fixed management in accordance with relevant regulations.

Domestic garbage: marks

Shao Gang and other units according to the density of domestic waste

Set in some areas

Intelligent recycling device of garbage

You can get the corresponding points if you put the garbage correctly

Have a way

Just work hard

Garbage can “transform”

City together

Do environmental protection

Don’t let the earth wandering! See how Chinese Baowu “disk” TA

To endorse Chinese Baowu, this environment is bright!



Chen Lixin, part of the video screenshot, “Baosteel Co., the hot -rolled factory E Qixin”


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