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Sensitive big dried new mother, summarizing the skin care products used by 2015

A large half in 2015 was spent in the new life. It is also clear that the early morning pregnancy test strips have been decided to show me a winning, the next day, the blood test shows that HCG is doubled, and then he has spent 40 weeks in pregnancy, and finally ushered in early September. The most precious little man in life, started the diaper and the bottle of flying, and a lot of pain in the day and a happy new mummy career.

Since the baby, I only feel that the time is to kill the pig knife, the baby is still not growing, I am old. In the early pregnancy, lazy cancer is blooming in the skin care. Only simple water and lotion in the second trimester, I am afraid that the heat does not dare to use uncomfortable skin care products in the middle of the pregnancy. I am afraid that the baby is not good for the baby. I don’t use skin care products. By the third month, I suddenly surprised the baby, I fed the baby, causing the skin to be dark and dark, saved this old face. So the bottle cans are re-employed, and the morning and evening is seriously smeared. I hope that the time can go slowly, slower. When you brush the big mom every day, I see the semi-dressing table skin care products, I want to share (pian) (bi), and discuss the sisters of the same sensitive big dried skin, see what more appropriate Skin care waiting for me to open the lotion. They go home.


When you are young, you have always been a big dry skin until you have used a winter in Kiel’s high-moisturizing cream that has been used in Winter in winter. It is obvious that the red blood is severely stabbed, so the skin care products that are defeated this year are bought by the guidelines for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin chooses skin care products must keep in mind five words: mildness does not stimulate. The composition contains alcohol, acid, flavor, and yeast, such as Skii contains yeast, and sensitive skin is preferably detour.


My skin care Routine is very simple, it is cleansing – toner – essence – eye cream – lotion OR cream, in a few days later, sleep mask instead of late cream. The skin care products used are:


Sensitive skin is best to wash the soap-washing milk Say Goodbye, although the soap basis is rich in milk, it feels clean, but it will seriously damage the skin’s natural protective layer, resulting in the increasingness of skin sensitivity. I didn’t have a correct understanding of my skin. I bought the Survival in Shi Hall. The more you do it, the more you threw it to the big oil, and she used it to be very good. It is very smooth.

Currently used cleanser is Sitave, muscle developed double hyaluronic acid and appropriate herbal amino acid foam cleansing milk.

Sitafu is bought from Tmall last year, and there is no foam that always feels cleaned. It is used for morning intensity. This washing cream is clearly seen in the cleansing table, and the sensitive skin is best to respect, but I feel that it is very gentle, so I keep it.

Muscle research is aware of his skin problems, and the Internet has been approved. In the Tmall flagship store, I bought a set, including cleansing, toner and lotion. This washed milk is the most satisfied with this skin care product, washing very comfortable, clean and not tight. The other two of the muscle research will then vomit. At present, this set has been removed, I will no longer have a link.


Appropriate herbal, purchased in Jingdong full 200 minus 100 activities, buy emulsions and cleanseings to yourself, have a few times, it takes a few times, it feels well.

Amongase cleavage, Fuxi silk, Fulfang, has always wanted to get started but did not catch a good price of Tmall flagship store double 11, Jingdong skinned product dare not start, and plan to go to Japan next year to help bring one.


Sensitive big dry skin should be done to hydrating, hydrating, I use the above four bottles, from left to right again,:

The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Anti – sensitive Water, Special Water Buying from Taobao to make a paper film, consumes half a bottle, is bothering or directly using the film mask, the remaining half a bottle of water is used to take a shot every morning and evening.

The muscle develops a lot of makeup, in the summer, this hate can not be died, and when you shoot it, you are like a glue, you have used it, and you will be re-enabled in winter. The stiffness is not so strong. It is also comfortable.

Kiel’s Calendar Water, purchased on the day of duty-free shop. It is said that the water is suitable for dry skin, and the calendula is suitable for oily skin, but I prefer the calendula water on my use, I really like this water flavor (Wang Lao Ji’s?), Soothing Moisturizing is both, the only dissatisfaction is that the petals in the bottle is too embarrassed, and it is easy to pour out the petals. As for preservatives, it is indeed a top five, but the sense of use is greater than the preservatives, and this water is repurchased. Compared with the small cucumber water simply and the eight characters, there is a strong sense of tingling, and it is discarded.

Lancome big powder, I believe many sisters have been used, and friends around me are almost a bottle. I used to stick to the toner of the briquette, so I used this bottle to purchase the airport duty-free shop. There is also a bottle of the purchase of Hong Kong Salsa in the drawer. This water is suitable for dry skin, but when I am pregnant, the skin is not good, there is a slight stinging sense after use, and now I have no stinging, it is not used.



Estee Lauder ANR used many years of empty bottles, and the only essence before pregnancy, how special I have to see me. Since the small brown bottle contains a dimester, it is suspended during pregnancy. Now it is only used in the evening, the repair function has not seen it, but the moisturizing function is still very good, it is easy to absorb and not greasy after face. ANR I have a friend who is taking out from the day-free shop to help buy. I used it for so many years, I finally felt a tired. I plan to try the other essence after the two bottles of the hand.


珂 moisturizing beauty liquid, friend helps buy in Korea. As the big dried skin, it has been very long. This moisturizing performance is very outstanding. I feel that its moisturizing effect and long-lasting force are really great. This summer’s skin care procedure is simplified to go to the water and add the essence. Go to work, in the air conditioning room I don’t think it is done all day. This essence is the essence, if it is a step in which the water in their home should be the step of the first essence, I don’t use the water of their home, so it is still used to use it after the toner, in the summer, using a pump, The autumn and winter season uses two pumps, it is easy to absorb non-greasy, moisturizing effect lever.

Eye cream


Estee Lauder ANR Eye Essence, I have bought a set with ANR. I have used a lot of bottles of long tattoo or long, and now I feel a bit irritating. I will tears, I will stop using it. .

Kiel’s Eye Cream, Alien Star Products, Burchable of Young Miss, Purchased in Japan Duty Free Shop. After use in ANR, although the texture is very oil but it is very good after the face, it doesn’t feel greasy, and it is good. However, advising that sisters don’t buy big-capacity eye cream, too hard to use! I bother and have a big bottle, I still have to use other eye creams on the silver.


Emulsion & Cream


From left to right, you are:

European honey is soothing late cream, just on the big mom, I saw some people’s suits, so I tally took a set from Hong Kong. As a result, she said that I bought two get one free, I will give me three sets. The small samples in the suit have been sent, and this evening cream will be used, because after using it, I feel that it is very thick and greasy, I can’t think of who can hold this feeling, I have to use itself. Although it is very good, it is very greasy, but it tastes very sweet. Every time I think it is, I want to come to a big mouth. As for the effect, I haven’t seen it yet.


Estee Lan Daihong Pomegranate Day cream is another star product in their home, purchased on the date of duty-free shop. This cream is a light treasure paste, the face is very refreshing, the moisturizing effect is also very good, so that it is difficult to distinguish whether it works, no evaluation.


Muscle research hyaluronic acid emulsion, purchased to Tmall flagship store, although it is a lotion, feeling is very bad, it feels very bad, the face is very good, and it has been used for a while, and it takes moisturizing effect in winter. It is also possible that sensitive skin has a good skin care product with a skin care product that does not feel.

MINON Moisturizing lotion, obtained the lotion of Cosmo, and colleagues helped to buy Japan. The texture is moist, it is gentle, and the moisturizing is good, but still has oil. Or that sentence, sensitive skin has a good skin care product with unpatisfactory skin care products.

Pasta oil


The European tree is fully maintained oil, and the European honey has a suite, who can tell me how this is the east? I dripped into the evening cream and wipe my face together. After the wipe, the oil could not stand it, and I used it several times. It is said that it can be used to wipe the body and hair, and the face is so oil, and the other places will not dare to try. Sadly, a total of three bottles, do not dare to give people, afraid of being disappeared.

lip balm

Rosebud rose brat lipstick, purchased in a treasure, rapiled in the morning and evening skin care, a big one can, there is still a lot of long time, good moisture is good.


He is a small daisy lip balm, purchasing Tmall flagship store.


Yatton eight-hour lipstick, purchased in Salsa, Hong Kong. And the small daisy lip balm is placed in different packages, and use it outside. These two lip balm are colorless and tasteless. It is almost the same for me. There is nothing to write.


Hand cream


Some unknown many Dream protection hand cream, purchased in Watson, as a Doraemon deep love, seeing the stuff with Dora A Dream, walking. After buying home, I found that the accident is very easy to use. It is my favorite texture. Summer is very refreshing in summer. Winter is slightly harmful. After using it, I will make another layer of small daisy care cream, before the daisy Two days have just been used, this bottle is also very pleasant.


High silk hand cream, purchasing Tmall overseas purchase, paste light yellow, odorless, playing slightly thick, more oil but not water, because cheap, I bought a lot of friends only.

The trembed honey peach flower, purchased in Shassa, the fragrance, I like it, I really like but good friends feel bad. This is the favorite hand cream used this year, which is very moist, and the gravel is still lasting.


Body milk

Creating excellent body milk, as long as ten dollars, it is completely cheap and big bowl, it is used to take it, it is used to tie the legs and feet, the summer is not greasy, the winter is a bit dry, and the hand cream with small daisy Wipe a layer, it is fine, and there are too many hand cream, which can only be consumed.

Pama’s pregnancy, purchasing Tmall flagship store, cheap and easy to use, can be very good, every time I wipe it, I feel very happy (the essence of the goods has leaving, covering face). In pregnancy, I used a bottle of half, and this half bottle continued to use it, I hope to fade the last few weeks long stretch marks, cry ~

Facial mask

The cartridge mask is the Mediheal needle hydrating (good friend helping to buy in South Korea), Senfa snail (purchasing Hong Kong Salsa), MINON sensitive myogl mask (colleague helps buy in Japan), Mandan baby mild mask pink super moisturizing (colleague help buy Japan). I use the mask’s main appeal is hydrating, staying in the face for 15 minutes, and there is no other function. Senfield and Minon feel that Mediheal and Mann’s hydrating effect are very good, especially Mann, essence, and colleagues have used it to love, I have to buy it in Macau after seeking purchases, but Macau bought the effect No Japanese version is good.

The sleep mask has been tightening with Lange sleep mask, and later the long grass snow show and moisturizing mask is a colleague to help from Korean. I really like Lanzhi mask jelly-like texture. After the face, the water is dang, the skin is good, the skin is smooth; the snow show this sleep mask has a very richness, great love, this taste, because only one month, target effect Not comment.

The above is some skin care products in the near future. Since the pregnancy is negligent in the skin care, I think it is seriously smeared, lazy, picking a water and essence, there is almost no skin after the baby, so this There is not much empty bottle down. Especially to always hold your baby, it is inevitable that there is a skin in touch with the baby. When you get up in the morning, you will have a baby’s skin care cream. It is the bottle of the bottle. Baby moisturizer, it is a sunny day. After the single heel, the sky is bought, the fragrance is soft, the moisturizing effect is not bad, and I don’t think my face all day.

The skin careless road is far away. There are still many skin care products and masks that have not opened in the drawer. Waiting for me, writing this kind of sun intention is also hoping to communicate with sensitive big dried sisters, expecting more suitable My skin care products appear.