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Salt plus an implant joint! Experts use it to cure long-lasting back pain! you can try

Winter is here, the weather is getting colder. The older people can’t stand it is the waist leg, the knee is cold, once it is cold



Standing must not sit

The medicine has been a bunch, and people become a medicine tank, and the pain is repeated. Is there any way to take medicine a day to later, everyone can relieve illness in their home?

The column group invited Peng Yuqing to experience her personal experience.

A method cured his back pain!


Simply easy to learn, you can also follow it at home ~

Salt plus one, cure long-term low back pain

In 2010, Peng Yuqing did a kidney surgery, and after the waist opened a big mouth, and the 13-pin was sewed. Then it is very easy

Qi deficiency, weakness, waist is soft

The waist is easy to be cold and cold, abdominal, gastrointestinal tract is not comfortable

The whole person is like venting the ball!

Later, Peng Director added some Chinese medicine with salt particles and made a hot compress package. The gas in the body came up.


The recovery of the waist is fast

, Other parts of the body

The upper arm is strong, the leg is not so tired!

So what is the magic of this hot dress?

In Chinese medicine, hot compress is also known as “ironing”, you can play warm skin, rushing blood circulation, hurricane, cold and pain.


1, damp cold

Wet gas can be used with hot pack

Weigh the heart

After each bubble, it is hot, there is a good rheumatic effect. There is also a cold effect on the cold people.

2, pain relief

The wind, cold, wet, paralysis, and pain-related wind, cold, wet, paralysis, can use the fried salt heat composition, and can play the role of the pain.




The hot compress is placed on the knee and relieves pain, analgesic effect, and uses blood in a long time.


Will have improved.


3, 补 肾 养 养

As the age increases, there will be symptoms such as liver and kidney yin. The navel is an important part of the human yin, use

Salt plus fennel placed in the navel

, There is a role of kidney to nourish the yin and regulate the meridians.

4, relieve shoulder neck pain

The method of fried salt heat is relaxed by muscles, and the blood circulation is reached to relieve the role of neck shoulders symptoms.


Fried salt hot compress bag: apply a waist, apply a knee

Waist iron bag


Crude salt 50 grams of Wai Zip 30g Angelica 30g Wu Hao 10g Cinnamon 10 grams


1, ingredients are placed in the pot and baily baked with text. Fry 15-20 minutes, salt grain is yellowish.

2, wrap the medicinal materials with cotton or hemp bag. It is applied to the respective position. I am afraid of hot pad towel.



Guardu Yuanyang, protect the kidney


Apply the fried salt hot compress in the stupid, and then the kidney procurement. After the finishing is finished, you can use the spray water to get it, put it in both sides of the microwave for 2 minutes.

A fried salt hot compress package can be used repeatedly for 7 days, and it is necessary to replace the medicine.



The crude salt is the matrix of the entire hot compress package. Its insulation, high permeability, helps ingredients

Pharmacular penetration into the abdomen, the meridians


Airamid, pass the twelve teasings, there is

Qi blood, cold

Role. Female can be warm, guard the palace.


Angelica is the gas in the blood,


Improve body blood circulation

Cinnamon (powder):

Cinnamon can protect the human body, reflecting the fire, there is

Warm kidney



Wu Hao:

Wu Hao’s temperament, it is possible to drive away the cold in the abdominal, and the meridians

Pain relief

Simple joint hot iron bag


I don’t have so many medicinal materials at home, and I can also be a simple fried salt hot compress package. It is applied to the knee joint, and there is also the effect of rheumatic cold, blood circulation. Simple fried salt hot pack

2 catties sea salt (thick salt), 2 two flower peppers


1, add sea salt, pepper, small fire roasting.

2. Wrap the fried sea salt with a gauze, apply it to the parts you need.


Hot compress is usually replaced every five minutes, and it is not very strict at this time every time it is hot.

Rough salts and peppers are both temperature, there is a warm, dehumidal pain, dehydrawal.






Waist iron bag