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Can be a sandals in the Jacou

In addition to sneakers, sandals have become a necessary shoe with new normal. Select type, wild and comfortable design brand sandals. Fendi first high heel sandals


FenDi first high-heeled sandals in Fendi 2021 autumn and winter, designer drawn inspiration from the sketch file of the Collection Database, degrading classic f logo into a stable lateral metal sensation shoe, the upper is soft The leather is built, and the unique visual beauty is stylish.

CHANEL bright calf skin sandals


This pair of Chanel’s bright cowhide sandals uses a thick bottom slope to design, with the brand iconic rhombra pattern, the strap is prefixed with the metal Chanel flag and the words, simple and generous, how to match it.

Hermes ORAN Sandals



Oran Sandal sandals in Hermes, with its simple but highly representative H-shaped design. In the fall of the 2021, this classic popular sandals launched pink plush versions, showing the unique brand aesthetics and craftsmanship.

Christian Louboutin Cubongo imitation crocodile tie leather or sandals


Christian Louboutin’s Cubongo square sandals are made of fashionable tea-like imitation crocodile leather, with 1 cm low heel and brand iconic red bottom elements, becoming an ideal choice for everyday wear.

Jimmy Choo Amara 45 Pearl Decorative Black Heaven Leather Mul Shoes



Amara series Muller shoes from Jimmy Choo, with black suede, shoe and foot tie belt in two rows of beautiful pearls and small crystal beads, with 4.5 cm wide-hearted with design, comfortable, looks noble.

Gucci chain sandals



This pair of GUCCI sandals use the eye-catching golden chain chain design, can’t help but think of the popularity of the brand Sylvie series handbags. Sandals are made from white light surface leather, with cork, form contrast.

Dior D-Club Sharp



This Dior D-Club can be used with peach pink cow leather, and the upper is marked with “CD”, with edge dyeing, exquisite stereo effect. It is essential to wear, which is a must-have shoes.


Valentino Garavani Rosa applique leather sandals


Valentino Garavani’s ROSA sandals are designed with double-strand, and the laminated petal-shaped leather applique creates a visual effect of flowers, so that wearer is fascinating.


Roger Vivier Slidy VIV Crystal Access Leather Slippers




Roger Vivier’s Slidy VIV slippers with gorgeous Swarovski crystal tuition, using smooth leather, and a comfortable foot of the serrated rubber sole, easy to increase a variety of daily buildings.


Bottega Veneta Intreciato Lafite


This pair of Bottega Veneta sandals uses Faffu artic material, cleverly uses brand iconic intreciato weaving technology to create a unique hipster sandals.

Burberry leather cotton canvas slippers



Burberry, the double sandals, which use transparent wire leather and canvas fabric, wide-width upper, with a brand name, and all color matching with various colors.


Chloe Woody



Chloé’s Woody slippers are built with white canvas, and the multi-layer laminated upper is printed with a black brand name, which is impressive. Whether it matches trousers or elegant skirts, it can easily set out elegance.