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Frequently mount the variety show, the stars have been praised … This Foshan old name launches multiple explosions.

“We came” “Sheng Shunde” “Everyday” has it unveiled, this bowl powder is not very familiar? It is a well-deserved “champion powder”, which is frequently on variety show and documentaries in these two years.

That’s right, this bowl is from the Huang Yuncun powder in Foshan. It is still it, it is like a wing, the pure white is so bright, but it can be contravented and put on all other ingredients. It will not take the opportunity to expand, do not smoke the star effect. Instead, hugging the era, from a bowl of powder, a cup, a piece of cake, relying on high-tech, layout e-commerce, comprehensive innovation in philosophy, taste, technology, channel, this is its “net red” Some quiet mentality, Foshan temperament.


Net red temperament VS classic temperament

Chen Village powder has got a “every day” in Hunan Satellite TV in 2016. After the star tasted, I advertised Chen Village:

Daxiang was launched after an experienced rice noodles, and the taste buds were in love. Wang Han said, I don’t eat me, I don’t eat, I want to get to I will torture myself … Egg flower red bean Chencun powder, burdock, Chencun powder, cool Chencun powder, curry crab Chencun powder 4 Chen Village powder, this is this Star Powder.

The picture above is the classic scene in “Shengshi”, Xinfoshan, Industrial Product Designer Chen Longhui, often visiting Chencun powder, from Chen Village’s blue stone grinding, the uniform and delicate rice paste, will The extrusion principle of graphite introduces modern juicer, trying to increase the taste and nutrition of ingredients while improving the ingredients;

The brief words of this picture are very simple, and the thin and soft rice flour is a successful sublimation of rice.

The stone mill created by bluestones, grinds uniform and delicate rice. Human promotion, no more than 60 turns per minute, retaining unique rice. It is only to steam for 1 minute, the rice paste will change the face.

Chen Village powder, the thickness is less than 0.7 mm, but it is very rich. The hands of the hand controlled the powder, the knife is not more than three cm from the chopping board. The sight rice noodles can be included, carry unlimited possibilities. There are dozens of small materials that can be selected with the dish. Slowly stewed haloned meat, add fat to light plain powder. The seasoning for new and seeking, but the production of rice noodles is still observed in the 150 years ago.

Into Yellow Daiyu Food in Shunde Chencun, “Zhong Yong Yun, people are not diet, fresh can know the taste. There is no urgent worker in the gentleman.” Guangdong Calligraphers Association Mr. Chen Yongzheng, the honor of the honor, first entered the line of sight.

In the imagination, starlight, star powder can be covered with wall, starting a star store, but showing a temperament of Chen Village’s powder itself, whiteness is like snow, the quality is flat, but it can contain all the ingredients The taste, let people smell any star atmosphere, and there is no more arrogant after the CCS screen.


Because, the second word, for the food rivers and lakes, means that in the hustle and bordering and quiet, there is a subtle balance between classics and innovations. Wood Dian, member of Guangdong Laoximo Review expert group, believes that this balance is wonderful for the grasp of inheritance and innovation, inheriting is not old, innovation is not tensored, for many old-fashioned foods and even Foshan crafts ceramics and other categories Development, there is a reference and revelation.

“The stars can only be a time.” Huang Ji Ji Ji Ji Yellow Han Dynasty is low-key. With the old name of the nearly a hundred years of historical accumulation, it is facing “the tongue of the tongue” has its own understanding and persistence: “Doing a dining, people are the most critical factors, need to focus the quality, the future.”

Don’t smash the star heat, it will not be expanded, the old-fashioned “creative rivers and lakes” is very wide.

. Even the most traditional bowl of fish, there is also an innovative visual and taste experience, on the basis of traditional fish, three or two green lemons, hit Chen Village to grafted the cultivation of the year’s lemon, flower The cultural silent is incorporated into the innovative vegetables in the chrysanthemum fish belly. While delicacy, it will be added to the name of “Flower”, and the Shui, ” culture.

Not just the fisherman’s lemon silk, and the red bean coconut juice, who is praised by the stars, the same flowers, sweet and sweet eggs, to taste, to taste the coconut juice on top , Swallow, coconut juice, red beans, eggs and Chencun powder multiple taste, stay incense and lip teeth, the chef has the size of the entrance, and the lady’s cherry, you can also get it.

After the old name “playing the pattern”, it is actually a creative, which is a creation. Huang Jiedu’s innovative dishes of the taste of the festive food, continuously carrying fashion modifications from the details, and Chen Village powder can have more than forty kinds of production methods, with Chen Village as the main food, supplemented by different cooking and assistance Material, extends out of different flavors, style Chencun powder vegetables.


Curry Crab Chencun Powdown This is a “champion powder” innovative vegetable, after the improvement of Shunde chef, where the curry is actually different from Southeast Asia Thai curry, and there is a fresh, suitable for the characteristics of Lingnan people. At the same time, the most classic sirloin Chencun powder, white cut goose, knowing a tofu, etc., still in the past 100 years, like a traditional taste, the same classic dish, the highest dosage.

Inheritance and innovation, the combination of history and contemporary, “Chen Village” with Jingliling Nan culture label, in recent years, the old-fashioned innovation connotation


In fact, the amplification of the star’s magnification is continuous, weekends and holidays, more than 80% of guests are foreign licensing plates.

“Chen Village powder, the head of the people, the head of the people, said that the food is now building a one-stop experience of” finding Shunde “, the goal is to allow the diners to taste at least 80% of Shunde specialties here, and this, It is determined that the speed of dishes must be accelerated.

Layout e-commerce, walking township

60% of Chinese supermarkets worldwide can buy hometown powder hometown pie

Guangxi Liuzhou’s preparation screw powder bought 30 billion! Yellow Jiji’s second part of Wang Double Happiness, I just came back from Guangxi spiral powder production base in the beginning of the month. In a few days, Chencun brand’s spiral powder preparation will also push to the market and meet consumers.

In fact,

This is not the first “cross-border”, Chencun brand of Chen Village, Chen Village brand, is already a relatively mature market.

. Relying on modern technology technology, Huang Ji Ji Ji Ji is constantly breaking through the extension of productization and industrialization, and the series of products across the regional restrictions, meet the taste buds of the country and global food lovers.

Time retracked to the 1920s, Guangdong Shunde Chen Village Huang, Huang, followed by the uncle, after selling clouds, cake for a living, picking a burden of walking street, squatting, 1927, yellow but in Shunde Yongxin River began to operate the first small shop, the brand “Yellow”, the main porridge powder.


It is said that the yellow but remembered the business at the time, and the whole caused a good rice noodle. Yellow is selected to make the graphite and local wells created by the nice rice and the local wells, relying on dozens of complex processing processes, which is “thin, cool, sliding, soft” rice noodles, which is to have nearly a hundred years of history. “Chen Village” in “Thin Ruyi Wings, Pure White,”.

This kind of smooth Lingnan specialty snacks need to pass through a variety of steps from omei, scrubbing rice, granular, bubble, rice, gel, gel, stall, steam, boiling, slice, etc. First, choose good rice, put it in the basin for about 15-20 minutes, then use the blister 10-20 minutes, and finally get the chopping board, so that the rice is covered, until the big rice change It has become a ski-slip pulp, and the rice noodles characterized by “thin, soft, sliding, cool” are “thin, soft, smooth”, the complexity of the procedure, the fineness of the taste, so it is very “expensive”, and the foreigners are difficult to eat.

In the memory of the reporter, Chen Zun powder’s taste is often fragrant in the university dormitory in the middle of the night. It is necessary to have to have to “smash” each other. More than ten years ago, Chen Zun Powdered and college dormitory is precisely because of a bag of “Chen Village” brand for easy and fast food preparation powder. The taste in this memory, found the answer in the modern high-tech factory in Chencun Huang, but also.

In fact, in the 1990s, Master Kong, Huafeng, etc., when the fast food is popular in the north and south, Huang Ji Ji Ji Yellow Han Dynasty, and he keenly smelled this market opportunity, boldly introduced the ancestors. Chen Village. Innovative and renovation of fast food, industrialization, running in Guangzhou, please expert, set up a machine, explore the development of the food Chencun powder, combine traditional craft skills and modern mechanical equipment, explore modern processes such as aging, molding, drying Process.

Yellow Jane’s flour area, eventually successfully put traditional hand pushing stone mill, hand-placed stall, eye view, etc. Traditional dependence on the inheritor’s personal skills, on-site skills operation, by modern machinery Equipment replacement, this production, Chencun powder, more stable quality, better taste, more efficient production, but also make Chen Zun powder have spread more extensive, food does not have to go to store consumption, and foreign people can taste Local specialties have become a reality.


Sometimes, people eat a kind of food is a habit and a kind of township.

Since 2009, Huang Ji Ji began to enter the export market, through the form of cooperation with foreign trade companies, the United States, Canada and other Chinese supermarkets can buy this brand. At the same time, there is an international retail company such as Wal-Mart, CP Lotus, including the Purchasing Center, also spreads from the old name of Huang Ji’s old name to overseas market.

. Huang Hanbian said, rough statistics,

60% of Chinese supermarkets around the world

It can bought a home or hometown cake from Shunde Huang Ji Ji Ji.

E-commerce explosion


The heart of a Q bomb is an era, embraces the future of the future.

Today, Huang Ji “Chen Village” brand series pre-packaged products and series of wide-style baking snacks, and the modern production line of E-commerce, from the modern production line of Lingnan Water Township, to the national, and even the United States, Canada and other global market sales fees.

A year ago, Huang Jiede established his own e-commerce company.

The news that “the old name to be a e-commerce” can be described as a stone to arouse thousands of waves; after a year, Huang Ji Ji Jian’s influence on the e-commerce platform category continues to increase, benchmark products, e-commerce explosions frequently. “Yellow Jane” baking series, Chencun rice line series, Chen Zunhe powder series, Chen Village potato powder series, Chen Village boiled noodles series and other series brands hot Internet. Especially in the first anniversary of the opening of Huang Jiji Business Company.

The brand’s innovative product, the moon cake, egg yellow crisp and other “run” out of the single champion on the e-commerce platform such as Tmall.

“This is the new red bean egg yellow crispy snow Mei Niang, between the traditional egg yolk, red beans and pastry, add a thin layer of glutinous rice, and add the Q heart that catering the young people.” The fresh breath, the box is written on the box: “Sweet bean sand stuffed into the sand, duck egg yolk, satisfying people’s discerning, fragrant smell, taste Q, collected the entire tip of the tongue good.”

Creative gift box packaging, slightly sweet taste, plus a q bomb heart, the time is full. It is this innovative product, becoming “explosive models” in supermarkets such as Tmall, Jingdong and other supermarkets. Open the shopping mall Yellow Jed’s brand direct store, 20,996 comments, this is this “young” old name, a new year, and the new channel for the network sales. “Huang Ji Ji Ji Ji Jie Ji Packed to Product Design Give us a lot of inspiration, Lingnan hand letter to break the ‘straight male’ packaging, need Yellow Jane’s yellow crispy, a beautiful, small and fresh temperament.” Senior “Eat goods”, civil servants AW wrote in a circle of friends.


In the face of the “net red effect” of “Tong Tong”, quietly layout the “new Blue Sea” to develop the e-commerce business, seek the next round of the old-fashioned “New Blue Sea”, which is Huang Ji as a old-fashioned food company, in the past two years New field focused on the top of the screen and the tip of the tongue

. In the online direct sales store, the phoenix roll of Foshan’s traditional imprint, egg roll, peach crisp, still in the classic taste of the authentic Foshan cuisine, and innovative rose phoenix roll, Cranberry Cooky, Si Xiyuan Q Pie, etc., is a young man’s heart.


Now, enter the key period of moon cake production and pre-sale,

Yellow butked flowers moon cake

It is becoming the focus of the industry. This kind of mooncake produced in 2016, 2017 became “sales explosion” in 2017. Fully study the new idea of ​​e-commerce sales, layout new channels, find the target consumption group, and integrate the local flowers culture of Chen Village into the flowers moon cake,

Huang Ji Ji Ji is in the Mid-Autumn Mooncake Market “Run” “Single Champion” secret

The traditional egg yellow crisp has added a Q-play heart. In fact, it is the old-fashioned era, embraces the future. The third generation of the inheritance man Huang Han lauga said: “Which field is in the future, which field is the old-fashioned food ‘Blue Sea’? At this stage, it is difficult to have an answer. First enter this area, is the era Action. In the face of a variety of possibilities in the future, only the era can make the old-fashioned food in the era. “


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