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Zheng Mingming’s skin-source moisturizing box skin care products are “on fire”, although they are not expensive, they moisturize and hydrate great

Zheng Mingming’s skin-source moisturizing box skin care products are “on fire”, although they are not expensive, they moisturize and hydrate great

As we age, our skin will deteriorate as it used to be, so we need the nutrient support in our skin care products. With the continuous growth of Zheng Mingming in the skin care industry in recent years, he has become the leader of domestic skin care products. Many post-70/80 girls have used this brand, which is a very good domestic product. The use effect is completely comparable to that of international brands, and gradually has its own consumer market and has a group of loyal iron fans. Recent

Zheng Mingming muscle source moisturizing box

Skin care products are “on fire”, although not expensive, moisturizing and hydrating are great

Step1 Zheng Mingming-Muscle Source Moisturizing Crystal Lotion 120ml, it is added with French imported patented 3D xylitol, which can promote the osmotic balance of moisture in all layers of the epidermis, and by regulating the storage and flow of water between cortex, it can be long-term moisturizing, bright and strong skin. This Zheng Mingming-Muscle Source Moisture Crystal Lotion is a product that has been continuously researched and improved, and it also has a place in the field of moisturizing liquid, and it is a moisturizing product that relies entirely on product strength. Opens the skin’s absorption channels for a moisturized, soft, radiant complexion.

Step2 Zheng Mingming – Muscle source moisturizing curd 80ml, core ingredient – Ektoin that strengthens the skin’s immune barrier, known as the “umbrella in the desert salt lake”, the compound moisturizing patented ingredients have a fast hydration effect, repair defenses, protect against photoaging, brighten the complexion and soothe, lock in moisture for a long time, and melt with a light texture. Multi-target soothes dry, damaged skin, creates a protective skin barrier, and addresses skin emotions at the source. Relieve the fatigue caused by our long-term work, it is really worry-free and easy to use!

Step 3 Zheng Mingming-Skin Source Moisture Repair Serum 30ml, natural bioactive patented ingredient oatmeal β-glucan, repair sensitive skin, enhance skin immunity, gently lock in water, accelerate collagen synthesis, resist aging, reduce skin wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, improve skin texture, good transdermal absorption performance, long-term hydration, strengthen the skin, adjust the balance of skin water and oil, astringent enlarged pores, use it to know that it can be so tender. Moisturizes and hydrates the skin, so you won’t be afraid to take care of your skin when you’re tired.

Step 4 Zheng Mingming-Muscle source moisturizing sleep night cream 50g, the core ingredient is the filtrate of fermentation product of bifida yeast, known as “local luxury yeast, all big brands have its figure, the reason for becoming a unique pet is that it is conducive to accelerating the penetration of the skin barrier and maintaining skin stability, so as to achieve nourishing and anti-aging effects. Snow melt texture, touch the skin moisturized, intensive nourishment, stability and repair, evenly bright and young.

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Zheng Mingming skin source moisturizing box skin care products

, Keeping the facial skin hydrated is obvious, porcelain muscle water light, introducing nutrients into the dermis layer, supplementing nutrition, where else to find such a powerful hydrating artifact?

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