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The cost -effective Italian furniture brand, Calligaris interprets contemporary personality life

The cost -effective Italian furniture brand, Calligaris interprets contemporary personality life

Calligaris was founded in 1923. It is one of Italian furniture brands with a well -known furniture. It is also a cost -effective brand. It always tries the latest materials, the latest technology, and the latest design concepts with keen fashion and life. The style of Italian furniture interprets contemporary personality life.

The Le Marais sofa is both modern and elegant and comfortable, suitable for traditional and modern living rooms. The slim metal tube base adds dynamic to the seat and back cushion, providing natural softness and elasticity, and lighter and exquisite. The combination of the COCO chair is filled with a romantic and stylish atmosphere. In order to meet the design of various environmental styles, the COCO chair is in sharp contrast to the fashionable metal structure and spacious cushion. And provide a variety of colors. The pattern of the Linee carpet comes from simple repetitive linear elements, and its size and color are gradually changing. As a result, a multi -layer design with pink and Burgundy tones reproduces the Middle East decoration.

Senzatempo ceramic clock, with a little unique color in the classic shape, delicate and elegant, with quartz movements and soft lines, reminiscent of the popular culture in the comics, it has an unexpected contrast with the exquisite sense of ceramics. Where there is a very fashionable embellishment effect.

The Cartesio table has elegant iconic lines, which is characterized by the original load -bearing frames composed of four independent rectangular “V” elements. The top is glass ceramic or wood.

Atollo is a series of coffee tables, which are characterized by slim metal frames. You can choose sub -light or bronze paint metal. There are three heights, with the perfect symmetrical structure of circular and oval design.

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