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What is the four sets of beds?

I believe that everyone has purchased four sets of products in bed, such as pillows, quilt, and so on.However, what is the four sets of beds?PCHOUSE understands you together.

The four sets of beds are all the items necessary for the bedding that are placed on the bed and use it when sleeping.It mainly includes: two pillows, one set with a sheet (most material is mainly cotton, and there are silk cotton, fiber, etc.).

Bed supplies are generally equipped with the following:


Four-piece bed (1 bed, 1 case, 2 short pillowcase);

Bed linen (1 sheet list, 1 case, 2 short pillowcase);

Four-piece cover (1 bed cover, 1 case, 2 short pillowcase);

The bed skirt is four-piece (like the bedspread, just convert the bed cover to the bed, and five sets will be more long).The four sets of common people often say are: two single pillowcases + one package + one sheets.The frequency used is relatively high.