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Waiting for my home, I will not install the traditional switch, and I will choose the smart voice switch, too fragrant.

For our daily lives, they will contact the switch every day, the home switch layout is reasonable, and the use will be much convenient. If the layout is not considered so much, no matter whether it will turn on the light or turn off the light, or open other electrical appliances, it will feel very troublesome.

And how can this intelligent home era? How can I get a smart switch?

Waiting for my house, my family must give up the traditional switch. It must be necessary to choose to install the smart voice switch. For everyday life, it is really convenient, too fragrant!

So, when I decorate the new house in my family, why not install ordinary switches, but choose a smart voice switch? by

MixPad wizard touch screen voice switch is

Example, give you a brief introduction and share your own feelings, I hope to bring you a good reference!

First, the difference in appearance:

There is no difference in material, but from the appearance, you can identify it, it is actually a big bigger! Ordinary switches, generally two control keys, basically all of the entire switch panel layout. It can be said that the biggest difference between the two is


Taking a touchable screen

, Very intelligent, visual effect is eye-catching, the value is very high. The general turnover is no screen! Installed at home


MixPad wizard touch screen voice switch

While it is convenient, every time I see such a switch, I am very happy.

Second, the flexibility is different:


Most of the switches are fixed on the wall, and the home is highly installed. It is convenient to use, if the installation position is unreasonable at home, it is very troublesome, it will be a lot of control, it can be said that there is no flexibility.

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Intelligent voice switch

¥ 369



It will not be limited by the space, it can be installed, which can be used with a USB interface. Can

Put it directly on the desktop or put it in the shelf.

It is a choice of quite a good choice.

With SUB interface, you can use it without installing it.

Therefore, it is more flexible than most of the switches. Similar to a mobile phone, intelligent control panel, more flexible, more flexible, voice control, more accurate, more well-controlled than infrared.

Finally, the functionality is different

Ordinary switching functions generally only open the role of the lamp, there may be some two-hole or three-hole socket, and there will be USB charging port, but for now, these are the most basic, and more common functions!

The smart voice switch can only be manually switched, and can also be actions to better control the device by touching the way. The features mainly have:

Small home products such as television, air conditioning, fan, electric curtains such as small alarm clock, timer, long-year calendar, music

These features have no way to have a normal switch.

Intelligent voice switch appearance,

There are three physical buttons, a touch screen, two voice microphone ports

Also mixed with infrared. Looking very small, but the function is complete,

Touch screen + button


A family will use such switches, making our life more fun.

The most important function is actually able to speak voice, to control the TV in the home as an example,

Just say “small European home, turn on TV”,

Then the TV does not need to be remote,


Even if there is no voice function at home, it can also achieve the role of voice switch TV through the smart voice switch.

Really very powerful. Other open air conditioners, or control the fan or lamps in the home, air conditioning is the same.


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In my opinion, speech control, especially when the weather is cold or lying in bed, I don’t want to be so troublesome.

You can control the whole house lights in your home through “sound control”, you don’t need to hand control.

And there is no need to change the lamps in the home, even if the most common lamp can enjoy the role of the sound control light, for daily life, bring great convenience, life more interesting!

Self-strap gateway feature, you can control the whole house appliance, there is infrared, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

You can better control, add some equipment, including security, and you can always master the live situation at any time in the field.

Fixed installation (intelligent voice control switch, you need to install this, connect the power)

This means is actually installed as the traditional switch, and the zero line is required to install the wire. If you recommend it yourself, install, safer under the guidance of experienced electrologic master. Three-way loads can be supported. Specific installation manual will be detailed, or please have a professional electrician master to install, save some troubles, and more secure.

(Since my new house is still not installed, I didn’t install this)


First screen personalized design


In fact, the function is like our mobile phones, there will be wallpaper to choose to use, you can choose to be fixed wallpaper, or you can choose to automatically replace daily. When dayday, the screen is a bright form, and at night, the screen will not automatically lit, the home is installed in the bedroom, will not be affected, this is great. (There are other features, this is not one more detailed)

Summary, the functions of intelligent voice switches are very powerful, mainly two forms: First, the zero-Fire mount, the second is to install by Type-C, can be used (free installation) by connecting the SUB interface. Functional is most important to reflect in speech control, through “voice control”, can control the lights, home appliances, curtains, etc. Only with a switch on the screen can we be called a real intelligent switch. Two need to be installed, in order to play more powerful features, the role is better to show.


So so the powerful intelligent switch, wait for my home, I will not choose the traditional switch, but I will choose the intelligent voice switch, more taste, more and more pace of the era, more beneficial to life, there is such intelligence at home The voice switch is really delicious!




Intelligent voice switch

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