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This blue leggings is sexy white shirt, the foot looks very short, it feels very energetic

This blue shortfire is a sexy white top has always been the most concerned issue, but who bought first?For example, it is popular recently.Many girls buy them directly.And, it’s too short, the leg will be shorter, no spirit.It’s not very popular with it.I will understand it later!


For example, a well-designed lace underwear, although it is a very fine single product, it does not meet people’s expectations.Don’t say so high.The golden pleat was originally used to cover the body, but many girls have developed the passage of thick legs.No matter how hard you buy, the waist is also responsible for telling you, no wear.


So, how to wear it is best for it, but it is in a form of top, and two forms of tops and pants.Look at the top, look at the overall style of the pants.If you choose a good shirt, it’s right to wear pants, but you must pay attention.The upper body is a person with a feet in a pants.