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More possibilities for home -IKEA Furniture Buying Guide

More possibilities for home -IKEA Furniture Buying Guide

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IKEA’s products are always very controversial. Some people say that it is cheap and easy to use, and some people say that it has average quality, transparent price, transparent material, and of course transparent backplanes.

Most of the purchasing strategies that can be found at present are in the matching of IKEA and small items worth buying. I also find a black spot for friends who don’t like IKEA furniture. This article does not include the evaluation of the appearance of the furniture. Radish and green vegetables have their own love. I just start from the perspective of avoiding the pit to help everyone choose a relatively durable furniture.

This article summarizes and analyzes IKEA’s furniture during my purchase and use. Because the content is too wide, there is inevitable omissions. I hope that more professional and value friends will give guidance, and IKEA’s product line is constantly updated. I will share with you a purchase idea, not the recommendation of the product. If there is a better design in the later period, I will add it in this article. This article is divided into 6 parts. Please check it on demand after collection. (PS: Except for special explanations in this article, all from the official website of IKEA)

Table of contents:

1. IKEA status quo and product analysis

Second, the principle of connection of IKEA furniture

Third, IKEA furniture purchase points

Fourth, IKEA furniture product review

Fifth, IKEA furniture recommendation list

Six, conclusion

IKEA has a total of 355 shopping malls in 29 regions, with an annual number of visitors of 817 million times and 110 million members, with a total of more than 9,500 species (data comes from the 2017 summary of the IKEA Group).

In January 2018, IKEA issued a home life report in 2017. Don’t underestimate this survey report. IKEA’s status in the industry. This IKEA report can also be said to be the needs of people around the world for home demand. Analyze this. The report can also make our home more fashionable and follow the trend. IKEA proposed the four dimensions of items, relationships, positions, and space in 2016. The 2017 home life report studied the interaction of the four dimensions. According to Amen The interaction proposes five contradictions, 1. Why do we prefer to organize items in order, rather than completely simplifying discarding? 2. How to coordinate personal space and items in the shared space; 3. Actively explore and let the heart go home; 4. Find the balance point of using technology products at home; 5. How to have an advanced and convenient home?

In 2018, IKEA focuses on storage and sorting and making home more possibilities. Compared with the focus of last year in the restaurant, this year’s attention came to the living room. You can see that IKEA launched the 700 new products in 2018. The living room in the living room in the living room in 2018, the living room, the living room in the living room. The new products account for 150 pieces, most of which are storage cabinets, including new products and supplements to the original series of products. , Use cushion, cushion cover, curtains, bed sheets, etc. The easy -to -change textiles to achieve more possibility of home.

IKEA furniture belongs to the plate structure. Solid wood furniture and plate furniture each have their own advantages and disadvantages. As an example of pine wood adopted by IKEA, the short pine wood is not suitable for furniture due to its own softness, but it is made into a particle board after breaking it. Not only The price has been reduced and it is even more strong. Here is not too much discussion on the environmental protection of board furniture. Since IKEA is selected, it is believed to believe it. It is worth noting that plate furniture is the product of industrialization. With its own specifications, the quality of the furniture that each consumer buys is similar, and the mass production price is low, which also confirms the “economic affordable” of IKEA’s business philosophy, because most consumers (including myself) How can furniture be used in the concept of consumption? When I was a kid, the five -fighting cabinet at home, if it wasn’t because it could not match the modern decoration style, how could it throw away? Therefore, IKEA’s furniture is not strong enough by many people. The purpose of this article is here to help everyone choose the relatively strong and durable furniture.

First of all, it is necessary to clarify the truth. Whether the board furniture is strong or not, the assembly accounts for a large proportion.

There are several ways to connect to board furniture:

(1) Three -in -one connection

Three -in -one consisting of three parts: Sanhe, one equivalent to the nails and slot structures in traditional woodworking. They are eccentric heads (also known as biased nuts, eccentric wheels, eccentric parts, etc.), connecting rods (bolts), embedded nuts (commonly known as plastic particles) for embedded nuts (commonly known as plastic particles). The advantages of the three -in -one connection are as follows:

1. Hurry nut: reinforcement dedicated; connection rod: connection dedicated; eccentric head: solve the problem of locking between boards. Three -in -one connection of the combination of bolt, bolt, and eccentricity combination are firm.

2. Three -in -one connection can be disassembled multiple times. This is also one of the advantages of board furniture.

3. Hidden, no three -in -one connection can be seen from the outside.

4. Three -in -one connection to reduce the use of adhesives. More environmentally friendly.

(2) Two -in -one connection (IKEA mostly adopts a solution)

The lack of buried nuts, the stability is lower than the three -in -one. When the IKEA’s board furniture uses the two -in -one connection, the round wood sales are added for assistance to ensure stability.

(3) Four -in -one connection

The installation form of the eccentric wheel to the screw+nut has further improved the degree of firmness. Unfortunately, the difficulty of installation has also been improved.

Most IKEA uses the method of two -in -one connection with round wood sales positioning. It reduces the cost for IKEA and reduces the difficulty of installation for users. However, the defect is also reduced. The product has a product with buried nuts, such as the four holes in the four holes of this stool seat cushion in the four holes of the Nomara dining chair (product number: 303.733.62).

Finally to the key to this article, how to buy IKEA furniture products? How to ensure that the price is appropriate and strong and durable? Personally, I think that choosing Iya furniture can “go four steps”:

(1) Look at the price

The principle of a penny and one penny is common at any time. For example, the Fero dual bed frame 150*200 (product number: 903.543.70), the price: 349 yuan, 300 yuan double bed, as long as the bed will not, it will not be Even if you picked up a 100 million


2) Look at the material

, IKEA is still conscience. What materials are not concealed, so you need to check the resources and environment labels in the product page before buying. The furniture of filler, give an example Beida audiovisual storage combination (product number: 791.859.44) Price: 3139 yuan, top plate/ bottom plate/ side plate/ separator: particle board, honeycomb -shaped environmentally friendly paper filler, this material will be It appears in multiple series of furniture in IKEA, please do it carefully when buying.


Look at the weight

, The product page is really a good thing. If you don’t mind the material, you want to determine whether it is strong (although it is not reliable), you can compare the assembly instructions and packaging details on the product page. You can check the weight of each product. In this example, the Feio double bed rack of many shots was 150*200 (product number: 903.543.70), weighing 14.6 kg, Malm high bed rack 150*200 (product number: 790.273.89), weighing 45 kg.

(4) Read the assembly manual

After most people come home, they start to read the assembly manual. In fact, look at the assembly instructions of your favorite furniture before buying, which can be more helpful to determine whether this furniture is strong. Whether you can install it yourself. For example Mak high -box gas pressure bed (product goods number 602.749.21), price 2999, Kajiaton high box gas bed (product number: 903.302.18), price 3999 The hydraulic gas support has been pre -installed before leaving the factory. The alloying beds are formed in one time, and the ribs are assembled. As long as 6 screws are fixed on the bed rack. The alloy bed rack requires 5 frames+8 screw assembly, and the ribs need to install 34 wooden strips on the alloy bed frame. The increase in accessories and workloads has a great impact on the effect of the final finished bed.

The firmness of board furniture is positive to the level of assembly. The level of the installation master is uneven, which has also led to consumers mixed evaluations of IKEA. Under the premise of weight, please try to choose less component furniture to ensure the installation effect.

After introducing the “Four Step Walk” strategy, I started to enter the actual combat stage. I will list some IKEA products below to explain it. Valuable friends will refer to it, but because the product is too complicated, I can’t get everything. It is the true meaning of IKEA.

1. bedroom article:

IKEA’s bedroom furniture introduction bed and bedroom storage two categories. Among them, the category of bed contains bed racks and bedside tables. The bedroom storage contains wardrobes and drawers. Amm. ((

Special Note:

Among IKEA’s bedroom furniture, the mattress provides 25 years of quality insurance, the electric bed rack provides 5 years of warranty, and the Pooker wardrobe provides 10 years of warranty. You can rest assured to buy these types of products with confidence in IKEA.

Be sure to keep a small ticket for shopping, this is the main certificate of return replacement


(1) bed rack:

IKEA’s beds can be roughly divided into two types: bed leg support, bedside board and bed plate support:

The form of bed racks is divided into two types of beds and steel bed frames. Except for high -box pneumatic beds, most beds use Scova beds.

However, there are two different fixed forms under the premise of the Stockwa bed, which are divided into 4 points and fixing at 2 points.

The name criticism is fixed at 2 o’clock, and the mattress is not fixed enough to the two side plates.

Fortunately, most of IKEA’s beds are fixed at 4 points as shown in the figure below to ensure that the side plates are stable, and they can also support the sheets.

Strong level:

Steel bed rack> Fixed at 4 o’clock in the bed> 2 points in the bed are fixed,

During the purchase process, it can be identified through the instructions.

Special structural bed rack:

Feio bed

The price of 90*200 single beds is 249 yuan, and there is no bed, but the small size does not have a small impact on stability. The price of the same size of the Lurui bed shelf is 150 yuan, and the price of the entire bed is 399. The price of the entire bed is 399. Yuan, the degree of solidity is still matched with 400 yuan, but after 150*200 Fei, after the size increased, one middle support rod and three medium -supported legs were added in the middle At this time, it is a great chance when moving on the left and right when moving left and right, which will cause the middle support rod to break.

Looking at this fragile mid -supporting rod, IKEA also warned in the installation manual, but it is better to avoid pit.

Yu Tocker Bed

The official website parameter single bed size 83*205, friends around you imitate the structure of the bed with the beyl wood DIY this bed, you can disassemble and fight into a double bed. The IKEA bed uses pine wood. When the board is fixed, only two enhanced reinforcements are used. Long -term use may deform, and it is not recommended to buy.

Sit and lie on two beds

The two beds represented by Hannis and Bailing, the evaluation is also polarized. From a solid perspective, when the single -player model is solid, the gap between the bed and plate strip is small, the double mode needs to be needed, and the double mode needs to be needed. Time test, but because this kind of bed is too niche and most of the population is used by single -player mode, it is recommended to value friends with special needs.

Elevated beds and double beds

The demand for this type of bed is more special. In terms of solidity, children are used by children


It is the strongest, because it adopts the old -fashioned board bed frame. Each screw is fixed with 2 screws, and it is fixed by the male and female screws to ensure that the strip is not destroyed during installation.

Other products have no experience in buying and installation, and do not make too many evaluations. I hope that there are friends who are in use to talk about durability.



I am the least recommended to get out of bed. This kind of product that is not fine in everything is the most notable in the purchase process.

The two use models seem to be good. In fact, in the process of modification, it is not like

Yu Tochls the same

Simply take down the bed with two beds, but need to be re -assembled, because in order to ensure the space of the pavement when going to bed, it uses the two bedside as the support of the lower shop, and the end of the two beds is at the end of the two beds. It is the support of the upper shop. The double -bed mode is re -arranged in the bed+additional storage ladder and guardrails, which has greatly reduced practicality. It is not recommended to buy.

nitty gritty:

There are two types of IKEA: Lu Rui and Langsete. I personally recommend that there is no brain Langsert. After Aunt Zhang read the articles of the masters of all the mattresses, I believe that the value friends who choose to choose the independent spring mattress will occupy the majority. US high -end mattresses will pick up skeleton, which requires within 5cm. If Lu Rui’s physical objects have been seen, you can pass directly.

Summary of IKEA bed frames: After determining the bed, first query the instruction manual, and determine the solid level according to the steel bed frame> 4 o’clock in the bed> 2 points in the bed.

(2) Bedting table

IKEA’s bedside table is very vague, and there are many small table living rooms. There are many recommendations for this kind of small furniture. I only say a little. Simple and wireless charging friends can choose the table below, but 199 yuan table+200 yuan wireless charger is not worth the value, depending on everyone’s choice.

(3) Wardrobe

IKEA’s wardrobe has not many styles. There are only open and closed types. The open wardrobe is divided into: the Sdowman series and the Egt series. The style wardrobe is only the Parker series wardrobe and a small amount of fixed wardrobe.

1. IKEA status quo and product analysis

Second, the principle of connection of IKEA furniture

Third, IKEA furniture purchase points

Fourth, IKEA furniture product review

There are very few families used in open wardrobes, and most of them are made of metal, which is not easy to damage. Here are the main sharing of the Parsp series wardrobe and other fixed wardrobes with doors.

Combined wardrobe:

Parker can be said to be synonymous with the IKEA wardrobe. There are two options: 200cm and 236cm in height. There are two schemes in depth of 35cm and 60cm. There are three types of width, 75cm, and 100cm. After selecting the frame and the door, you can match your favorite style with the internal Conopunding components.

First of all, it is explained that Parker’s wardrobe frame material contains honeycomb environmental protection paper fillers. This kind of paper material must not be purchased, and the backplane of thin cicada wings appears to be more in front of such a large -scale wardrobe. thin.

如果实在太过于喜欢这个衣柜,对于材质没有要求,喜欢自由组合的内部空间,必须跳坑的话,也不用过于担心,宜家提供框架、合叶门及合叶、滑门及滑门机件、康The 10 -year warranty of Pulmun’s internal accessories can be purchased if you trust the warranty of IKEA. I have also experienced the experience of IKEA. In general, I am very pleasant, and there is no situation of pushing the skin. Moreover, no matter which city IKEA chooses, IKEA customer service calls are answered and recorded by the headquarters.

Choose a value friend who buys, I personally recommend choosing a wardrobe of 50cm and 75cm size to shorten the length of the partition as much as possible to prevent bending. If you need to choose a 100CM -size wardrobe for combination, it is recommended to match the bottom of the wardrobe. The Punmun divided parts, the partition itself uses a two -in -one connector to connect, and uses the hard connection of wooden screws with the fixing of the cabinet to ensure sturdy.

If you are afraid of bending the partition, you can also use another solution, which is to use the pull basket of Conopunding. This pull -out storage basket is used in the lower part of the wardrobe. After 10 years of quality insurance, change it when it is pulled.

Finally, this partition that makes countless people spit out. IKEA calibrates 20kg. If you are afraid of bending the partition, you can shorten the longitudinal partition spacing to ensure the load -bearing effect. Shelf also enjoys 10 years of quality insurance.

Fixed wardrobe:

For a good friend of honeycomb environmental protection paper, you can choose a fixed wardrobe except Parson. The problem is that there is no 236cm height cabinet.

The first recommendation must be Musan Kenkin, with a reasonable internal space and a low face value. The height of 200cm and the width of 120cm are also sufficiently used for daily use, and the 60cm partition reduces the probability of being bent. The right partition is used. The two -in -one connector can be connected to storage with heavy clothes and pre -filled cabinet doors, so that users with poor hands -on ability can better install the door handle.

If you want to combine a combination, you can choose Terry Wardrobe for a combination. This wardrobe can be called a improved Pooker. The four drawers below are equivalent to the Kumpmun’s pull basket, and it can be locked. The wardrobe part above is slippery. The door of the door saves space, and the backplane of thin cicada wings has been improved. It is not a transparent adhesive to 2 back plates, but one on the left and right. It is installed separately to ensure the flatness. The installation of the cabinet slide and drawer slide is not very friendly for novices.

In the end, there is only one fixed wardrobe that is not worth buying. There is a Stowa wardrobe mixed in many wardrobes. This wardrobe is a Pooker that does not have 10 years of quality assurance. Stowa is a children’s series of furniture. This series except in except In addition to the double bed recommended in the bed rack, all other furniture uses honeycomb -shaped environmental protection paper that is happy. IKEA may also know that environmentally friendly paper cannot be supported. Essence However, the problem of this cabinet is that the depth is 50cm. Many adults cannot be stored normally, and the height is 200cm. The height of the height of the clothes rod is not enough, and the blessing of 10 years of quality assurance is missing. , I can only deal with it by itself.

IKEA wardrobe summary: First of all, it depends on whether honeycomb -shaped environmental protection paper can be acceptable and acceptable. Choose Parst, unacceptable, and choose other fixed wardrobes. From a durable perspective, the Stowa series high wardrobe is really not recommended.

(4) drawer cabinet

I do n’t use the drawer cabinet (I have installed it several times for my friends). There is a small princess at home. I am still not assured of such products, and the Pooker wardrobe at home can meet the needs of the bedroom storage, but Because this drawer cabinet has too many controversy, it is necessary to talk about it from a security perspective.

First of all, if you choose to buy IKEA products and if you want to fix it on the wall, please buy the expansion bolts shown in the figure below. The fixation of the three walls of the lime, the instructions have been introduced in detail, the screws, the expansion bolt and the drill head are matched. If you do not use it, you must match and fix it in accordance with the requirements when you find a professional. This is related to the child. Safety. (If you only need to buy IKEA’s drawer cabinets, you do not need to buy this set of expansion bolts, because after the accident, IKEA has been equipped with the expansion bolt for the drawer cabinet)

After speaking, it is safe, and then from a solid perspective, IKEA’s drawer cabinet.

Park series:

Although the Malm series is relatively famous, the reason is because of its cheapness. Structural perspective, Lenity is much stronger than Marm.

First of all, the backplate of the Bailing drawer cabinet is not a thin back plate (fiber plate) that is criticized, but a particle board like the side board.

Secondly, the Bailing drawer cabinet is adopted in the reinforcement method, and the right -angle codes at the bottom are fixed to ensure the strong baffle below. In the middle and top of the cabinet, a reinforcement reinforcement is made to ensure that it will not be dispersed when moving.

Finally, every drawer of the Bailing drawer cabinet has a separate handle. Why do you take it out and say, because IKEA adheres to the principle that can save the province. Parst is not low in the price. Buy another. How easy it is to match the handle.

If you have to pick your bones in the eggs, the slider does not have a buffer, and the sound looks very cheap when it is closed. There is also low flexibility with the hidden matching. The color is only available in black and white. Choose, if there is a greater storage space, you can’t choose.

Malm series:

A product becomes an explosion or it has it.

First of all, “quality and low price and low price”, “quality excellence” is the cabinet of this series. In addition to the black and white two colors, it also uses two kinds of wood grain peels of white wax and oak. They all have a good impression. In the appearance, Malm has taken the lead. “Inquiry” is at a price of 300-1000. You can choose a cabinet from two buckets to six buckets. Among them, there is a product product number: 003.546.66 Six -drawn cabinets, the top can be used as a mirror, and can also be stored in jewelry. How can you not love this large and comprehensive design.

Secondly, although there is no sturdy series, after all, not every consumer will carefully compare each product from the direction of the furniture installation of this partial door, and the bottom of Malm has a right angle coding fixed. The durability will not be much worse than that of Line, so it should be a stronger explosion.

There are not many disadvantages of the Malm series. Except for the current well -known, the backplane is a bit thin, and the backbone is a bit thinner.

Nordi series:

Play to the extreme combination furniture

The Nodarian series gives me a personal feeling that Parsons in the drawer cabinet can be arbitrarily combined. The drawer has two widths: 40cm and 80cm. The top board and the bottom plate have 40cm, 80cm, 120cm, 160cm. The drawer has two drawers and three. There are two drawings. The text is too abstract, look at the picture and talk

This cabinet, a three -drawer cabinet of 80cm below, two 40cm two -drawers on the top, combined with the 80cm top bottom plate.

This cabinet uses 3 40cm two -drawer cabinets, 3 80cm three -drawers, and combined with the 120cm top bottom plate. This is also the greatest height that Nordi can reach.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Nordi combined cabinet are also quite obvious.

Advantages: The random arrangement is the biggest advantage, and the mute slide rail is more grade.

Disadvantages: The combined cabinet will have gaps in the side plate, and the overall view is not good; each cabinet only uses one to strengthen the tendon fixing, and the side is not strong; Nothing is, because there are no examples of using this product for a long time around, durability is doubtful.

other series

Hannis series:

If the pursuit of pine solid wood, don’t buy the drawer cabinet of Hanis. Only the drawer is pine solid wood, and the other plates are all the combinations of particle board+fiber board. By the way, if you buy the eight -fighting drawer cabinet shown in the figure below, You can get an additional to the middle of the solid wood

Aisfu series:

This series can be said to be a low -matching onlays, which reduces the middle enhanced muscles. The back plate is also a particleboard. It is relatively strong. There is an additional fixed bar at the bottom of the drawer to prevent deformation.

Kuron series:

This series can be said to be a low -equipped Malm, which reduces the slip rail, changed from rolling friction to sliding friction, and the price has been reduced a lot. It is suitable for consumers who are pursuing low prices. Instead of the thin -back panel of the two buckets and the three bucket cabinets, the backboard of the same particle board is used as the Bailing series. The solidity and durability are higher, and the price is only 399, which is very good value.

Telle Series and Erdai series:

These two series of cabinets are mainly used to match other series of furniture to ensure the overallness of the bedroom. For example, the Narceian style showing the Nordic Starli series, with the mute drawer and the overall structure of the reinforcement reinforcement is also strong enough to be strong enough If you need to match the style, you can buy it with confidence.

IKEA drawer cabinet summary:

From a solid and durable perspective, Bailing is the most recommended. Secondly, the Malm series that recommends the golden mean, and there are a lot of requirements for the requirements of the requirements of storage space, but the solid level is average. It is the drawer cabinet of the Henis series. The cheap solid pine wood is not willing to equip it.

2. Living room:

The living room furniture includes: combined TV cabinet, independent TV cabinet, hanging cabinet, shelves, and bookcases. Because many of IKEA’s products are blurred, Bili’s bookcase is placed in the living room. The sofa furniture structure is relatively simple. The risk of errors in assembly materials is very low, so you do n’t discuss it. Small furniture of coffee tables and sides can be screened in accordance with the “four -step” strategy. You can also leave a message in the comments and discuss it together. ((

Special Note:

Among the living room furniture of IKEA, the sofa and armchair provides 10 years of warranty, and the Mido series provides 25 years of quality insurance. You can buy these types of products with confidence in IKEA.

Be sure to keep a small ticket.


(1) Combination TV cabinet:

Beida series:

The current home living room design is diverse, but there is still a place for the traditional TV cabinet combination. IKEA’s group TV cabinet is the main is the Beida series. There are hanging cabinets and land cabinets. The probability is the Beida series. First of all, it still has to mention its material. The cabinet of the Beida series contains honeycomb -shaped environmentally friendly paper fillers.

I personally think that the Beida series shows the essence of the IKEA’s random combination. Although the Parker wardrobe is changing, there are only two options in appearance. Although the Nordri drawer cabinet can be arbitrarily combined, the sub -unit is fixed. Its play, while the Beida series is different, and it really has a combination of any combination. If the brain is large enough, it is not just the decoration of the living room, it can appear in any room of your room.

The design combination is not my expertise, but the main line of the main line of this article is to talk about this product. In addition to the backplane of the cicada wing, IKEA is criticized. Brothers and brothers appeared in various IKEA’s vomiting essays. This time, the bottom plate of the Buda series of the drawers turned over. Look at the thick bottom plate in the picture below, and I was no longer afraid of being bent. But the back panel is still as thin as the cicada wings, and the cost control of IKEA can be seen.

Each cabinet of Beida is connected with a two -in -one connector, which is highly firm. If you do not know the material of the cabinet, you can buy it.

The size of the Beida series is rich in size. There are two sizes in front of the drawer. You can use the cabinet to make two modes: semi -exposed and fully closed. Due to the limited space, the data is too boring, and the introduction will not be listed separately. Have the opportunity to open a combination of the Beida series with friends.

Because the Beida series is too shining, rarely mentioned other integrated TV cabinets in IKEA, but the quality is also average.

The TV cabinet of the Bailing series is not as conscientious as the drawer cabinet. The back panel is as thin as a cicada wing. Other parts are quite satisfactory. It is not recommended to buy it.

The TV combination cabinet of the Hennis series is a lot of conscience compared to the drawer cabinet. All the materials use solid pine wood (except the back panel), but because the characteristics of pine wood are soft, the traces after bumping are obvious. Families with children are not recommended. Buy.

Lapland TV cabinet, IKEA seems to feel the crazy back panel that is madly vomited. This time, a hollow TV cabinet is directly coming. , The height of this TV cabinet is 147cm, and the height of Hanis in the picture above is 198cm, so this TV cabinet can put a maximum 55 -inch TV, which is only suitable for small units. The other slot is all internal partitions. After the round wooden sales, after the assembly is completed, there will be a lot of shaking on the side, which is extremely strong. It is not recommended to buy.

IKEA group TV cabinet summary: The TV cabinets except Beida are not recommended. If the Beida series minds the filling of paper materials, it is not recommended to buy it. If you want to choose IKEA’s TV cabinet, you can watch the independent TV cabinet. To buy, if you want to combine the effect, you can use the independent hanging cabinet to achieve later.

other series

(2) TV cabinet:

For families who have finished the TV wall, the combined TV cabinet seems to be incompatible with the TV background wall. IKEA’s independent TV cabinet can give you more choices.

IKEA’s TV cabinet length ranges from 90cm to 180cm. There are many product lines, and most products can be purchased at the four points of the price, material, weight and instructions.

Lark TV cabinet:

What else do you want? But although cheap, I still list it as a product that is not recommended:

The installation of the four legs is the same as a double -headed screw form in the same two -headed screw as the Mindu Children’s Table. It is easy to have deviations during installation, and the poor table legs are not reserved when the screw hole is left. The degree of holes is linked to the level of the installer, so it is not recommended to buy it.

Stockholm TV Cabinet:

2999’s TV cabinet, buying furniture cannot calculate the cost of raw materials separately. The design price still includes it. I believe that many friends still like to go to IKEA to watch the design. If you have installed this Stockholm TV cabinet Small, 18 screws and tenon -and -mortise structures can achieve the installation of it, the exquisite design on the front panel, plus thick cabinets, superb edge levels, except for the price and material, it is really it really is really the price and material. A good TV cabinet, it looks good and easy to use. It is recommended not to mind the purchase of board materials and non -sensitive people. It is also recommended for furniture to install novice purchases for furniture. It is really easy to install.

Other TV cabinets:

Excluding the above two extremes, the other TV cabinets can be purchased with the “four -step” strategy. Those who like solid wood choose the Hinnis series.

If you do n’t like the backplane, you do n’t want to see the obsessive -compulsive disorder of the wire. You can choose the following TV cabinet. The back has a scorcher on the back. The frame of the metal material is also strong enough.

Finally, I ’m here to avoid the pits. The following TV cabinet is extremely recommended to buy. The material contains honeycomb -shaped environmental protection paper, but the length is 90cm long. How long can it be used to see it?

IKEA TV cabinet summary:

Different from the combination TV cabinet, there are not many buying pits for TV cabinets, but they are more obsessed with low prices. I believe that the “four -step” strategy can help you choose a suitable IKEA TV cabinet.

(3) Hanging cabinet:

I do n’t like the hanging cabinet of the Beida series, and I also want to make full use of the space to have the following two options (originally three types, I do n’t know why the Vari series has only one product left on the official website. )

Ichter series:

Bright colors, free combinations, and convenient installation are the three major features of the Ichter series. There are two depths of 25cm and 35cm. You can show more layered sense on the TV wall, and you can use exclusive design tools to design your own own. Personalized cabinet

This is the display of the IKERCrt series of IKEA official website

This is the Russian square that I spelled with the official website design tool. The price is blocked by the watermark below. It can be added directly to the shopping list. Then go to the IKEA shopping mall to print it easily.

After introducing the characteristics of the Ichter hanging cabinet, let’s talk about whether it is strong. The framework of the entire cabinet is connected with a tenon -and -mortise structure, as shown in the figure below:

It should be noted that there is no way to make a mortise in board furniture. It can only be replaced by this plastic mortise. The solidity is definitely not as strong as the solid wood tenon left by the ancestor, but the daily use is enough. Insert a problem here, the solid wood furniture is not hand -made of tenon -and -mortise structures. Most of them use the dovetail tenon structure processed by the mechanical processing. Can’t completely replace artificially. What I want to say is that tenon -and -mortise is just a way of connecting furniture. There is no need to be excessively myth. What needs to be remembered is the spirit of craftsmanship.

Back to the Ichter series itself, if you do n’t want to hang it, if you want to place it on the ground, it is recommended to buy the following base. The pure solid wood+tenon -and -mortise structure is created. Please choose carefully in the north, and the birch is easy to crack in a dry room.

The assembly mode is simple, coupled with the base material of conscience, it is recommended to buy it for friends who do not like the Beda series materials. If you can continue to look down on your dedication with strong durability, this hanging cabinet is definitely satisfied with you.

Mido series:

If you go to IKEA to see the cabinet, you will have a feeling of love and hate. The beautiful shape and the variable storage space will definitely make people shine, but it cannot be customized according to the size of the family. Some cabinets are stitched and many irregular kitchen feels regrettable. This article does not discuss the cabinets in depth, but Mido’s cabinets can be used in other rooms at home, and the variable door panels can have more choices.

From the perspective of firmness, because it is used in the kitchen environment, the cabinet is much thicker than the general hanging cabinet, and the Mido series provides 25 years of warranty. Overall, if you need to be more personalized than the Ichter series and are not sensitive to prices, you can buy it for the more assured of the IKEA warranty.

IKEA Cabinet Summary: The two series of the two series of the two series of cabinets are worth buying. IKEA’s rare conscience products. The budget is sufficient to choose Mido. The budget is generally selected.

(4) Shelf unit:

There are multiple series in IKEA products. I will simply introduce the two categories: landing and hanging walls here. The first thing to explain is that the shelves are all open. There will be drawer components in some series. Matching, not many storage spaces are naked, and those who mind the accumulation of ash can skip this paragraph.


IKEA’s landing shelf unit is mainly the Kalekk series and Eva series, assisting in several other series of products for matching.

Carlack series:

Although IKEA’s Kalek series has been sold for many years and is very famous. It has its figure in various TV series, but it still does not prevent me from talking about this series.

The Kalek series only recommends the shelf unit with a height of no more than 2 square meters. Please fix it on the wall, because all the partitions in the middle, the connection form is all 2 round wooden sales positioning, each partition is separated, each partition is separated, each partition is partition. There is no two -in -one connecting parts between the boards, which causes the entire cabinet to shake very powerful when the entire cabinet is pushed on the side. The picture below can clearly see the daddy structure.

If you think this structure is cheating, its components will make you feel that cost can be saved. This component with the door looks pretty good, but seeing the manual will make you think of the childcare handmade class.

The vivid origami teaching in the description below. This is the cabinet of this component. I think this cabinet has two functions. 1. Positioning to the door of the cabinet door, 2. blocking the back.

Perhaps the correct use of this cabinet is given in the IKEA promotional map. It is used as a partition wall. The wall is stuck on the side to shake.

Eva series:

Compared to the famous Kalek series, I recommend the Eva series, the design is more delicate and practical.

Its frames, partitions, and cabinet doors are all used with solid pine wood, and the combination is more flexible. From a firm perspective, its partition is not directly on both ends of the frame, but on the side of the partition. The plastic material side gear shown in the figure below is load -bearing, which makes up for the problem that the pine wood is too soft and the point cannot be too concentrated.

And because the combination is flexible, each component can be replaced, and the Kalek series can only be replaced by internal components. The partition is broken and cannot be purchased alone.

Other series of items:

Other floor -type shelves can basically use the “four -step” strategy to choose from. The choice of steel materials in Fiasin and Job can be used. Here

The recommended product is a new product jointly created by IKEA and HAY. The Yipoli shelf unit listed in October 17th. The combination of solid wood and steel is very strong. All 27 screws are fixed on the steel. Recommended to the needy friends.

It is prompted that the product is the following solid wood Hennis shelves,

Its three -layer partition is not as thick as the picture. What you see in the picture is only a solid wood frame. The actual thickness is consistent with the thickness of the top board. Please pay more attention when buying.

Hanging wall style:

The wall -hung shelf unit is mainly Aigrt (Figure 1) and Swana (Figure 2). The materials of the two are different, but the application scenarios are the same.

Aigrt: Except for the shelf as a particleboard, everything else is steel material.

Swana: Except for the bracket as steel, everything else is made of bamboo and wood, but it should be noted that the shelf material once again appeared in honeycomb environmental paper.

From a solid perspective, the Agrt series is better than the Swana series, but the bamboo and wood used by Swana can adapt to most indoor scenarios applications, so my suggestion is to use the Swana series indoor, The balcony and bathroom can use the Agrt series.

IKEA rack unit Summary: The floor -to -ceiling shelves recommend the Eva series. If you can firmly fix the wall, the Kalek series is the second recommendation, a slightly smaller floor -type shelves recommending the Ipoli series, and the wall shelf shelves Different scenarios can be selected differently. If both materials can be accepted, the Agrt series is better than the Swana series.

(5) Bookcase:

IKEA’s bookcase is the Bili series that is always bent. If you mind this partition that may be bent, you can skip this paragraph. In addition to the Bili series, there are also solid wood bookcases in the Hansi series. The price is not low, and the soft pine wood is used. It is not recommended to buy it, and if the budget is sufficient to buy the Henis bookcase, you can go to the home store to see other brands. The solid wooden bookcase.

Most of the online pictures are displayed. From the perspective of the structure, I analyze the reasons for the bending. One continuous part of the piece is fixed, but the other four layers need to move freely, and only 7 -character partitions can be used to fix this thing. As shown in the figure below, this nail plays a role in support and limit. The framework of the Bili series is relatively thin. The part of the positioning and the insertion framework is less than 1cm. Simply put, it is the problem of low cost. Cheap and more durable is the fundamental factor for Belly Bookcase.

If you choose to buy Bili Bookcase and want it to use it longer, I personally have the following suggestions:

Reduce the number of placing per layer. The heavier books can be placed on the bottom layer, the middle layer, or purchasing a bookshelf with high parts on the top layer, because these three layers are the strongest. The higher Bili Bookcase is shown in the figure below.

2. If there are a large number of books store, you can choose a 40cm wide cabinet. If you choose a 80cm wide cabinet, you can install the right -angle codes for support if you are not afraid to hit the hole in the cabinet.

3. If the above two are not convenient to achieve, then buy a new partition and change it. 40cm of 30 yuan and 50 yuan of 80cm. In the case of bending, a partition of 50 yuan in 2 years is not expensive.

IKEA Bookcase Summary: Only Bili has a series of options, and its advantages and disadvantages are clear. Shelf bending looks at personal habits. It is not a common problem. If you don’t mind, you can buy it. After all, it has been sold for nearly 40 years. The parts are quite complete. of.

3. Restaurant:

IKEA’s restaurant furniture has so many controversy in the living room and bedroom home. Because the quality is still, the durability is high enough, so it is divided into three categories: dining tables, dining chairs, and dining cabinets.

dining table:

IKEA’s dining table has a strong sense of design, and the combination of a desktop four table legs at the table is not worse. You can rest assured to buy, but there are two tips: 1. If the hands -on ability is not strong, please try to try as much as possible, try to try to try as much as possible. Don’t buy a telescopic dining table, many screws and clubs will give you a new understanding of the table. Second, if the dining table also wants to hand in hand with children, please try not to buy flip tables and folding tables. If they are temporarily emergency, they can still use it. If you use it daily, you can still buy the table of the overall desktop more stable. Here are a table with a clever structure:

Lishe’s table: The installation of this table did not use any screws, but rely entirely on the tenon -and -mortise structure, and integrated into modern design. When I installed this table for the first time, I felt surprised.

IKEA mentioned this table in the 2016 Sustainable Development Report and promoted this design.

Its table legs are designed with wedge -shaped dark mortise in the figure below, and the table legs are directly inserted into the mortise that has been opened on the desktop.

Then use the figures shown in the figure below, a plastic piece similar to the adjustable support of the feet tightens. Finally, the table legs will be tightly stuck in the mortise. When disassembling You can easily remove the table legs, and truly achieved zero tool installation.

Ik Dorland series table:

Every time an important festival, friends and relatives like to gather at home. At this time, the small table used in daily use is already stretched. At this time, IKEA’s expansion tables are sent in handy. Two types of dining tables are divided into two types, one is to increase the desktop in the middle, and the other is to increase the desktop on the side. From a practical perspective, it is recommended to add a desktop product to the side of the side, such as the Ikdorland desk below.

IKEA TV cabinet summary:

Different from the combination TV cabinet, there are not many buying pits for TV cabinets, but they are more obsessed with low prices. I believe that the “four -step” strategy can help you choose a suitable IKEA TV cabinet.

(3) Hanging cabinet:

I do n’t like the hanging cabinet of the Beida series, and I also want to make full use of the space to have the following two options (originally three types, I do n’t know why the Vari series has only one product left on the official website. )

Ichter series:

Bright colors, free combinations, and convenient installation are the three major features of the Ichter series. There are two depths of 25cm and 35cm. You can show more layered sense on the TV wall, and you can use exclusive design tools to design your own own. Personalized cabinet

There are two benefits to the expansion tables opened on the side. First, the desktop is a whole during daily use. There is no intermediate seam, which is easy to take care of it. Second, when the stretching There can be more dining chairs in the middle, without the embarrassment of a table leg in the middle of the legs when eating.

IKEA dining table summary: The quality of the IKEA dining table is better, but some designs are a bit anti -humans. These two tables have been listed on it. The design is clever. If the product is updated in the later period, you can use these two models to be purchased.

Dining chair:

IKEA’s furniture also started from imitation, and gradually formed its own style. This is why some people say that IKEA is H & M in the furniture industry. After all, it is all Sweden. For example, this dining chair with a shadow of Windsor chair.

The classic appearance of the Imes chair retained in this dining chair below

The bending stool legs, the circle below, this chair with the characteristics of a Soe -band chair is also available for sale.

If you are interested, you can open a separate article to talk about the chair, but this article still needs to start with durability. Here is a prompt for the assembled novice. The cross -legged seat below, if you do not adjust it, please do not buy it.

The picture below is the installation instructions of this chair. It can be seen that this chair is a product of two legs and a group of products. After the two sets of chairs cross the legs, 4 screws are used to fix triangle. It is not so high. When the assembly is assembled, the four screws are not well coordinated. I have installed a lot of chairs. Personally, I think that if you want to install it, you need to adjust it multiple times, so it is not recommended to install novice purchases.

IKEA dining chairs Summary: IKEA’s dining chair except the cross -legged seats mentioned above. The remaining seats can be purchased according to demand, and it is optimistic about bearing.

Cabinet Cabinet:

IKEA’s cabinet products are similar. The previous drawer cabinets have been introduced in detail. I won’t go into details here. IKEA’s cabinets can choose not to choose from. Friends with sufficient budget and large restaurant area can be used to match the bottom cabinet of the Mido series cabinets. When used as a meal cabinet, you can also enjoy 25 years of quality insurance.

4. Bathroom chapter

The wetness of the bathroom is relatively heavy. The furniture in the bathroom needs to prevent moisture and moisture. Although the quality of the IKEA -type furniture is good, the facial washing pond cabinet is most likely to be splashed in daily life. The Guide Momo series that only refers to ten years of warranty (Special description: Among IKEA’s bathroom furniture, the face washing pool cabinet provides 10 years of warranty, the face washing pool and faucet provide 10 years of warranty. These types of products,

Be sure to keep a small ticket.


All facial wash ponds and faucets sold by IKEA have enjoyed ten years of warranty. The material of the face washing pool has two types: ceramics and artificial stones. You can purchase it on demand.

The installation of the IKEA facial washing cabinet, because it involves the installation and cooperation of the facial washing pond and cabinet, including the connection of the water, the cabinet on the wall, if it is not a good -handed ability, it is recommended to use IKEA’s bathroom installation service.

Fifth, IKEA furniture recommendation list

The original intention of this article is to give you a method of buying, but the content of the draft needs to write a recommendation list, so I recommend some furniture worth buying from a personal perspective. objective.

1. Lallic bed rack

I am also using this shelf, which can be called the most storage IKEA bed. I don’t like furniture with poor practicality such as bedside tables, but there is still a storage space by the bed. Its advantages are

(1) Strong storage capacity on both sides of the bedside, you can put books, water cups, etc.

(2) There are two gaps on the top. You can place the bedside lamp and charging cable, and use it with it, and the thickness of the bedside can also be placed on a projection TV. And there is no naked wire.

(3) The bed rack comes with 4 drawers, not wasting the space under the bed.

2. Iblie set table

In 2017, the Yipoly series jointly created by IKEA and HAY, the most attractive is this solid wood set table, which is made of mountain hair toast, which can be divided into three pieces. Both of the practicality. One more saying that the IKEA labeled the mountain hair, it is not like the domestic manufacturer’s use of mountain hair materials but marked the border balls. These two are two completely different woods. Furniture friends pay attention to screening.

3. Bu Songner Children’s Bed

The main pain point of the children’s bed is: how to match the extended bed in bed boards. This Patona children’s bed is undoubtedly the best solution for IKEA can grow in children’s beds.

The bedboard can be pulled at the same time as the bed rack, and keeps supporting the support of the mattress. 130cm, 170cm, 200cm three -gear positioning, growing with the child.

It should be noted that the matching mattress can select the following spring to extend the mattress. Whether it is the fabric or the use cycle, it must be better than 499 sponge mattresses.

4. Wilmler Saudi

The concubine chairs and stools of the Wilmler sofa have storage space, and the concubine chairs do not need to be installed by their own gas support and the club. You can use it home to install the sofa legs.

Six, conclusion

Finally, thank you for being able to see the valuable friends here. If there are any mistakes in this article, I hope that the valuable friends pointed out in the comments that I will sort it regularly and modify the wrong place in the text. Help, I can tell me in the reply that I will give my suggestions in time. I wish you a good year, the family is good, and the family is well -being, and in 2018, it created my ideal home.

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