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Bubble Meikaijia S1 sound wave electric toothbrush test trial

Experience: i_am_ 菠萝

There is a kind of creation called Made in Seago, there is a kind of feelings called Soniclean, Saijia S1 sound wave electric toothbrush, liberation, and a healthy and beautiful little white teeth! When you brush your teeth, let you make a qualified lazy star, Jianlian science brushing begins with a good toothbrush! [Read more]


Experience: Wear 911


Exquisite life begins to start from Bubo America ~ That enhances happiness, starting with this small Saijia electric toothbrush ~ I want to know that Cyaha’s electric toothbrush is conscience, but also the price is extremely high, its humanized design, Practical cleansing features have always been coveted. The beauty of the beauty is coming to my house at the beginning of this New Year. The overall outer box is already stunned! ! [Read more]

Experience: Softwood

First introduce your teeth, I used to teeth when I was junior high school, but I later had a lazy, causing my teeth to reset and the protective layer of the tooth surface was more thin, with the experience of washing the teeth, but hobbies tea and coffee. So soon it will turn yellow. I have always wanted to take a motor toothbrush, which can help me better clean the oral cavity, but it is more difficult to get started because there are many style in the market. Thanks to the beauty of the beauty, I chose to become this Saijia sound wave electric toothbrush experience, let me save the annoyance of choice. [Read more]