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History of myself! My aquarium



About 2000, I have opened a green plant, a green plant called Chuangxin Floral, and the other two colleagues.

At that time, I really had a business while I learned to do business. I often go to the store. I have never raised fish, now mixed into the boss of the flower and bird market, the mouse fell into the rice cylinder, often buy some tropical fish home to raise, that is, starting a fish tank to ten fish tanks.

The green plant is about a year, and the business is not good. At that time, I found a glass shop owner on the side of the flower and bird market, let him design the superimposed tank of the aquarium, according to my current vision, when the glass grinding, the silicone hitting silica gel belongs to three-flow technology. I didn’t understand anything at that time, but confidence was full. Soon the first setback, the fish tank was put on a few days, and then went to the wholesaler to enter more than 2,000 yuan of fish. The result can be imagined, and put it into the second day after the fish tank. Cozy, the big and small fish are dead. After this, I also picked up the book to study the knowledge of fish.

The aquarium has been opened for about two years, and she didn’t make money, but some sets of boots in the open water store were cleared, and they accumulated a little one for the second time.


The profound memories of those years: the rose water pump, the starry fish tank, the three-yuan fish food, the Haohe family, with a small three-handed dog, the boss and the boss of the motorcycle, about Zhao boss, I think it is the next time. To talk about it, we still have a friend who often contact, he is also playing fish to play into the aquar owner, mainly engaged in Hua Rohan fish, at the time in the Pudong area, there is a small name, this is a later words!



With the continuous accumulation of failure experience, there will always be the idea of ​​successfulness. Then after 2002, in the newly opened flower and bird market in North Ai Road, I won a store of almost 80 square meters.

At that time, the Internet has not been popular, but I am early in the Internet, I can see the business outside Shanghai, and I can find the business opportunity. At that time, the difference between the tropical fish in Shanghai and Guangdong was still very big. I contacted the fish farm in Guangdong online, I started to sell all kinds of tropical fish to Shanghai. Later, I contacted the importer of Taiwan and some of the people’s ornamental fish “smuggled”. The store is basically used in the sale of ornamental fish, and a little fish feed is included.


At that time, the flower bird market was really uncomfortable. In addition to the low rent of the store, there is really no second advantage. I have a lesson from here, open the store, don’t be greedy, there is no more traffic, there is a flaw! You look at the rents of Nanjing Road very small counters, everyone must grab, it is a big traffic!

Since the store is open, then you will stick to it! Stick to it almost 3 years! For this period, my brain still remembers: 1 Luohan fish in Malaysia. 2 Selling Luo Han’s boss is the “Zhao Boss, who opened the motorcycle” when I opened the store in front, and opened a aquarium in the same market. 3 画 店 小 秦 and Huang Mao, is it impressed? They have a good fortune craft. Many famous families have business deals. This store signature is what they go to find high-style bear old, and they are borrowing money to them, and they use the collection of words to bring debt. It is said that I will go to the word and painting auction business. 4 “Small Braided” Zhang Bo, became the partner of my third time. 5 I have opened three-year-old van, sold to the security guard of the flower bird market!



After experiencing the two open water stores, I feel deeply to succeed that it is not necessary to rely on one person, and you must find a partner to do it, and we must modernize the company’s system management. There is also the way to find a good city, I can’t be cheap.

In 2006, the new Melota City opened a “United Aquarium”. The partner is a “little scorpion”, and his joining has indeed brought some new personality. 4 beautiful clerk, early business, but I don’t know how to open source, plus this opening store, the actual sequesto is only I, the partner does not have funded, until the end is natural, it is not happy. . The vast shop slowly became my burden, disliminating, and the reduction of the store was rescued, this “United Aquarium”, I have to go overall in two or three years. For half a year before the transfer, Taobao’s “United Aquarium” is born in the United Aquarium in Melota City on December 16, 2006. At that time, the store is not good, but it is only a try to try a try, but it didn’t expect it that the transaction volume on Taobao online was higher than that in the physical store. As a result, the United Aquarium is completely transformed from the physical store to an online store.

At this stage, I should have: 1 unified aquatic family, most of our Taobao store is most of their products. 2 Fanjie, Zheng Kaiwen, is all employees in the store. 3 My daughter, at the age of 4, can actually go home from the store with me (the car went to the 4S shop to repair, the store arrived at my home and didn’t have a bus, and then I said to Cao Road to buy eggs. The cartridge, the result is really a few kilometers.) 4 When the poorest life, sometimes driving out of the door, there is no penny!


This aquarium is actually continuing to continue, my aquarium network era.

Since closing the physical store in Midprout, I concentrated on Taobao shop, watching a heart accumulation, from a drill to five diamonds, then a blue crown until the current five blue crown, we are still Go forward toward a golden road. I can proudly say that our online store has never been able to make a false trading hype credibility, and the credibility is accumulated. Before the three blue crown, the extension of each month has a rising range. At that time, the accumulation of the material was especially fast, and the online store created 300 square storage warehouse, because we have always been doing physical business, basics Can guarantee that the goods taken on the same day will send it to the day. During this period, we can do a lot of success to be due to “Time” (the Internet economy development period, the aquarium online store is not much) “land” (we are facing Shanghai delivery, and the long triangle online shopping trading volume) .

Slowly go to the Five Blue Crown, with the increase in online shop, the continuous emergence of new business ideas, our trading volume is slowly shrinking.

This can only blame myself, don’t think about it, don’t go to Tmall in time, no brand wholesaler, did not push it from the brand in time, although there are some measures, but it has been difficult to change.

By this year, Taobao 12 years, thank you very much for the employee colleagues who have struggled with me in the years, and thank you for supporting my family and friends, and those who have worked together. The middle lacks you, my aquarium will be imperfect.


These years have always flashing in my mind, always some English letters, such as Tetra, Sera, Azoo, Eheim, Eden, Sicce, Up, ADA, ISTA, SUDO, JBL, Ocean Free, Gex, and our own Narwhal ,Ha ha!


Walk all the way, I feel that I know yourself!